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The Battle of Benghazi and Obama's Refusal to Issue "Cross Border Authority"

  • The Battle of Benghazi and Obama's Refusal to Issue "Cross Border Authority"

By Capt Joseph R. John, on January 15, 2016

The below listed video can be viewed by clicking on the link, it explains that a 130 man US Army In-Extremis Force, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group known as C-1/10, that stages out of Stuttgart, Germany, C-1/10 that was activated is under the operational command of Special Operational Command Europe.  The In-Extremis Force was fully manned and ready on the tarmac in Sigonella, Sicily, 45 minutes away from Benghazi.  They were awaiting orders to launch, but that their rescue mission was held on the tarmac for 12 hours because The White House refused to issue “Cross Border Authority.“

The Commander in Extremis Force was prevented from rescuing the US Mission in Benghazi, Libya, although they were less than one hour away, and ready to strike the 125-150 Radical Islamic Terrorists who launched the pre-planned and well-coordinated attack against the US Mission in Benghazi, employing mortars, truck mounted artillery, rocket propelled grenades, hand grenades, AK-47s, and heavy NATO weapons was never allowed to launch, because Obama “refused” to issue “Cross Border Authority” that Presidential order is required to obtain approval from a host nation (in this case Libya) whenever any US military force is crossing a border to enter any host nation (even to enter a friendly nation like Canada).  


Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey met with Obama in the White House at 3.55 PM Washington time (9:55 PM Benghazi time—15 minutes after the attack began in Benghazi).  At 4:05 PM Washington time (10:05 PM Benghazi time), Hillary Clinton called The White House and spoke to Obama.  It appears Valery Jarrett was making decisions in the White House Crisis Action Center throughout the next 13 hours; to this date no one in the Obama administration will say what Obama was doing during the 13 hours after he met with the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his conversation with Hillary Clinton about the Radical Islamic Terrorist attack on the US Mission.   


In the below listed video, the “refusal” by Obama to authorize the launch of the rescue mission by C-110  is discussed by one of the members of the Board of Directors of the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, Senior Operations Officer, Gary Berntsen, CIA (Ret).   The net result of Obama’s refusal to issue “Cross Border Authority” was that SOSC Tyrone Woods, USN (Ret) (SEAL) and SO1 Glen Dougherty, USN (Ret) (SEAL) were both killed defending the CIA Annex, following the rescue of personnel from the US Mission.   For the first time in 7 years we are encouraging “every” American citizen to go see a movie, “13 Hours; The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” one of the most important movies ever made about a National Security issue, which explains the reason why 4 Americans were murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorists, including the US Ambassador Chris Stevens and Agent Sean Smith, an Information Management Officer.


The below listed video was forwarded to us by Cdr “Trigger” Joe Tranchini USNA ’60, USN (Ret), who was the quarterback on Navy’s football teams with winning seasons: 1957 (9-1-1), 1958 (6-3). and 1959 (5-4-1).   “Trigger” Joe was the quarterback on the Navy’s 1957 team’s 20-7 win over Notre Dame in South Bend, that shutout Army (Anderson and Dawkins) 14-0 in 1957, and then beat Rice 20-7 for the Cotton Bowl Championship in January 1958.  In the 1958 season, he was the quarterback of Navy Team’s 20-14 victory over Michigan in the “Big House.” 


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