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Female Marine Captain Who Is a Combat Veteran Argues Women Unfit For Combat In Infantry Units

There is very big difference in women flying combat missions, providing medical support in combat, in providing MP Guard duty, being involved in convoy duty, being involved in intelligence support, etc. and being in a Combat Infantry Unit for 3 months on end with improper hygiene facilities, with no breaks, and facing an enemy daily—face to face-- in a killing zone. 

Fox News on Katie Petronio

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was well aware of the above listed video—so was Panetta.  They also knew full well that there is a legal requirement to notify Congress of changes regarding women in the military in advance of the issuance of the order Panetta signed, including the requirement that the Congress be provided with a report on the impact it would have upon the Selective Service System.  The Republican leadership of Congress has not asked for the report—Congress must act in this case!  Panetta was wrong in circumventing Congress, but it's up to the members of Congress to assert their Constitutional right and duty to provide oversight.  

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