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Congressman James Banks
James's Primary:

Congressman Banks is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Brian Mast
Brian's Primary:

Congressman Mast is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Jim Bridenstine
Jim's Primary: 1 year 4 weeks ago

Congressman Bridenstine is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Adam Kinzinger
Adam 's Primary: 3 years 18 weeks ago

Congressman Kinzinger is a combat veteran of the US Air National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Brad Wenstrup
Brad's Primary: 3 years 11 weeks ago

Congressman Wenstrup is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator Thomas Cotton
Thomas's Primary: 3 years 9 weeks ago

Senator Cotton is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Lee Zeldin
Lee's Primary: 2 years 38 weeks ago

Congressman Zeldin is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Donald Bacon
Donald's Primary:

Congressman Bacon is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Scott Perry
Scott's Primary: 3 years 9 weeks ago

Congressman Perry is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael Gallagher
Michael's Primary:

Congressman Gallagher is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Duncan Hunter
Duncan's Primary: 3 years 7 weeks ago

Congressman Hunter is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael Coffman
Michael's Primary: 3 years 4 weeks ago

Congressman Coffman is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ron DeSantis
Ron's Primary:

Congressman DeSantis is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Steve Russell
Steve's Primary: 1 year 4 weeks ago

Congressman Russell is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator John McCain
John's Primary: 2 years 48 weeks ago

Senator McCain is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Paul Cook
Paul's Primary: 3 years 7 weeks ago

Congressman Cook is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Stivers
Steve's Primary: 3 years 11 weeks ago

Congressman Stivers is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Trent Kelly
Trent's Primary: 1 year 20 weeks ago

Congressman Kelly is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Pearce
Steve's Primary: 3 years 7 weeks ago

Congressman Pearce is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Jeffrey Denham
Jeffrey's Primary: 3 years 7 weeks ago

Congressman Denham is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives


Dishonorable Disclosure   


The Stars and Stripes

Special Operations for America

Special Operation Speaks

Spec Ops OPSEC 

“That pause before Combat, similar to General Washington on bended knee at Valley Forge”

US Marine Corps 


The Combat Veterans For Congress Political Action Committee is dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans For Congress. We seek Combat Veterans For Congress who believe in limited government, will rein in the out of control spending of Congress, are committed to preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution, and will support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights. We support Combat Veterans For Congress who are dedicated to promoting The Free Enterprise System creating the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind, provide for a strong national defense, and will endorse the teaching of U.S. history and the Founding Fathers’ core values in educational institutions. 

Path of The Warrior

The Rising Deficit Is Threatening America’s Future

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 18, 2017: Op Ed # 361

Two Naval Academy graduates, believe strongly that the increasing National Debt, that doubled over the last 8 years, is the greatest threat facing the Republic, and it threatens the future of America’s children.  They are proposing the below listed initiative; they are:


John A. Knuble, USNA ’62, the former Assistant Secretary & Chief Financial Officer, Department of Housing and Urban Development

William “Bill” Owens, USNA ’62,  Admiral, USN (Ret), the former Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff


They have proposed an initiative to rein in the out of control spending by an irresponsible Congress, since the revenue stream is far exceeded by the National Debt.  This is not a Republican or Democrat initiative, it is a Patriotic American initiative to move toward a balanced budget, in order to protect future generations of Americans. 


If the trends that persisted over the last 8 years continue, it will impair the value of the American dollar and the viability of the US economy.  They are proposing limiting the amount of debt under Article Five of the US Constitution; 27 states are moving in the direction to consider such a proposal.  The goal is to educate American citizens in 7 additional states to support a proposal to limit the amount of National Debt.  


Please review the below listed analysis, proposal, and the invitation to visit their Web site.  I strongly support the below listed initiative.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   

Friends of the Center for National Debt Policy and Balanced Budget Amendment Foundation:   

For the first nine months of fiscal year 2107, the Federal Budget deficit is up over 30% and for the full year up 20%.   The cause?    Spending is projected to grow 6% while revenue, a paltry 2%.  These facts are based on last week’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report and they are emerging indicators supporting the 2017- 2027 ten-year forecast.  This data validates the accuracy of the dismal ten-year forecast where interest paid grows as a percent of revenue from 7% to 16%.  

America is running up its credit card debt and the patience of its creditors is what? Lessening?, which is threatening our future and that of our children.   America is entering a period of 'deficit/debt treadmill' where spending outgrows revenue every year under realistic economic growth assumptions and is heading to a continued unsustainable debt growth.   

The Trump Administration's budget forecast on the other hand, projects reduced deficit's leading to a surplus after 10 years rather than the CBO $723 billion deficit.  The difference is the projected rate of economic growth which CBO projects at 1.9% while Trump projects 3.0%.  Nearly all private and public economic estimates are in line with CBO’s growth rate.  A small difference with enormous consequences. The difference between the two, for example, is $3.6 trillion of additional debt, 15% after the ten-year period. The Trump Administration projected a surplus of $16 billion in 2027; CBO a 2027 deficit of $720 billion. An additional $6.8 trillion would be added to the debt over the next 10 years, according to CBO -- nearly $4 trillion more than the administration claimed. CBO’s estimate also omits the president’s tax plan, which costs at least an additional $5.5 trillion if passed as planned.

In the past, these excessively optimistic and untested assumptions like those made by the Trump Administration have never materialized (except tax cuts which have generally been exceeded) so more realistic planning should be based on the CBO projections examined below. 

Unless America learns to plan and live within its means, it’s impossible to forecast the date the resulting unsustainable trends will end.   The implications are clear for our economy, America’s job creation potential, National Security and world leadership as outlined below: 

1. For the next ten years, the ratio of public debt to the economy, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), grows from 77% to 91%.   Credible verified research demonstrates at ratios above 77%, growth slows and at ratios above 90% data is simply not available because credit crises have always intervened to terminate debt growth.  America is no different. (See, “This Time is Different Eight Years of Financial Folly”, Reinhart and Rogoff).

2. Recessions will grow deeper and recoveries will be slower as each recession since the 1950s demonstrates (IBID).  

3. Internationally, the trend of a weakening dollar, off about 10% in 2017, will continue and its role as the primary reserve and trading currency will be reduced.    Analysis of the impact of accelerated deficit and debt growth on the value of the dollar, demonstrates a distinct relationship in which growth in deficits and debt/GDP ratios inevitably impairs the value of the dollar.   

Our advisor close friend and co-signee of this communication, Admiral Bill Owens, second career has made him an international businessman and world traveler with firsthand direct knowledge about the many countries, particularly in Asia, Southeast Arisa and South America, who are rejecting the use of the dollar and asking to do business in Chinese Yuan.  The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) policies reflect a projected reduced role for the dollar.      

Despite each party when in power asserting debt control the Federal Government is demonstrably incapable of dealing with this debt addiction without outside intervention.  Neither the ​Congress, as proven by history, nor President Trump have proven themselves capable of providing the leadership needed to reverse these trends.  

There is a solution, but immediate action is needed.   The solution is a debt limitation amendment to the Constitution under its Article Five.   Currently, there are 27 states supporting the movement with 34 needed to move forward.   As the movement closes in on the 34-state constitutional target, opposition grows from more uninformed and at times, irrational sources.  The key is education of the general public and targeted educational campaigns focused on target states.  To accomplish this, we need your financial and volunteer support!   

Our goal is to raise at least $1.0 million in 2017 and enlist volunteers willing to support these educational efforts on college campuses and main street America.   Also, to write and publish educational and presentation materials needed to run the required nationwide campaign.   

Please join us by indicating a willingness to volunteer and/or financially support this effort by visiting our web site at and contribute a tax-deductible donation or by mailing a check to our Treasurer Bob Frank at the address below. 

With respect and best wishes,  

John A. Knubel                                          Bill Owens 

Tel:  301 502 1445                                     Tel: 646 265 1021                  

Mr. Robert Frank                                                                  
Frank and Company, LLC  
Treasurer, Center for National Debt Policy dba Balanced Budget Amendment Foundation, 
1360 Beverly Road, Suite 300 
McLean, Virginia 22101-3685 
Employer Identification Number or Tax I.D. Number 20-330 2521 

President Trump Courtesy And Respect Toward a US Marine

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 9, 2017: Op Ed # 360

President Donald J. Trump saw the hat of one of the US Marine Guards blow off his head, due to heavy winds; he chased the hat, bent down, picked the hat off the ground, then put it back on the Marine Guard’s head.  Every American should watch this video of a caring US President’s respect and courtesy toward a US Marine. Amazing!

There is a stark difference in how President Trump treats US Marine Guards, who he always returns hand salutes to, and how Obama treated a US Marine Guard when he occupied the Oval Office.  


The press never recorded any other US President who did what Obama did with a US Marine Guard; the press actually recorded Obama having a US Marine Guard cover hold an umbrella over him, to protect him from the rain, while the US Marine Guard holding the umbrella, who was not under the umbrella, had his “hat” and uniform get drenched.  Revealing!


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  


President Trump's Mental Health

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 7, 2017: Op Ed # 359 

In the below listed opinion piece by nationally renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Abelow, M. D., about President Donald J. Trump, Dr. Abelow expands in his rebuttal of the non-stop, out of control attacks on the President, by the Progressives, Leftists, the new Marxists Democrats, and Obama’s Organization For Action (OFA).  They continue to mischaracterize every one of the President Trump’s accomplishments, as they move forward in their plan to effect the first Coup D’estat of the President of The United States in 241 years.  

It would be interesting to be able to see psychiatric evaluations of political opportunists who continue to make unfair, frothing at the mouth, out of control vitriol attacks on President Trump; progressives like Maxine Waters, Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren (aka Pocahontas), Michael Moore, and talk show anchors on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Show, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.  Mika and Joe poke President Trump, on air, in their expression of deep hatred and their immature obsession with the election of President Trump. Their daily rants continue for three hours a day---non-stop.  Some of their obnoxious comments designed to attack, belittle, and degrade the President of The United States are as follows: 


President Trump is “out of his mind,” “a pig,” “lying every day,” “a Nazi,” “destroying the country,” “a fascist,” “does not display normal behavior,” “a thug,” “mentally ill,” “a dope,“ “fearful of women,” “dumb,” “developing a dictatorship,” “ugly,” “creating a malignant presidency,” “ a narcissist,” “a goon,” “going to get someone killed in the media,” “ a smuk,” “ a stupid piece of sh*t,” “a racist,” “operating with impunity,” “unpatriotic to criticize the press,” “none of what he says is normal,” “he has teensy hands,” “he wants to kill people,” etc. 

While Joe, Mica, and the corrupt media, attack and belittle President Trump every day, they expect President Trump to treat them with respect, and dare him to respond to their daily vitriol attacks.  

For 8 years, the media representative, in their double standard, failed to investigate, and report on the Obama administration’s scandals and corruption, in violation of the US Constitution.  Obama weaponized the FBI, IRS, CIA, and DOJ, and employed the power of those agencies of the US Federal Government to illegally attack and suppress the civil rights of his political opponents.

In their hostile and perverted evaluation of the President Trump’s very substantial accomplishments over the last 5 months, the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment are no longer reporting the truth about President Trump’s accomplishments.  They continue to report that President Trump hasn’t been able to govern, has not followed through on his campaign promises, and is not making any progress at all.  Below is a partial list of President Trumps accomplishments, in just 5 months:   


  1. President Trump has signed 42 pieces of legislation into law; very few presidents have ever done this.
  2. Although Senate Democrats delayed their confirmation for 4 months, President Trump appointed a highly qualified Cabinet.
  3. After 8 years, the economy is getting back on track; the stock market and the S&P 500 Index is at an all-time historic high. 
  4. The unemployment rate has decreased to 4.7%, while hundreds of thousands of new jobs are being created. 
  5. The ISIS Caliphate in Raqqa, created in in 2013 and declared in 2014, but never attacked by Obama, has been destroyed. 
  6. Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, controlled by ISIS for nearly 3 years, but never attacked by Obama, has been taken.
  7. US Immigration Laws violated by Obama for 8 years, are now being enforced by ICE, DHS, CBP, Justice, & Border Patrol. 
  8. The US Military is being rearmed, re-manned, and spare parts are being reordered for all equipment.
  9. The 2 million Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens, released from prisons into the general population by the Obama for 8 years, instead of returning them to their countries of origin, are now being rounded up by ICE and being deported by the thousands. 
  10. A new conservative Supreme Court Justice has been appointed; thousands of conservative Federal Judges are also being appointed.  
  11. The US reaffirmed its support for Israel.  
  12. The US withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership. 
  13. The US withdrew from the UN Global Warming Paris Accords; it unfairly charged “only the US” billions of dollars. 
  14. The Supreme Court paused the flow of immigrants from the 6 failed states that permit Terrorists training in their countries.
  15. The President Trump addressed 52 majority Muslim nations in a historic anti-terrorist summit, hosted by Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.
  16. The US put Iran on notice that it would oppose their nuclear weapons development and their state sponsor of terrorism.
  17. The US put North Korea on notice that it would take military action if necessary, to oppose their nuclear blackmail.
  18. President Trump changed Obama’s one sided agreement with Communist Cuba; demanded Cuba return cop killers living there.
  19. The US informed Korea, China, Mexico, Europe, Japan, etc. that it would renegotiate one sided trade agreements.
  20. Dismantled many of Obama’s anti-business Executive Orders that suppressed The Free Enterprise System.
  21. Reaffirmed “Free Exercise of Religion” for all Americans, especially for Christians who were oppressed over the last 8 years.
  22. Ordered construction of the Border Wall to close the wide open Southern Border, to curb drug smuggling and human trafficking. 
  23. Approved completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 
  24. Approved completion of the Keystone Pipeline.  
  25. Ordered DOJ and DHS to withhold Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities.
  26. Ordered all Federal Agencies to cut two Federal Regulations for every new Federal Regulation they impose.
  27. Prevented the hiring of all federal employees, outside of the requirement for the enlistment of US Military personnel.
  28. Canceled Obama’s order that forced women to allow men to use their bathrooms, and shower in their locker rooms.
  29. Prevented the US Government from funding abortions performed internationally, which Obama used US federal funds to pay for.
  30. Passed a law that allows the Secretary of VA to revoke bonuses, protect whistleblowers, and fire all inept employees.
  31. Signed 15 Resolutions reversing Obama’s oppressive Executive Orders.
  32. Repealed restrictive regulations on the energy market, and allowed US LNG companies to supply LNG to Europe.
  33. Passed “The Vietnam Recognition Act”, Honoring Vietnam Veterans for their Honorable service in Vietnam.
  34. Working diligently to get Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare that has failed the American taxpayer.
  35. Working with Congress to decrease the heavy tax burden on American Citizens and the highest taxes on US corporations in the world.  
  36. Working with Congress to pass Kate’s Law that will jail deported Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens if they return to the US. 

Rasmussen: Trump's Job Approval







MAY 30


MAY 23


MAY 14 






Source: Real Clear Politics.


The latest POLITICO / Morning Consult poll today revealed that a clear majority of voters support President Trump's travel ban on visitors from six predominantly Muslim countries. Six in 10 voters back the travel ban, with 60% of voters supporting the State Department's new guidelines that require entrants to prove a close family relationship with a U.S. resident in order to enter the country—unfortunately 28% oppose them, many of the 28% are supporters of CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood, the two International Terrorist Organizations whose members Obama placed in thousands of sensitive positions in all US Government Agencies—they have become a “Fifth Column.” 


The corrupt and dishonest left of center liberal media establishment continues to use derogatory language whenever they refer to the above listed outstanding accomplishments by President Donald J. Trump.  They are doing everything in their power to perpetuate their treasonous “Coup D'estat”, working very closely with Obama’s Organization For Action to disenfranchise 62+ million American voters and bring down The President of the United States.   


In reviewing the actions of President Trump in just the last 5 months, the future for the Republic, over the next 4 years looks very bright, as the Trump administration continues to work to “Right The Ship of State.”  Please review the below listed article by nationally renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Abelow, M. D., about President Donald J. Trump.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   


Following President Trump's  announcement that the USA would withdraw from the Paris Accord, former CBS anchor (now with AXS TV) slammed the President with a series of ad hominem (eg based on feeling or prejudice, rather than facts, reason, or logic) attacks, that ended with strong suggestions that the President had some serious psychological issues.


Many others have made the same assertion.


Begs the question... What do psychiatrists think?


In the paragraphs below, Dr. Keith Abelow provides his opinions on this subject.



Remarks by Keith Abelow, M.D., Psychiatrist


Let me issue the standard disclaimer of psychiatrists who discuss the mental health of public figures: I have not personally examined President Trump.


Now, let me put to rest the concerns of Sen. Al Franken and political commentators John Oliver and Andrew Sullivan and anyone else who publicly or privately has questioned the president's sanity: Donald Trump is stone cold sane.


When a man acquires billions of dollars through complex real estate transactions, invests in many countries, goes on to phenomenal success in television and turns his name into a worldwide brand, it is very unlikely that he is mentally unstable.


When the same man obviously enjoys the love and respect of his children and his wife, who seem to rely on him for support and guidance; it isextraordinarily unlikely that he is mentally unstable.


When the same man walks into the political arena and deftly defeats 16 Republican opponents and then the Democratic heir-apparent to a two-term president's administration, the odds of that man being mentally unstable become vanishingly thin.


And when that very same man attracts to his team the kind of intellect and gravitas represented (to name just a few) by Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a retired Marine Corps general and commander of the U.S. Central Command, he cannot be mentally deranged. Period. It is a statistical impossibility.


Those who assert otherwise are political opportunists, or fools, or both (and I am thinking here, in particular, of Sen. Franken).


President Trump is the first human being to win this nation's highest office without having held any other political office or serving as a general. Most political pundits thought his quest was pure folly.


Most journalists assessed his chances as zero. So who was laboring under quasi-delusional thinking?


Answer: Not Donald J. Trump.


Anecdotally, by the way, I have never had one bad Trump experience. Not one. I own several of his ties — all of them of the highest quality. I have stayed in his hotels and never had a single complaint (and I am a born complainer). I have eaten in his New York restaurant — flawless service, excellent food. I own an apartment at Trump Place in Manhattan. Impeccable design, sturdy construction, fabulous amenities. A mentally unstable man would be unlikely to deliver superior products across multiple industries, don't you think?


If you're still worried about the mental stability of the president, note this: The stock market doesn't like instability. Investors, en masse, can take the measure of a man pretty darn well. The stock market has hit record high after record high since Trump's election, and if you think that's an accident, or that investors have all been fooled, it's time to start wondering about your own capacity for rational thought.


I should note that nothing I am saying should besmirch the reputations of men like President Abraham Lincoln or Sir Winston Churchill, both of whom are said to have fought the ravages of major depression or bipolar disorder. One was instrumental in ridding America of slavery. The other was instrumental in saving the world from tyranny.


Mahatma Gandhi, by the way, also reportedly suffered from depression. Psychiatric illness does not, a priori, disqualify a person from rendering extraordinary service to mankind.


Mind you, neither Lincoln nor Churchill nor Gandhi led a nation after becoming a business sensation and television star. That trifecta defines one man: President Donald J. Trump.


Now, think about those who are rabble-rousing about the president's mental status. Take Sen. Al Franken. He's all worried about the president allegedly overestimating the crowd size at his inauguration. But Franken is allied with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who asserted she is Native American, when there is no evidence of that whatsoever.


And they're calling Trump's sanity into question? Really, you can't make this stuff up.


Dr. Keith Ablow, Psychiatrist



Walton H. Owens, Jr., PhD

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

College of Business and Behavioral Sciences

Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29631


Happy Fourth of July-----God Bless The USA

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 2, 2017: Op Ed # 358

Each year on Independence Day, the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate, express their support for the freedoms they enjoy, and recognize the unlimited opportunities afforded them to improve their station in life, because of The Free Enterprise System.  The Fourth of July is also an opportunity for each “Patriotic American Citizen” to celebrate a second symbolic birthday.  


Countless generations of Americans fought for, and under, the American Flag.  The American Flag symbolizes the unity of Americans.  The “Flag” is flown on national holidays above US Federal buildings, on US Military installations, on US Navy ships, over US Embassies & US Missions, by deployed US military units overseas and by millions of Americans over their residences.  The “American Flag” symbolizes the principles upon which the Founding Fathers established the Republic, and collectively signed the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago. 


On the Fourth of July, and every day, Americans citizens demonstrate their support for Military Veterans and members of the US Armed Forces, who raised their right hand and swore to protect and defend the US Constitution, then gallantly served in the defense of the Republic under the American Flag.  


At one point in their lives, the members of US Armed Forces wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including their lives.”  The courage demonstrated by Combat Veterans who served in the defense of the Republic, can be appropriately described by a quote, made in 352 BC, by King Philip of Macedonia:


         “Here is courage, mankind’s finest possession.  Here is the noblest prize.”   


Kindly click on the below listed link, to listen to an outstanding presentation that is appropriate for the Fourth of July:


Despite the ever present threat from Radical Islamic Terrorists to disrupt Fourth of July celebrations, all Americans should respond to potential threats by flying the American Flag on the Fourth, and by joining with their fellow Americans to celebrate the Fourth of July in the same way they have done in years past.   


The Combat Veterans For Congress wish you a secure and Happy Fourth of July!!


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   


Obama’s "Dark Government" Threatens The Constitutional Republic

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 26, 2017: Op Ed # 357 

In the below listed E-mail Col James C. Harding, USAF (Ret), the most highly decorated US Air Force Fighter Pilot in history, with 90 medals including the following combat decorations, expresses his alarm at Obama’s plan is to take down the President of the United States by any means possible.


Air Force Cross

Silver Star with 2 oak leaf clusters

Legion of Merit with 1 oak leaf cluster

Distinguished Flying Cross with 8 oak leaf clusters

Bronze Star with combat V and 1 oak leaf cluster

Purple Heart with 3 oak leaf clusters

Meritorious Service Medal

Air Medal with 39 oak leaf clusters

Air Force Commendation Medal with 1 oak leaf cluster

Presidential Unit Citation with 4 oak leaf clusters

USAF Outstanding Unit Award with combat V and 4 oak leaf clusters


Col Harding concerns are that Obama formed the Organization For America (OFA) while he still occupied the Oval Office, and staffed it with 32,525 members, established 250 offices throughout the United States, and set aside a budget from his former campaign of $40 million, which budget is being increased by Obama’s current fundraising drives.  


Obama has developed a shadow government with OFA that has been sabotaging, resisting, and is trying to tear down the Trump administration.  That is an attack on the peaceful transfer of power which the Founding Fathers established the nation’s Constitutional Republic.  Obama announced 5 months after his replacement was inaugurated, that he will go on the road and actively campaign against President Donald Trump.  That has never been done by a former occupant of the Oval Office in 241 years.


President Donald J. Trump has passed 32 pieces of legislation, and is trying to help America recover from 8 years of economic stagnation, the hollowing out of the US Armed Forces, the rampant violation of US Federal Immigration Laws to reduce the flow of nearly 1 million Middle East and African Muslim Refugees without allowing the FBI to interrogate them to determine if they had terrorist ties, and to stop the released Radical Islamic Terrorists from GITMO who are now attacking American Military personnel in combat. 


For 11 months, American citizens have been watching in real-time, an overt effort by the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment to try to poison the American people against President Trump, stir sedition, advocate an overthrow of The President of the United States, while joining with Obama’s OFA to disenfranchise over 60 million voters, in their support for the first “Treasonous Coup d’ Estate” of the President of the United States in history. 


Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Nazi collaborator George Soros, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and David Brock are the individuals leading the violent attempt to execute the first “Treasonous Coup d’ Estate” of the President of the United States, violating previsions of the US Constitution.  


They are responsible for, and initiating multiple unverifiable highly classified anonymous leaks, as if they were true, with absolutely no sources.  Those illegal leaks of highly classified information are in violation of US Federal Laws.  For 6 months, each week, the leaks were given to The Washington Post and The New York Times in order to get that information distributed nationally by the rest of the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment.  


OFA, under Obama’s direct leadership, is conducting radical & violent street demonstrators, and promoting deceit, demagoguery, and mass hysteria.  Under the umbrella of OFA, Obama has mobilized the Communists Party USA, the pro-Illegal Immigration La Raza Organization, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and their Front Organizations, Progressives, NOW, Black Lives Matter, The Nation of Islam,  The New Black Panther Party, SEIU, The Weathermen Underground, and the new Socialist Democratic Party, to destabilize the Government of the United States and take down the President of the United State.  Nazi Corroborator George Soros is providing funding for those Obama led radical and leftist groups to fuel the “Treasonous Coup d’ Estate.” 


For 11 months, there has been daily “slanderous” and unsubstantiated charges, by the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment’s “propaganda”, that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, yet nearly a year later, there is still not a single shred of concrete evidence proving there was ever collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia, in order to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency.  Hillary Clinton’s inept campaign defeated Hillary—the corrupt press still does not know what Hillary’s campaign slogan meant.

For 8 years the left of center liberal media establishment ignored Obama’s violations of US Federal Law and the below listed Scandals----for 11 months they continue to promote a non-existent “Phony Russian Scandal” to unseat President Trump---incidentally there were “no body bags” as a result of the “Phony Russian Scandal”---however Obama’s real scandals listed below resulted in “body bags” for hundreds of American Citizens.  Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell continue to sit on their hands with regards to many of the below listed “Obama Scandals” and have done absolutely nothing about investigating the daily leaks of highly classified material, in violation of US Federal Law.   

  1. In the real “Russian Scandal” that the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment have been ignoring, Obama authorized Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to transfer 20% of the United States' production of uranium to Russia.  The Clinton Foundation was paid $140 million, and Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to make a short speech to the Russian Company, Rennance Capital. Hillary’s Campaign Director, John Podesta, received 75 thousand shares of Stock in a Russian Front Company run by Putin, Podesta and his brother Tom were put on the Board of Directors of that Russian Front company, and Tom Podesta received $24 million for lobbying for a Russian Bank.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell with regard to exposing the “Real Russian Scandal?”  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal as though it never happened.
  2. In the “E-mail Scandal”, Obama knowingly communicating highly classified intelligence via E-mails with Hillary Clinton using a covert E-mail address for 4 years, while Hillary was using an unclassified server in her bathroom to transmit classified messages.  Hillary destroyed over 30,000 E-mails in violation of Federal Law.  By her actions, Hillary compromised US agents imbedded in foreign governments; her criminal actions most probably resulted in “body bags” for those courageous foreign assets.  After Comey found Hillary guilty on all counts of her gross violation of Espionage Laws and said he wouldn’t recommend charging her for thousands of violations of handling classified messages, where were Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell on this?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated Hillary’s violation of Espionage Laws as though they never happened.
  3. In the “Benghazi Scandal”, Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice repeatedly lied to the nation and the UN that a well planned and coordinated attack by over 125 Radical Islamic Terrorists on the US Mission in Benghazi resulted from a peaceful demonstration against a YouTube video that no one ever saw in Libya.  There were 4 more “body bags” as a result of Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary’s “Dereliction  of Duty”.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell on this gross disregard for the life of government employees, and Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice criminal cover up?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the attack on the US Mission in Benghazi as a demonstration that went bad. 
  4. In “The Benghazi Scandal”, Obama refused to issue “Cross Border Authority” so a 130 USMC Fast Team in Sigonella Sicily (377 miles away), 2F-16Cs each armed with 500 20MM cannon rounds, on the Tarmac in Aviano, Italy (1044 miles away), a 130 man SPEC Ops CMDR In-Extremis Force (C-1/10) on the Tarmac in Croatia (904 miles away), and a 200 man Trans Sahara Joint Spec Ops Force in Burkina Faso West Africa (1692 miles away) could not go to the defense of the US Mission in Benghazi, there were more “body bags” because of Obama’s failure to support the US Mission and Navy SEALS.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell on the continued cover up by the Obama administration?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with misleading reports, and reported the US Mission was out of reach of US Forces; an outright lie!! 
  5. In “The Bergdahl Scandal”, Obama released 5 Radical Islamic Terrorist Taliban Generals from Gitmo in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, “a deserter before the enemy” and sweetened the exchange by giving the Taliban a substantial ransom payment.  There were 6 more “body bags” for 6 US Army Soldiers who were killed searching for the deserter Bergdahl.  Where were Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell, on investigating the ransom payment?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal and ransom payment as though it never happened.
  6. In the “Obamacare Scandal”, Obama intentionally misled Americans to get Congress to pass Obamacare with many bold & flagrant lies with not one Republican vote.  Americans were not able to keep their doctors, were not able to keep their health insurance policies, and insurance premiums did not go down as Obama promised; they more than doubled.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and continues to treat the scandal as though it never happened. 
  7. In the first arms scandal called, “The Fast & Furious Scandal”, occurred when Obama had former Attorney General Eric Holder ship thousands of weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels.  The Mexican Drug Cartels used one of those weapons to kill US Border Patrolman Brian Terry & hundreds of the other weapons were used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens.  There was a need for hundreds of additional “body bags” as a result of Obama’s and Holder’s violations of Federal Law.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell on bringing justice to the parents of US Border Patrolman Brian Terry?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it never happened. 
  8. In the second arms scandal “The Benghazi Arms Scandal”, the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, working with Arms Dealer Marc Turi, delivered thousands of weapons to Al Q’ieda & Radical Islamic Terrorists thru the US Mission in Benghazi.  Those weapons were initially shipped to Qatar, then from Qatar to Libya, then trans shipped to Syria via Turkish ports, and finally shipped to Al Q’ieda and Radical Islamic Terrorists in Syria.  The weapons were paid for by the Obama administration.  There were many more “body bags” of friendly allies who were killed with the weapons supplied to Al Q’ieda by the Obama administration.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell on investigating the second arms scandal?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the second gun running scandal acts as though it never happened.  
  9. In “The Refugees Scandal” occurred over 8 years, when Obama brought in over 900,000 Muslim Middle East and African Refugees into the US, and resettled them in 187 cities without letting the FBI interrogate them to determine if they had terrorist ties.  They are provided with much more monthly financial support than a US Military Veteran who served 20 years of his life in the defense of the Republic.  The FBI now has over 2000 open terrorist cases, and according to Comey in his testimony to Congress, 1/3rd, or over 300, concern Obama’s Muslim Refugees, and 100 closed terrorist cases have resulted in the conviction of 180 Radical Islamic Terrorists.  The FBI reported that they have 37 ISIS terrorist open cases in the US today.  The Obama administration and the corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats those 2000 FBI open cases as though they are not related to the 900,000 Middle East & African Muslim Refugees Obama brought into the US.
  10. In “The Radical Islamic Terrorist Scandal”, since 9/11 with the murder of over three thousand American Citizens, there has been over 76 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks or terrorist incidents on US Soil during the 8 years of the Obama administration, that resulted in 125 deaths and over 400 wounded Americans.  Those attacks and terrorist incidents were covered up by the left of center liberal medias establishment, that resulted in the need for hundreds of “body bags” for American citizens because of Obama’s refusal to let the FBI interview entering Muslim Refugees.  Many “body bags” were required for Americans because of the 200 terrorist attacks or terrorist incident on US Soil since 9/11.  Since President Trumps inauguration there have 13 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks of terrorist incidents on US soil.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covered up the magnitude of the those Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks or incidents.  
  11. In “The GITMO Scandal”, Obama released 197 of the most dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorists from Gitmo over an 8 year period, and US Intelligence Agencies reported that 1/3rd of Gitmo Detainees return to the battlefield with the intent of trying to kill US Military personnel in Afghanistan and worldwide.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout on the dangerous releases, and treats the scandal acts as though it is normal. 
  12. The “Middle East Christian Refugee Discrimination Scandal” occurred over an 8 year period,  when Obama refused to allow 300,000 Middle East Christians, housed by the Greek Catholic Relief Agency seeking entry into the US, to enter, while during the same period, he authorized the immigration and resettlement of over 900,000 Middle East and African Muslim Refugees into the US.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it never happened.
  13. In “The Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens Scandal”, instead of returning convicted criminal Illegal Aliens released from US prisons at the end of their sentences to their countries of origin, over an 8 year period, Obama released hundreds of thousands of those convicted criminal Illegal Aliens directly into the general population.  Obama refused to inform Local, County, and State Law Enforcement Agencies who they were and where they were released, despite the repeated request by those Law Enforcement Agencies for that information.  Those Illegal Alien convicts continued their crime sprees.  There were many “body bags” for American citizens murdered by those Illegal Alien convicts.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated this releases into the general population by Obama and Holder as though they never happened.
  14. In “The IRS Targeting Scandal” Obama’s appointees prevented conservative organizations from registering as tax exempt entities, prior to national elections, disenfranchising millions of Conservative Americans to organize, in order to support their candidates in the General Elections like, the IRS allowed Democratic tax exempt organizations to be formed.  Where have Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell been on taking legal action against Lois Lerner and the Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who dodged impeachment, for disenfranchising conservative groups, and preventing them from getting out the vote? The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it was insignificant.    
  15. In “The CNN Scandal”, CNN newscasters gave Donna Brazile, Chairwoman of the DNC, access to CNN’s debate questions, so Donna Brazile could then give Hillary Clinton the questions to the pending debates with Bernie Sanders.  The DNC rigged the Democratic nomination for President, and cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic Nomination for President.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it never happened. 
  16. “The Illegal Wire Tape Scandal”,  violated the US Constitutional right of all Americans to be free from illegal monitoring.  Obama illegally surveilled and wire tapped over 30,000+ Americans including President Donald Trump, the Trump Campaign, the Trump Transition Team, members of the US Supreme Court, members of Joint-Chiefs of Staff, Senators, Congressmen, and many others.  Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, violated Federal Law by unmasking LTG Flynn.  What are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnelll, doing about holding hearings to expose the leakers, and on insisting the FBI investigate and file criminal complaints against those responsible?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal as though the unmasking and intercepts never occurred.  
  17. In the “Loretta Lynch Scandal”, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch violated Federal Law and told FBI Director Comey to call the “FBI Investigation” of Hillary’s unauthorized transmission of thousands of classified E-mails on an unclassified server in her bathroom, that was hacked by 5 foreign intelligence agencies, a “matter.”  Lynch had a meeting with Bill Clinton in her private plane on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss the “FBI Investigation” of Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of an unclassified E-mail server to transmit classified messages.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal acts as though it was not important.
  18. In “The Leak Scandal” for the last eleven months, in violation of Federal Espionage Laws, a steady stream of highly classified information has been leaked by Obama administration holdovers in intelligence agencies to the press for political purposes.  Comey confessed to releasing leaked information to The New York Times about a privileged conversation he had with the President of the United States by having a third-party deliver the leak to The New York Times.  The leaked information was printed on an FBI computer, and was drafted while he was Director of the FBI, on government time in connection with his job.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnelll on this issue?  Are they requesting the FBI to locate multiple leakers and file charges against those who violated the Espionage Act?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal acts as though it is okay.  
  19. In “The Second Real Russian Scandal”, covered up by the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment, is that over the last 8 years there has been a massive collusion by Obama with the Communist Party USA, and what he did to the once Patriotic Democratic Party of Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson that he radicalized.  The irony is that for the last 100 years the left in the United States has colluded with Communists Russia, but it took Obama to completely co-op the Democratic Party and push it radically left while he aggressively colluded with Russia.  In 2013, Obama appointed a CIA Director, John O. Brennan, who had voted in 1976 for the Communist Party USA candidate for President, Gus Hall.  Obama who is a Marxist Saul Alinsky disciple, surrounded himself with Communists & extreme leftists, including Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, David Axelrod, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Paul Krugman, George Soros, Al Sharpton, David Brock, and Eric Holder (whose stated goal when he was Attorney General was to destroy the US Constitution).  Today, thanks to Obama, there is very little difference between the Communist Party USA, and the new Marxist Democratic Party.  We encourage you to compare both Web sites—there is really very little difference.  The Communist Party USA instructs its members to only vote for Democrats running for elective office; the Communists Party USA enthusiastically endorsed John Kerry, Obama, and Hillary for President.  Obama engineered the election of two Communists to lead the new Marxist Democratic Party, listed below.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the “Second Real Russian Scandal” as though it never happened. 
  20. The Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party, Keith Ellison, is a pro-Radical Islamic Terrorist supporter who opposes the US Constitution and supports Sharia Law to govern the Republic; he took his oath of office on the Quran.  He is very close to CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood paid for his pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008.  Ellison declared himself a supporter, ally, and defender of Communist Terrorists, by organizing a fundraisings event for Communist Terrorist, Sara Jane Olson, a member of the Communist Movement Symbiotic Liberation Army.  Ellison defended Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, who is wanted by the FBI for murdering a police officer; and is currently opposing her extradition from her safe haven in Communist Cuba.  Ellison is very close to the Communist Party USA – he even held a fundraiser in the home of the Minnesota Communist Party Chairman, Erwin Marquit, and has even written for the Communist Party Web site.The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covered up this damaging information that ties him to Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood.    
  21. The Radical Chairman of the new Marxist Democratic Party, Marxist Tom Perez, who was Obama’s extreme leftist Secretary of Labor.  Tom Perez was a longtime leader of CASA de Maryland, a militant left “Illegal Aliens” rights group. When Perez was the leader of CASA, Hugo Chavez, the Communist President of Venezuela was sending Perez one million dollars per year from his oil revenue, instructing Perez to use those funds to keep the US Southern border wide open.  Perez has a long history of anti-white views, including a declaration that white people should not be entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act.  Perez previously served as the Assistant Attorney General under Attorney General, Eric Holder, and supported Holder’s repeated violation of the US Constitution, his instigation of the “Fast and Furious Scandal”, and supported Holder’s prevention of the investigation of the rampant voter fraud by ACORN during the 2008 national election, where 5.7 million Illegal votes were cast in which Obama was elected.  Holder’s actions in the  “Fast and Furious Scandal” led Congress to vote Holder to be the first US Attorney General in 240 years to be held “In Contempt of Congress”.  Ambassador Valladares, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations for Human Rights, stated Perez is a racist who hates the Bible, and is anti-Semitic.  He said Perez’s goals are to destroy the free market economy of America, to destroy the Christian Society of the United States, and to turn the United States into a Marxist nation.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covers up of this damaging information.     
  1. Ellison and Perez plan is to complete the Marxist “infection” of all US university campuses which is endangering America’s very existence as a free Republic.  Obama, Ellison, and Perez, are using Russia as a threat, in order to prevent President Trump from overturning the Socialist policies of the Obama administration, and returning the US to capitalism and freedom.  Ambassador Valladares further stated about Perez and Ellison, that: “The two new leaders of the Democratic National Committee are both racist, anti-Semitic, who ignore the US Constitution, and the history of America.  Both of them have been and are allies of terrorist movements; they have shared the hatred for the United States and its laws.  They complement each other in their hatred of the Bible, they wish to sweep away this American society, with ideological mobs, terrorists, Communists, Radical Muslims, and the scum of the country whose goal it is to destroy it (the Republic).  They joined the ranks of the Democratic Party, and with the complicit silence of the (former) leaders of the it (the Democratic Party), they took possession of it (the Democratic Party) and turned it into and political party that supports the Communist Party USA.”(April 25, 2017 by Frank de Varona - Bear Witness Central)  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covers up of he damaging information the the two leaders of the Democrat Party are Communists and terrorist sympathizers.    

The extreme radical left, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, new Marxist Democratic Party which “no longer supports” the US Constitution, really isn’t any different from the Communist Party USA.  It does not support Freedom of Speech at rallies/on campus/in classrooms/on Network News, while it opposes voter registration for “only” American citizens with massive programs to register Illegal Aliens & Muslim Refugees (a report just came out from a New Jersey Research Organization, Just Facts, that said 5.7 million non US Citizens illegally voted in the 2008 national election), and the Democrats oppose closing the wide open southern border to prevent terrorist, drug dealers, female slave traffickers, and Illegal Aliens from entering. 

The left of center liberal media establishment has done an excellent job of concealing just how radicalized & anti US Constitution the radical left, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, new Marxist Democratic Party has become over the last 8 years.  The Founding Fathers, President Truman, President Kennedy, and President Johnson would be turning over in their graves if they knew what happened to their proud Patriotic Democratic Party!!!  The interesting thing to consider is that Russia is no longer Communist, because Communism/Socialism didn’t work in Russia, in China, in Eastern Europe, in Cuba, in oil-rich Venezuela, nor anywhere in the last 100 years---it breaks down because it violates the laws of economy and basic human freedoms.    


American’s ideals established by the Founding Fathers are rooted in liberty, a strong work ethic, a citizenry governed by the US Constitution, with limited government, based on Judeo-Christian morality, promoting individual freedom, providing unlimited opportunity, unencumbered by the heavy hand of a central government.  "The American Republic created the most successful and most powerful economic engine in the history of mankind.”  


The American Republic has a generous and noble history, and every student should be made aware of America’s rich history to defuse the attempts by the left and the new Marxist Democratic Party to promote Socialism and Communism.  


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   

Check out this article by Gilbert Palmer.  All of us who took the oath to "defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic" now have a real challenge to save our Republic.  The time to act is now.  We can no longer wait for someone else, including congress and the courts, to do it.  It is going to take a coordinated effort by a lot of patriots to overcome the inertia of a bloated, do nothing government to thwart this Communist, Muslim ex-president who is trying to destroy our constitutional republic.  I personally think we are up to the task, and I am proud to be a part of that movement.  I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.  Jim


Historic Change: This issue of the "Dark Government" of Obama is threatening Americans. By Gilbert Palmer

I do not understand how living in a country with its democracy established over 200 years ago, and now, for the first time in history, suddenly we have one of a former presidents set up a group called "Organizing For Action" (OFA).

OFA - 30,000 strong working to disrupt everything that our current president is trying to do. This goes against our Democracy, it is an operation that will destroy our way of governing. It goes against our Constitution, our laws, and the processes established over 200 years ago. If this is allowed to proceed then we will be living in chaos very much like third world countries are run. What good is it to have an established government if it is not going to be respected and allowed to follow our laws? If this does not scare you, then we are in worse trouble than you know.

It is explained below. Do your part: read it and at least pass this on so others will know what we are up against. We are losing our country and we are so compliant. We are becoming a "PERFECT TARGET" for our enemy! Article from the New York Post - If you had an army some 30,000 strong and a court system stacked over the decades with judges who would allow you to break the laws, how much damage could you do to a country? We are about to find out in America!

The ex-president said he was going to stay involved through community organizing and speak out on the issues and that appears to be one post-administration promise he intends to keep. He has moved many of his administration's top dogs over to an organization called Organizing for Action (OFA). OFA is behind the strategic and tactical implementation of the resistance we are seeing across America, and politically active courts are providing the leverage for this revolution.

OFA is dedicated to organizing communities for "progressive" change. Issues are gun control, socialist healthcare, abortion, sexual equality, climate change, and of course, immigration reform. OFA members were propped up by the ex-president's message from the shadows: "Organizing is the building block of everything great we've accomplished. Organizers around the country are fighting for change in their communities - and OFA is one of the groups on the front lines. Commit to this work in 2016 and beyond."

OFA's website says it obtained its "digital" assets from the ex-president's re-election effort and that he inspired the movement. In short, it's the shadow government organization aimed at resisting and tearing down the Constitutional Republic - AMERICA.

Paul Sperry, writing for the New York Post, says OFA will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and the ex-president "will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House." Sperry writes that the ex-president is setting up a shadow government to sabotage the incoming administration through a network of non-profits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (more than $40 million) and has some 250 offices nationwide. OFA IRS filings, according to Sperry, indicate OFA has 32,525 volunteers nationwide. The ex-president and his wife will oversee the operation from their home/ office near the White House.


Think about how this work - for example: Trump issues an immigration executive order; OFA signals for protests and statements from pro-immigrant groups; ACLU lawyers file lawsuits in jurisdictions where activist judges obstruct the laws; volunteers are called to protest at airports and Congressional town hall meetings; the leftist media springs to action; the twitter sphere lights up with social media; violence follows - all emanating from the ex-president's signal that he is heartened by the protests.

If Barack Obama did not do enough to destroy this country in the 8 years he was in office, it appears his future plans are to destroy the foundation on which this country has operated on for the last 241 years.

House Resolution 257 and Senate Resolution 118 Criminalizes "Freedom of Speech"

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 21, 2017: Op Ed # 356

The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, International Terrorist Organizations, have managed to get Senate Resolution 118 and House Resolution 257 introduced into the House and Senate.  If those resolutions are passed into law, this law will “Criminalize Freedom of Speech.”  


The Founding Fathers gave Americans “Freedom of Speech" in the US Constitution; CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to “Criminalize Freedom of Speech.”   


Those resolutions are part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s sinister plan to replace the US Constitution with Sharia Law, through a back door method of passing various laws that chip away at the precepts of the US Constitution.  Those International Terrorists know Patriotic Americans would never knowingly replace the US Constitution with Sharia Law.  


There is absolutely no need for this proposed new law since the current laws and civil rights laws already prohibits violence, threats of violence, discrimination against “all” individuals, and hate crimes.  The resolution conveniently protects Muslims but “Excludes Christians”.


How could members of the House and Senate be so foolish as to pass those destructive resolutions that would undermine the US Constitution and would be the beginning of the Muslim Brotherhood success in slowly destroying the foundation upon which the Republic was created, the US Constitution---this law is a subtle attack against Christians and law enforcement.  


We are asking ever person who receives this E-mail, especially members of the US Armed Forces on active duty, Christian Clergy, members of Law Enforcement, and the 22 million Veterans in the United States who raised their right hand, and swore to “Protect and Defend the US Constitution”, to aggressively oppose those two Resolutions.  Please ask them to oppose this proposed law, and vote against any Senator or Congressmen “in both parties” who votes for this proposed anti-US Constitution and pro-Sharia Law resolutions.   


Americans should be concerned about those resolutions, especially the part of the House Resolution, which urges the establishment of an "interagency task force led by the Attorney General ... on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime in order to protect minority communities."  This is an attempt to suppress law enforcement and opposition to Sharia Law.


The resolutions were engineered by CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood are designed to silence any American who speaks up to oppose what we are seeing happening in England today.  The goal is to “criminalizing speaking out against Radical Islamic Terrorism” resulting in arrest and being criminally charged in court.  The net result is that CAIR would make an example of any American who speaks out, and to suppress all Americans from ever speaking out against the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR programs again (like opposing the indoctrination of students in Islam and Sharia law in Public Schools).

Please forward this message on to every member in your address book, ask them to contact their Senators and Congressmen to oppose this proposed new law, whose details are discussed in the below listed article.

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  
Watch Out: U.S. Trying to Criminalize Free Speech - Again
by Judith Bergman  June 20, 2017 

  • The law already prohibits violence and threats of violence, and law enforcement authorities are supposed to prosecute those -- intimidation, destruction, damage, vandalism, simple and aggravated assault. What "hate crimes" are not already covered by the law?
  • Why would the House of Representatives find it necessary to make such redundant statements, if not in order to redefine the concept of a hate crime? Perhaps by including "hate speech"? The current resolution includes most of the major ethnic and religious minorities in the United States, so it will have a far better chance of passing, as it will more easily fool Representatives into thinking that the contents of the resolution are harmless.
  • Would it not be appropriate for the politicians sponsoring and voting for these resolutions first of all to find out what drives the organizations responsible for drafting them? The Investigative Project on Terrorism has authored a damning 88-page report about the Muslim Public Affairs Council. American politicians do not seem to have taken much interest in it.

On April 4, 2017, the US Senate passed Senate Resolution 118, "Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States". The resolution was drafted by a Muslim organization, EmgageUSA (formerly EmergeUSA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). On April 6, 2017, EmgageUSA wrote the following on their Facebook page:

"Thanks to the hard work of Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Kamala Harris we have achieved the approval of Senate Resolution 118, an anti-hate crimes bill drafted by Emerge-USA. It is days like this that Americans are reminded of this country's founding principles: equal opportunity, freedom, justice. We are proud to help support the protection of these rights a more perfect union the American dream."

Senate Resolution 118 calls on

"...Federal law enforcement officials, working with State and local officials... to expeditiously investigate all credible reports of hate crimes and incidents and threats against minorities in the United States and to hold the perpetrators of those crimes, incidents, or threats accountable and bring the perpetrators to justice; encourages the Department of Justice and other Federal agencies to work to improve the reporting of hate crimes; and... encourages the development of an interagency task force led by the Attorney General to collaborate on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime in order to protect minority communities..."

The resolution refers to hate crimes against Muslims, Jews, African-Americans, Hindus, and Sikhs and was sponsored by Senator Kamala Harris and co-sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Senator Susan Collins.

On April 6, almost the exact same text was introduced as House Resolution H.Res. 257, "Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States". A House Resolution can be reintroduced as legislation.

H.Res. 257 urges

"...the development of an interagency task force led by the Attorney General and bringing together the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Education, the Department of State, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to collaborate on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime in order to protect minority communities". The House Resolution was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary on April 6 and from there it was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations on April 21.

Americans should be concerned about these resolutions, especially the part of the House Resolution, which urges the establishment of an "interagency task force led by the Attorney General ... on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate
crime in order to protect minority communities."

Display "The American Flag" on Flag Day, June 14th---and Every Day

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 14, 2017: Op Ed # 355  

"The American Flag" symbolizes the principles outlined in the US Constitution by the Founding Fathers. All members of the US Armed Forces raised their right hand and swore to protect and defend the US Constitution, and countless generations of those American Patriots have fought for and under "The American Flag."  

Flag Day is another of the many opportunities Patriotic Americans have to demonstrate their respect for “The American Flag,” and to set an example for younger generations that respect for “The American Flag,” demonstrates ones respect for the Republic.

Through the generations, "The American Flag" is the Patriotic banner under which the nation came together to reject the relentless efforts of America's domestic enemies to divide the Republic by race, religion, ethnicity, and gender.

Kindly click on the below listed link to view a short message. 

Putting Up the Flag

Combat Veterans through the ages have fought and died under “The American Flag.”   

Those who served or died under “The American Flag” are honored by being shrouded in it, after they cross the bar.   

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   

Comey is The "Central Figure" in The Plan To Take Down The President Of The United States

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 12, 2017: Op Ed # 354  

Obama appointed Comey, as Director of the FBI Comey let politics cloud his decisions as Director of the FBI and repeatedly did not operate the Bureau properly according to the rule of law.


Comey constantly engineered multiple misleading leaks to The New York Times that were  a “violation of his FBI Employment and Non-disclosure Agreements.” 


Comey said, in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, that he leaked information in hopes that a Special Council would be appointed to investigate President Donald Trump in the Russian Scandal.  


Comey, in a press conference, publicly “cleared” Hillary Clinton for repeatedly violating Federal Security Laws by transmitting over 2000 Classified and Special Compartmented E-mail on an unclassified server for 4 years.


Comey refused to publicly clear President Trump after he told many Committee Chairmen in Congress and President Trump three times that he was not under investigation by the FBI, or collusion with Russia in the election.


Comey followed orders of Attorney General Loretta Lynch to call the “FBI Investigation” of Hillary Clinton violation of Federal Security Laws  a “Matter” and Comey did not write a memo to himself about what AG lynch said.


When President Trump told Comey ”hoped Comey could let the investigation of LTG Flynn go”; Comey said he felt pressure and in a double standard, he wrote a memo to himself about what president Trump said.


Comey refused to investigate the Criminal Money Laundering  of hundreds of millions dollars by Hillary and Bill Clinton of the Clinton Foundation that they set up in Canada to avoid having to abide by US Federal Laws.


Comey refused to investigate the transfer of 20% of the United States production of uranium to Russia for $145 million payoff to the Clinton Foundation, in which they were paid a $500 million fee for a speech that Bill Clinton made to a Russian Bank.


Comey refused to take action to identify the member of the Obama administration who unmasked LTG Flynn and over 30,000 other Americans including Donald Trump, the Trump Campaign, the Trump Transition Team, US Senators, US Congressmen, members of the Supreme Court, members of the Joint Chief of Staff, and subsequently the details of President Trump’s conversations with Foreign Heads of State.


Comey refused to reinstate the training and reference material about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Radical Islamic Terrorism, and Sharia Law that once were referenced on FBI Computers and in FBI Libraries to alert and train Agents.


Attorney Session and the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein took control of Comey’s files in his FBI Office and recovered a trove of information including unauthorized recordings of President Trump and others.  That information is being reviewed by the Justice Department and will be turned over to the newly appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray who will initiate the housecleaning of the Comey Syndicate at FBI Headquarters; those individuals will be replaced by FBI Supervisor Agents who were not compromised by Comey, Lynch, Holder, Clinton, or Obama.   


Former Assistant Directors of the FBI James Kallstrom, Bill Gavin, and Ron Hosko were glad President Donald Trump fired James Comey.


The three FBI Assistant Directors all said Comey sealed his fate after his July 5th press conference in which he improperly assumed the role of “a prosecutor” and recommended no charges be filed against Hillary Clinton for her egregious use of a private E-mail server to transmit highly classified messages during her tenure as Secretary of State.


“I’m glad it happened,” Kallstrom said of Comey’s firing. “I think Jim Comey way back almost a year ago kind of forgot he was the FBI Director.”  “Jim Comey danced with the devil, and later on down the road talked about this great investigation the FBI conducted.  The interview of Hillary Clinton, in my view, was a sham.”


Comey “threw the FBI under the bus, and the reputation of the FBI under the bus,” Kallstrom added. “That’s what I am very mad about and have been very mad about for a long time.”


Gavin said Comey’s firing was “something that had to happen.” “Jim Comey is a bright guy, but the bottom line is when he made a prosecutive opinion in an investigative matter he made a mistake,” he added.


The Integrity of the FBI will be restored by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and the 15,000 honest, dedicated, and hard-working Agents of the FBI.  


The below listed article will provide details of why Comey is being called the “central figure” in the Treasonous Plan to take President Trump down.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author. 

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The Inside Story on How Trump Dropped the Hammer on James Comey

by Ray Starmann

May 21, 2017


There are very few crime/mystery novels that approach this true story for compelling drama, intrigue and brinkmanship (with the nation in the balance).

Don’t believe the fake-media story that Trump made a mistake or huge gaffe by firing Comey.

Don’t believe the media narrative from the left that it was an attempt to silence Comey from some investigation into Trump.
Don’t believe the RINO narrative that Comey is a good guy just trying to do his job in terrible circumstances and the timing was bad.
Don’t believe the lie that Comey was admired and respected by career FBI investigators and agents.
Don’t believe the lie that Trump’s “tweets” are not professional and have no strategic purpose. His tweets are weaponized and deadly.

James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order… a deep-water Swamp Denizen who has been highly paid to deliberately provide cover for high-level corruption by the Clintons and Obama. He is has been central to trying to destroy the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration from the start. He is as dirty as they come in DC. He had highest-level cover (the FBI no less) and was deep into an effort to eliminate Trump. Trump had to move hard, fast, and at exactly the right time to cut the head off the snake without getting bitten by the snake or being finished by the other swamp denizens.

Begin by noticing how the President fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office, that Comey had no inkling he was being cut, that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department. This was not a violation of protocol, it was tactical. Notice how Pres Trump compartmentalized the strike and did not inform any of his White House “staff” to prevent leaks. Notice how he emasculated Comey and the swamp denizens by letting them know in a tweet that the Attorney General got information (surveillance “tapes” from the seizure of Comey’s office) to let Comey and his handlers know that Trump’s DOJ has the goods on them. This was a brilliant, strategic and totally imperative move at exactly the right time against horrible, evil and corrupt powers infesting our government.

The swamp is on notice that the President is on to them, they are sweating bullets because their criminal games of corruption are being pursued and they know it. They are screaming and ranting because they are desperate denizens of the swamp who are beginning to realize they are roadkill.

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMEY SCAM. Taken from credible public sources (readily available if you want to look or want me to sent them to you), with a few reasonable “fill in the blank” conclusions of my own.

The Highlights:

Comey was a minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s. He only gained power and money by being the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in Clinton’s totally corrupt pardon (for huge payoffs) of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the Presidency. This is how Comey began his career as a creature of the “swamp” years ago, as a servant of the Clintons.

Comey provided “cover” for the Clintons in their gaining incredible power and wealth after leaving office through pardoning a billionaire money-launderer, arms dealer and criminal. Comey was a key piece in how the Clintons upped their corruption game and gained incredible wealth through their foundation after leaving the White House. A huge part of the scheme was giving Marc Rich a free pass when he should have spent life in prison, and that is what Comey covered-up for the Clintons. This set up Comey to be part of the corruption machine, making him powerful and wealthy.

Immediately after doing the Clinton’s dirty work as a DOJ official, Comey resigned from the DOJ and took a position as the head attorney (Counsel) of the Lockheed Martin company, a huge military contractor. While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation and its fake charity spin-offs. In return for these payment to Clinton Inc., Lockheed received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department. Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. in return for State Dept. contracts.

In late 2012, after overseeing Lockheed’s successful relationship with the Hillary State Department and the resulting profits, Comey stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million dollar payout for his services.

In 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into a scandal. Investigations by federal authorities and law-enforcement had revealed that for years HSBC had been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels, channeling money for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity. HSBC’s criminality was pervasive and deliberate by the Bank and its officials. HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events (while Hillary was Sec of State). Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department did what they were paid to do, and let HSBC off of the hook for a paltry 1.2 Billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders), and not one Director, officer or management member at HSBC was fired or charged with any criminal. Exactly when everyone involved with HSBC Bank (including the Clintons and all of their “donors”) were being let off without penalty, and cover had to be provided to HSBC, Comey was appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal). He was part of the effort to cover up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.

After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama. The only qualification Comey had was that the Clinton’s and their cronies knew Comey was in bed with them, was compromised and was willing to do their dirty work. Comey was appointed to the FBI right when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI because she had been using a private-server, mis-handling classified information, selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation Donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin), and much more. Remember that this was about the time the Inspector General of the State Department found over 2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary’s tenure.

The obvious conclusion is that Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clinton’s and Obama’s at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency(in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice). Comey was and is owned by the Clintons. He owed all of his power and wealth to being part of their machine and providing them with cover.

In late 2015 and early 2016, information began to come out about the Clinton Foundation and its use by the Clinton’s as a multi-billion dollar slush fund for corruption and political favors. (even Chelsea’s wedding had been paid for by the “charity) This was right as Hillary was beginning her campaign for President. It was revealed that the Foundation had never completed required reports or had an audit. Supposedly the FBI, under Comey, began an “investigation” of the Clinton Funds. A “professional” accounting firm was brought in by the Clintons to do a review, file some reports, make recommendations to the Clinton Foundation Board, and provide a veneer of legitimacy to the Clinton Fund operations. Predictably, one of the partners in the firm that was chosen (and paid lots of money) is the brother of James Comey (FBI Director). This brother owes James Comey $700,000 for a loan James gave him to buy a house, and presumably some of the money from the Clinton Fund was used to make payments to James on the loan. Over 2 years later and nothing has happened as a result of the FBI “investigating” the Clinton Funds under Comey.

No one in congress or federal law enforcement was intending to actually pursue the Clintons, but Judicial Watch and other independent sources obtained information proving that Hillary had been running her own server, sending out classified information, etc. This information began to come out right in the middle of her campaign to be coronated as President. A “show” investigation had to be performed to appear to look into it and clear her. Who to use?…the reliable shill James Comey.

As head of the FBI, Comey (and his lackeys in key positions) deliberately screwed up the investigation into Hillary’s use of a private server and her plain violation of national security law on classified information. The investigation was deliberately mis-handled in every aspect. Comey gave immunity to all of Hillary’s lackeys, did not use subpoenas or warrants, lost evidence, allowed the destruction of evidence, failed to do any searches or seizures of evidence, did not use a grand-jury, did not swear witnesses, did not record testimony, allowed attorneys to represent multiple suspects (corrupting the testimony). Everything that could be done to ruin the FBI investigation and to cover for Hillary was done. A “slam-dunk” case became a mess. Immunity was given every witness even though they provided no help. Maybe more importantly, by focusing the FBI on the email scandal, attention was drawn away from the much bigger scandal of the Clinton Foundation that could bring down a huge number of corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and even governments.

Originally, Comey’s job was simply to totally botch the Hillary investigation and ruin the case against her and her minions within the FBI regarding he emails. At the same time Comey also started work on a parallel assignment to illegally “wiretap” and surveil Donald Trump and every other person involved in the Republican campaign. He was tasked with digging up any dirt or fact that could be used to hurt the Trump campaign later. This included using a fake “dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign to obtain authorization for the surveillance and to try to associate Trump’s campaign with the Russians. Under Comey’s direction the Trump/republican campaign was monitored and surveilled and all information was provided to the Obama Whitehouse and the Clinton camp all during the campaign.

Lorretta Lynch was supposed to complete the coverup for Hillary as Attorney General by issuing a finding that the deliberately botched FBI “investigation” did not justify prosecution of Hillary. But someone screwed up and Bill Clinton was video’d meeting with Loretta Lynch in Arizona shortly before she was supposed to make her decision on Hillary (interference with a federal investigation), and Lynch could no longer credibly squash the Hillary scandal. The solution, give the job to James. The Clinton’s owned him and he would have to do whatever is necessary to provide cover.

Comey goes on national TV and violates every rule of the FBI, the Justice Department and American law enforcement by revealing some of the FBI’s “evidence” of what Hillary did (enough to make it look like the FBI and Comey did some investigation), then declaring that there was no “intent” and clearing Hillary. He did what he was ordered to do. The Justice Department and Obama backed Comey’s coverup and it looked like Hillary had survived the scandal.

Then, right before the election, the NYPD obtained pervert Anthony Wiener’s laptop and found classified emails from Hillary on the laptop. The NYPD began leaking details to new-media outlets, and the story was about to explode. Comey once again stepped in to cover Hillary. He short-circuited the NYPD leaks by publicly acknowledging the laptop and the emails, but then claimed just days later that hundreds of thousands of emails had all been reviewed and “nothing new” was on the laptop. Once again, he had done his job. Providing cover and FBI “protection” for Hillary on the newest scandal when it broke.

If Hillary had won, Comey would have kept right on providing cover for the corruption of the Clinton machine. He would have kept the FBI paralyzed, prevented the Clinton Fund from being investigated, and continued to do his job as the Clinton’s personal scandal eraser at the FBI.


The Swamp and its bottom-dwelling denizens realize they are at risk from this political outsider who is not connected to the uni-party machines. Before Trump takes office, a “failsafe” plan is implemented to ruin Trump’s administration and try to force him out of the Presidency. The key players committed to the plan are the democrat politicians, the RINO establishment, the media, the Obama-Clinton operatives imbedded throughout the intelligence agencies and the entire bureaucracy, and most importantly, the Obama DOJ and JAMES COMEY. The scheme is to smear Trump with Russian “connections,” through a fake FBI “investigation” and more importantly, to trap him into a charge of criminal interference with the FBI. COMEY IS THE CENTRAL FIGURE IN THE SCHEME TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP.

The surveillance of the Trump campaign is continued after he is elected, all participants are “unmasked” illegally, and the transcripts are leaked throughout the government and to the media. When General Flynn appropriately calls Russian officials on behalf of Trump, they brush off the old fake “dossier” and all of the surveillance of the campaign, and Comey creates the “Russian Conspiracy” investigation. With help by RINO swamp kingpin and warmonger sell-out McCain, the fake “Russian pee dossier” is leaked to the press. There is no actual evidence of any collusion or connection between Trump or his campaign with Russia, but that does not prevent Comey from initiating an “investigation” at the FBI. This provides Comey with protection from Trump firing him immediately. Comey (or his minions) constantly leak news of the “Russia Investigation” to the media, and the media does its scripted part by screaming constantly about “Russia.” The Democrats fill their role and constantly scream about “Russia.” McCain and the RINO establishment do their part by promising to “investigate” how the Russians influenced the campaign.

Immediately after Trump is sworn in, the DOJ Hillary/Obama operatives and Comey start the direct attack. This is before Sessions has been appointed to the Department of Justice and the DOJ is still controlled by Obama operatives. DOJ Obama appointee Sally Yates approaches the Whitehouse with news that General Flynn had been in contact with Russia and alleges that he might be compromised. She reveals that there is an FBI “investigation” into the Russia ties (which they are constantly leaking to the media themselves). The White House Counsel (who Yates talks to, not Trump) asks for some more information.

The day before the promised additional information is to be provided by Yates to the Whitehouse, Comey sets up a dinner with Trump. If he can get Trump to ask about Flynn or try to intervene regarding Flynn or Russia then Trump can be charged with “interfering with an FBI investigation.” MY OPINION IS THAT COMEY SURVEILLED AND “TAPED” THIS MEETING IN HIS ATTEMPT TO SET UP TRUMP.

This is a two-pronged attack. It protects Comey and DOJ democrat holdovers from being terminated by the new administration because they are involved in an “ongoing investigation” that they control the timetable on(albeit one with absolutely no evidence). If Trump fires Comey then he is “interfering with the investigation” which is itself a federal crime that the FBI could then “investigate.” Alternatively, if they can get Trump to question Comey about Flynn or try to get him to back off of Flynn or the “Russia” investigation, then they again have him “interfering.”

Trump knows it is a set up by Comey and that he is probably being recorded (tips from FBI or DOJ who are not part of the corruption?) Maybe because his phone calls in the Whitehouse as President have already been bugged and released to the media. (FBI is in the best position to do this) Maybe because he was used to the Mafia in NY trying to shake him down every time he built a hotel. Comey tells Trump that Trump is not under investigation regarding Russia, but that others involved with the campaign are being investigated. Trump does not take the bait and attempt to intervene about Flynn or the Russia scam. Later, Flynn is cut loose because he is being used by Comey and the Obama-holdover Justice to try to damage Trump. He did not thing wrong, but if he stayed the charge of “interfering with an investigation” might seem to have teeth. Comey verbally tells Trump on two more occasions that he is not being investigated, but refuses to state this fact publicly or when testifying in Congress.

Trump knows everything I have gone through above about Comey. But he has to move carefully. He has to get his Attorney General and Deputy AG in place, get enough leverage on the Russia narrative, and ideally get rid of Comey in a way that allows him to obtain all the information that Comey has been accumulating (if he is taping Trump he is taping others). Comey, and others testify in Congress. Under oath, both Sally Yates and Intelligence officials from the Obama administration state that there has been no actual evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. More importantly, Comey, while refusing to say that Trump is not under investigation, testifies that he has informed the Senate Intelligence Committee heads who exactly is under investigation regarding Russia.

Trump tells almost no one at the White House that he is moving against Comey (so no leaks… no listening in on his conversations) Trump somehow contacts Sen. Grassley (the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee) and confirms that Comey told the Senator that Trump was not under investigation personally. Trump gets both the Attorney General and the new Deputy Attorney General to legitimately review Comey’s unprofessional actions at the FBI and to recommend in writing that Trump terminate Comey. Somehow Comey goes to California (at the request of AG Sessions or already scheduled and someone at FBI telling Trump?).

Trump seizes the moment and acts. While Comey is in California, 3000 miles away and 7 hours from his office, Trump prepares a letter firing him (with Sessions and the Deputy AG recommendations attached). In the letter Trump states that he had been told 3 times by Comey that he (Trump) was not under investigation. The letter is hand-delivered to the FBI headquarters by DOJ officials to lock-down and seize everything in Comey’s office, including all surveillance files (“tapes”) of Trump and others. All of Comey’s files, docs, computers and “tapes” are taken to Sessions at DOJ. They are not taken to the Whitehouse or Trump, but to Sessions, who has every right to have them. Sessions can tell Trump that Comey had surveillance tapes of Trump that contradict what Comey has been telling Trump, and perhaps tapes of conversations with other swamp “conspirators.” But Trump does not have them personally or at the Whitehouse.

Comey learns he has been fired when the media broadcasts it in California. He had no idea it was coming and he is ticked. On cue, the Democrat politicians and media begin screaming about Trump’s “interference with the Russia investigation” in accordance with the plan to set up Trump for that charge. The Swamp wants to blow up the Russia narrative using Comey, and Comey is set to testify before Congress to try to hurt Trump by saying he was interfering with the FBI investigation. Comey intends to follow through with the plan to take down Trump.

But because of his brilliant timing on this, Trump has Comey’s files, documents and information safely with Sessions at DOJ. Trump sends out a “crazy” tweet that says: “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.”

The media and the politicians go crazy about the “inappropriateness” of this tweet. They accuse Trump of “taping” everyone at the White House (forgetting that the Presidents phone calls with foreign leaders have been “taped” without his knowledge.)

Notice that Trump did not say he taped anyone, or that he has any tapes at the White House. It seem apparent that Trump is telling Comey that the DOJ (who has every legal right to possess it) has the surveillance information and files from Comey’s office, the “tapes” obtained and kept by Comey. Comey and all the Swamp Creatures understand the clear message… their plan has failed and Trump’s DOJ is now holding all the cards.

The whole Russia interference scheme crashes and burns. While the mouthpiece media, Hollywood and the insane fringe continue to scream about Russia and Comey being fired, the politicians who will soon be in the crosshairs of a legitimate (and ticked) FBI and DOJ are starting to fall strangely silent. Comey realizes all the leverage is with Trump and that he will be lucky if he is not added to the Clinton Death List because of his knowledge (better not take any baths near an electrical outlet or get on any airplanes).

Comey tells Congress he will not testify and writes a public letter to the FBI accepting his firing and telling them he does not want to discuss why or how he was terminated. Senator Grassley and Senator Feinstein (she must be covering her butt in fear …) issue public statements confirming that Comey told them that the “Russia Investigation” does not involve President Trump personally.

AG Sessions and his Deputy AG use the Comey trove of information to determine who has been part of the Comey Syndicate at the FBI. They will be appointing an “interim” Director of the FBI shortly who has not been compromised by Comey, Clinton or Obama. That “interim” Director does not have to be approved by Congress or anyone, and can immediately begin cleaning house at the FBI of all Comey/Clinton/Obama minions, initiating investigations of the Clintons, Clinton Fund, violations of intelligence confidentiality laws by Susan Rice and Obama, human trafficking in DC, political corruption… draining the Swamp. Using the Comey files they can be fairly certain they are not getting another Comey as an “interim”, and they do not have to wait for the circus of appointing a new permanent “Director” through Congressional approval. Most of the heavy lifting on rooting out FBI corruption and starting investigations into the swamp will be done by the “interim” before a new director is appointed. I suspect the Trump administration hopes the approval FBI Director process will be slow and tedious, so there is no political interference with the housecleaning that is starting. 

Dearborn, Michigan Muslim Preacher Linked to Massacre on the London Bridge

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 7, 2017: Op Ed # 353

Ahmed Musa Jubril, Esq., a convicted felon who served 7 years in prison, is 46 years old.  Ahmed Musa Jubril is the Radical Islamic Terrorist Imam of a Dearborn, Michigan Mosque; he is called the “Preacher of Hate.”  The hateful teachings on his Jihadist Web site includes YouTube videos.  


The teachings of Ahmed Musa Jubril “inspired” one of the three Radical Islamic Terrorists---Khuram But (27 from Pakistani), Rashid Redouanne (30 from Morocco & Libya), and Youssef Zayhba (22 from Morocco), who killed 7 pedestrians and wounded over 50 others on the London Bridge on June 3, 2017; 18 of their victims remain in the hospital in critical condition.  


The three Radical Islamic Terrorists ran pedestrians down with the white van they leased, then when the van crashed to a full stop, they stabbed pedestrians and cut their throats with long knives, while yelling “Allah Akbar.”  The leader of the three terrorist, Khuram But, had ties with radical Imam Anjem Choudary who preached hate in a London Mosque.


Ahmed Musa Jubril , the “Preacher of Hate” should be charged with supporting terrorism, encouraging the oppression of non-believers, and promoting sedition with Muslims worshipping in his Mosque in Dearborn, and with followers on the Internet who watch his YouTube videos and visit his Web site. Mosques where Imams like Ahmed Musa Jubril are preaching hate are creating a serious problem for the future security of the Republic.


In the last 8 years the number of Mosques built in the United States have doubled from about 1500 to about 3000, and foreign trained Imams immigrated to the United States to preach in those Mosques.  A percentage of those foreign trained Imams are radicals who also preach hate, like Ahmed Musa Jubril and Anwar al-Awlaki (the Al Q’ieda Imam killed by a hellfire missile in Yemen).  Radical Imams preaching hate should be charged and deported to their countries of origin. 


The FBI is evaluating over 2000 open cases of Radical Islamic Terrorist plots to attack American citizens in all 50 states; in just one year, the number of FBI terrorist cases has doubled from 1000 to 2000+.  

To date, 100 ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorist plots against the United States have been broken up by the FBI, resulting in the arrest and conviction of over 180 Muslim refugees, descendants of Muslim refugees, radicalized Islamic Terrorists, and citizens from the 6 nations harboring Radical Islamic Terrorists.   

Former Director of the FBI, James Comey, said fifteen percent (15%) of the 2000 terrorist plots under investigation by the FBI (roughly 300) intending to kill Americans, can be attributed to be coming from the 900,000+ Middle East and African Muslim Refugees Obama resettlement in 187 cities throughout the US over the last 8 years.  Obama refused to allow the FBI to interrogate those 900,000+ Muslim Refugees to determine if they had terrorist ties.   


Since 9/11 there has been 197 Radical Islamic Terrorists attacks on US soil perpetrated, by Radical Islamic Terrorists, many Muslim Refugees from the 6 countries the President is trying to put a temporary hold on, descendants of Muslim Refugees, radical Jihadists who traveled to Syria and Africa to train with ISIS & Al Q’ieda, members of CAIR who are in federal prison, members of the Muslim Brotherhood who are in federal prison, and members of Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups.  


In the last 8 years, Radical Islamic Terrorist perpetrated 86 of the 197 terrorist attacks on US soil in Sacramento (CA), Houston (TX), Morganton (NC), Philadelphia (PA), San Bernardino (CA), Times Square (NYC), Chelsea Area of Manhattan, Moore (OK), Detroit (MI), Boise (ID), Orlando (FL), Mount Pleasant (NJ), West Orange (NJ), Fort Hood (TX), Portland (ME), Chattanooga (TN), Garland (TX), Boston (MA), Portland (OR), Minneapolis (MN), St Cloud (MN), Buffalo (NY), Jonesboro (GA), Ashtabula (OH), Bingham (NY), Glendale (AZ), Phoenix (AZ), Little Rock (AR), Merced (CA), Marquette Park (IL), Fresno (CA), Seattle (WA), Skyway (WA), Denver (CO), Aspen Hill (MD), Baltimore (MD), Oakland (CA), Fresno (Arlington (VA), Fredricksburg (VA), Montgomery County (MO), St Louis (MO), Bowling Green (KY), Scottsville,(NY), Richmond (CA), Washington (DC), Irving (TX), Port Bolivar (TX), Warren (MI), Waltham (MA), Manassas (VA), Buena Vista (NJ), Baton Rouge (LA), Montgomery (AL), Aberdeen, (SD), Chicago (IL), Los Angeles (CA), Hamden, (CT), Cincinnati (OH), Colorado Springs (CO), Denver (CO), Niskayuna (NY), Twin Falls (ID). and many other US cities too numerous to be listed here. 


The countries of origins from which many of the Radical Islamic Terrorists have been entering the US through the UN Refugee Resettlement Program, and have been killing and raping Americans for 8 years, are from Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and Libya.  Except for Iran, those countries have no control over the identity of Radical Islamic Terrorists operating and training within their country’s borders.  Seventy-six of the Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks that took place in US cities in the last 8 years were covered up by the Obama administration, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood, and with the collusion of the left of center liberal media establishment.

The politically correct approach followed by the Obama administration over the last 8 years, turning a blind eye to Radical Islamic Imams who preach hate, must cease.  Aggressive action must be taken to identify all the Imams who preach hate like Anwar Al-Awlaki, Anjem Choudary, and Ahmed Musa Jubril; they are disciples of hate, responsible for radicalizing Jihadists  who then murder non-believers in planned Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks.  Those Imams should be charged with supporting terrorism & sedition, and should be deported to the countries of origin.

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   



Michigan 'preacher of hate' inspired 1 attacker
Published: 06/05/2017


People who knew the jihadists who struck Saturday with long knives against defenseless London diners saw something, and they said something. But the British government did nothing.

In fact, one of the three attackers was reported to authorities for following the teachings of a known radical sheik based in Dearborn, Michigan.

Dearborn is home to the largest Arab-American community in the U.S.

According to the London Telegraph, a former friend of one of the three dead London suspects claimed one of the attackers had been radicalized while watching Dearborn cleric Ahmad Musa Jibril’s YouTube videos, and he said he contacted authorities after becoming concerned about his friend’s Islamist views.

The Telegraph described the Dearborn sheik as “infamous American hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril.”

The former friend of the London jihadist said: “We spoke about a particular attack that happened and, like most radicals, he had a justification for anything and everything. And that day, I realized I needed to contact the authorities.”

He added: “He used to listen to a lot of Musa Jibril. I have heard some of this stuff, and it’s very radical. I am surprised this stuff is still on YouTube and is easily accessible. I phoned the anti-terror hotline. I spoke to the gentleman. I told him about our conversation and why I think he was radicalized.”

The suspected attacker was not arrested and was allowed to keep his passport.

“I did my bit, I know a lot of other people did their bit, but the authorities did not do their bit,” the friend said.

The former friend, who was not identified at the request of police, told the BBC he contacted police after comments the man made about previous attacks by other jihadists. But, according to the Telegraph, he said the authorities took no action “despite evidence of increasingly extremist views.”

On his website, Jubril, 46, has a smattering of teaching videos and invites non-Muslims to convert to Islam.

In one video, he teaches that Muslims will not achieve success unless the entire ummah (global Muslim community) is united in obeying Allah’s commands for Shariah law.

“Look at the submission to Allah on this earth, the Shariah of Allah in this earth, how it’s implemented and in accordance to that, the victory comes from the heavens. Simple, simple and clear. We never achieve victory through power in numbers, never. We will always achieve our victories and success through Allah.”

In the above video, the “enemy” is clearly presented as the non-Muslim world, which Jubril refers to as “the lowest people.”

A 2014 report by the London-based International Center of the Study for Radicalization and Political Violence described Jibril, a Palestinian-American cleric born in Dearborn and another Western-based cleric, Musa Cerantonio, as “important figures whose political, moral and spiritual messages are considered attractive to a number of foreign fighters.” The terrorists followed the two imams on social media.

“Their popularity is also reflected on Twitter, where they are followed by 60 and 23 percent of foreign fighters, respectively, and is particularly strong among groups like ISIS, whose members provide a majority of their likes and follows.”

Amazingly, the London-based center’s report concluded, “None of this should suggest that either individual is a member of ISIS or Jabhat al-Nusrah, nor should it be taken as indicating that they are involved in facilitating the recruitment of foreign fighters.”

The Detroit News reports that in 2005, Ahmad Jibril and his father, Musa Abdallah Jibril, 66, were convicted on 42 counts of an indictment charging them with bank fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and other counts. Ahmad Jibril was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison; his father was sentenced to four years and 10 months. Federal authorities accused the Jibrils of buying 13 homes and two apartment buildings in the Detroit area since 1988 and insuring them for far more than they were worth.

Criminal background

The father-and-son team were accused of defrauding six local banks of more than $250,000.

The government entered into the court record a “Supplemental Sentencing Memorandum” that stated that a family photo album seized during the investigation contained “photos of Ahmad as a teenager dressed as a mujahid … (and) photos of very young children holding apparently real firearms, ‘playing’ at holding each other hostage and aiming the weapons at each other’s heads,” according to the report by International Center of the Study for Radicalization and Political Violence.

The memorandum also revealed that Ahmad Musa Jibril was running a Salafi website ( at the time of his arrest that “contained a library of fanatically anti-American sermons by militant Islamic clerics, in English and in Arabic.”

In March 2015, a federal judge in Detroit ordered Jibril to testify about his finances, days before his supervised probation was set to expire.

During a hearing in U.S. District Court, Chief Judge Gerald Rosen ordered Jibril to testify under oath about the source of his income. Jibril cited his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and remained silent.

During the 2015 court proceedings, Jibril’s attorney, Rita Chastang, said, “There is no evidence he is hiding assets.”

The Saturday assault unfolded when a rented van veered off the road and barreled into pedestrians on busy London Bridge. Three men then got out of the vehicle with large knives and attacked people at bars and restaurants in nearby Borough Market until the attackers were shot dead by police.

‘This is for Allah’

“They went, ‘This is for Allah,’ and they had a woman on the floor. They were stabbing her,” witness Gerard Vowls said.

Florin Morariu, a Romanian chef who works in the Bread Ahead bakery, said he saw people running and some fainting. Then two people approached another person and “began to stick the knife in … and then I froze and I didn’t know what to do.”

He said he managed to get near one attacker and “hit him around the head” with a bread basket.

“There was a car with a loudspeaker saying ‘go, go’ and they (police) threw a grenade. … and then I ran,” he said.

London police said officers killed the three jihadists within eight minutes of arriving at the scene. Eight officers fired some 50 rounds, said Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley.

Obama Administration Illegally Spied on Americans for Years

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 5, 2017: Op Ed # 352

The unprecedented and reckless illegal spying and surveillance of Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign under the direction of the Obama administration has been unmasked.  

This is the first time in 241 years, a TREASONOUS plot to bring down the duly elected President of the United States and disenfranchise every American who voted for him, had been plotted for 7 months.  The TREASONOUS plot was entered into by a sinister group of individuals and organization under the leadership and guidance of Nazi Sympathizer George Soros and Obama’s Organization For America.  They refuse to accept the fact that the President of the United States was duly elected by the Electoral College, as every other US President in history.  

The sinister group of individuals and organizations include, but are not limited to John Brennan, Nazi collaborator Georg Soros, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Obama, CAIR, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez, the Communist Party USA, The Nation of Islam, La Raza, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Weather Underground, the Organization For America, and the Muslim Brotherhood working daily to bring down the duly elected President of the United States.

The below listed article exposes the illegal searches of metadata of known Americans by the Obama administration, that had more than tripled between 2013 and 2016.  Illegal searches, in violation of the US Constitutional rights of thousands of Americans, increased from 9,500 in 2013 to 30,355 in 2016.  In 2016, those whom the Obama administration spied on include Donald Trump, the Trump Presidential campaign staff, the Trump transition team, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Lindsey Graham, and it was reported in national news outlets that Obama spied on members of the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and some members of Congress.  

If there were ever a need for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the violation of the Constitutional rights of over 30,000 Americans, this is where one is needed.  Unfortunately, Comey did nothing to investigate this very serious violation of Federal Law.

James Clapper perjured himself when he testified before Congress by stating that American citizens were not being spied upon.  On January 15, 2016, he testified before Congress that there was no evidence of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign, and there was no evidence that Russia affected or changed the votes in any state during the Presidential election.  That fact has been conveniently ignored by the left of center liberal media establishment for 11 months, keep promoting the lie that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign.

The only known and documented “federal crime” committed by an individual or individuals linked to Russia, that the Obama Justice Department was fully aware of, was a violation of the Espionage Act of 1917 by one or more members of the Obama administration.  That individual or individuals unmasked the identity of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, violating his Constitutional rights, by exposing as many as 1200 conversations that were intercepted of LTG Flynn on SIGNIT (Signal Intelligence), and this individual or individuals in the Obama administration, shared the intercepted information with The Washington Post.  


For 11 months, that “federal crime,” repeated as many as 1200 times, were never investigated by James Comey, despite the fact that most probably there were only “three individuals” who would have had access to the SIGNIT interception, that was used to unmask LTG Flynn.  The violator or violators of the Espionage Act of 1917 who unmasked LTG Flynn could have been easily determined in a few days, simply by requiring the three suspects in the Obama administration to take a polygraph examination.  


The other “federal crime” that persisted for four years that the left of center liberal media establishment has been conveniently ignoring, and Comey gave Hillary a pass on in July 2016, was: “The massive cover-up to conceal the violation of the Espionage Act of 1917 by both Mrs. Clinton and President Obama for using a server that did not have an “Authority to Operate” designation.  According to FBI reports, more than 2,000 classified E-mails, as well as several hundred Special Access Programs, were transmitted over this unsecured server.  Further, Mr. Obama, using a pseudonym, reportedly transmitted E-mails over this unauthorized server, which meant that he was complicit in knowing it was being used without proper authority.  Both of them, therefore, appear complicit in setting it up in violation of the Espionage Act.”(Adm J. A. Lyons Op Ed “The Great Democratic Deception” of May 2, 2017).  


The left of center liberal media establishment has also been ignoring the “Real Russian Collusion” that is probably a “federal crime,” that was not acted upon by James Comey.  The “Real Russian Collusion” that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, entered into with Putin, was that she authorized the transfer of 20% of all of the United States uranium production to Russia (the transfer of US assets requires the approval of the Secretary of State).  Following the transfer, the Clinton Foundation received a donation of $145 million, and Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech to a Russian bank.  


In addition, the Director of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, John Podesta, was given a substantial amount of stock, and he & his brother were appointed to the Board of Directors of Joule, Ltd, a Russian front company controlled by Putin; Putin transferred $35 million into Joule, Ltd after Podesta joined the Board.  Ask yourself whether Secretaries of States John Foster Dulles, Dean Rusk, William Rogers, Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz, James Baker, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and Rex Tillerson would have ever authorized the transfer 20% of the United States uranium production to Russia, and if any of them would have taken a payment of $145 million for the transfer of the uranium to Russia.


The unmasking of American citizens increased near the end of the Obama administration.  Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, was caught lying about her involvement in the unmasking  of Trump campaign officials.  Subsequently in her statement on April 4th she said that the electronic surveillance of the Trump campaign did take place, however she refuses to testify before Congress about it.  Therefore Congress subpoenaed  Susan Rice, along with John Brennan, and Samantha Powers, to get them to testify about unmasking the identities of American citizens associated with the Trump Presidential campaign and the Trump transition team.

The leaks of highly classified intelligence information by holdovers from the Obama administration in the intelligence community are being  made, week after week, to the left of center liberal media establishment.  It is suspected that John Brennan recruited left-wingers, members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and members of CAIR to fill political positions in the CIA.  It is also suspected that he modified previous highly stringent requirements, used to screen potential employees before they can be hired, so he could appoint less qualified individuals, to positions where they would have access to very sensitive compartmented classified information.  A number of Brenan’s political appointees eventually converted their political appointive positions to career positions.  Once those left-wing activists and MB members were in position, they could present their politicized judgments as “non-partisan,” under the cover of being professionals in intelligence at the CIA.  Those appointees are suspected of leaking political espionage aimed at taking down the President of the United States; they should be exposed through polygraph exams.       

One of the corrupt appointees to a very senior CIA position, approved by Brennan, was Mike Morell, Deputy Director of the CIA.  Following the Radical Islamic attack, he refused to consider the reports of 32 Americans, including the CIA operators, who witnessed the Radical Islamic Terrorist attack on September 11, 2011; instead he relied on incomplete assessments by CIA Analysts in Washington who hadn’t witnessed the attack.  He discounted the CIA Station Chief in Libya, Hunter Stevens’ Official Report.  Morell used his heavy hand to make massive and unauthorized edits to the CIA Station Chief in Libya’s Report.  Morell made those unauthorized changes to make the report fit with the false narrative that a YouTube video that never aired in Libya, prompted a demonstration that went bad.  

Morell modified the CIA Station Chief’s narrative on Benghazi attack, and submitted it to Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton Chief of Staff at the State Department, for her approval.  He kept making one change after another to eliminate Hillary’s State Department from looking bad.  Morell altered the report on the attack by inserting the lie that the riot was the result of YouTube video that no one in Libya had viewed.  He further eliminated multiple references to repeated warnings that the CIA gave to the State Department about the imminent attack on the US Mission, changed “terrorists” to “demonstrators,” eliminated multiple references to Al Q’ieda throughout the report, eliminated the statement “Attackers were not an escalation of a demonstration,” and kept modifying the CIA Station’s Report, until Hillary was finally satisfied with the corrupted report that was full of misleading statements.  

When US Senators heard from CIA Operators who were in Benghazi during the attack, that Morell altered the CIA Station Chiefs Report, he was immediately summoned to a Senate hearing.  Morell “lied” and told the Senators  that the FBI made the alterations to the CIA Station Chiefs’ Report—the FBI was infuriated!!  Morell backed down when confronted by the FBI,and admitted he made the unauthorized changes.  We do not know how many other liars, leftists, members of CAIR, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood that were appointed by Brenan to highly sensitive positions in the CIA.  It is suspected that those individuals are making unauthorized leaks to the press to unseat the President of the US.

Congress will be holding investigative hearings on the “False Russian Scandal,” to determine if the FBI probed a computer server connected to Trump Tower, if secret warrants were issued authorizing intercepts of Donald Trump and his campaign staff’s communications, how many American citizens were unmasked by intercepting SIGNIT in violation of US Constitutional protection, and to determine who is making the leaks of highly sensitive intelligence to the left of center liberal media to damage President Donald Trump.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Security Agency (NSA) for information about Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s communications with the two agencies concerning the alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, the hacking of DNC computers, the suspected communications between Russia and Trump campaign/transition officials, and the unmasking of the identities of any U.S. citizens associated with the Trump presidential campaign or transition team who were identified pursuant to intelligence collection activities Judicial Watch vs US Department of Justice and National Security Administration. (No. 1:17-cv-01002)). (Judicial Watch Weekly Report , May 27,2017)

The pompously left of center liberal media establishment has been employing the Communist propaganda principle—“the bigger the lie, if repeated often enough, will be believed!”  The left of center liberal media continues to promote the “False Russian Lie” day after day, with no basis in fact, that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton.  

Historians will look back on 2016 & 2017 and will marvel at the audacity of the “big lie,” and whispers of an ”imaginary” Trump-Russia collusion, promoted by the left of center liberal media establishment and the above listed sinister group of leftist and progressive organizations colluding to cover up the real TREASONOUS scandal---their attempt to disenfranchise over 62 million Americans who voted for President Donald J. Trump.  

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  
Obama Administration Illegally Spied on Americans for Years

Even after Edward Snowden revealed improper surveillance by the NSA, the practice continued and even increased.
By Rachel Alexander Published on June 2, 2017

Once top-secret documents reveal that the Obama administration routinely violated Americans’ privacy while conducting “overseas” surveillance over the past five years. John Solomon and Sara Carter at
 Circa obtained a ruling issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on April 26 denouncing the practice. The FISA court is the secret judicial body that oversees surveillance.

The court learned that the NSA was conducting large numbers of prohibited searches of databases. The administration did not disclose the surveillance until then. It had to do that to meet a court deadline for renewing surveillance authority. The requirement is part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

More than 5 percent of the upstream searches violated data privacy safeguards.

The Circa exposé found that more than 5 percent of the upstream searches violated data privacy safeguards. The Obama administration had said it would follow those safeguards in 2011. Instead, surveillance increased by 300 percent.

Defying a Court Ruling

This increase defied a 2011 FISA court ruling. The court said the NSA had to find ways to limit what it collects and how long the data is kept. The FISA court realized at the time the collection was a problem. Searches were being done for the names of U.S. citizens in the databases.

The FISA court also revised the rules that year to prohibit these types of searches without a warrant. No longer could intelligence agencies search on an American’s email address or phone number. But the practice continued to occur after 2011. Not just a few times, but routinely and extensively. Some of those searches took place from the White House. Two years later, Edward Snowden disclosed what was going on.

The FISA court accused the NSA of “an institutional lack of candor.” The ruling called the searches a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue.” The monitoring required no warrant, reasonable suspicion or probable cause. Without those checks, the agency pursued a practice of unconstitutional search and seizure. Part of the opinion, which would have revealed the full extent of the surveillance, was blacked out.

In a responsive notice filed January 3, 2017, the NSA claimed the thousands of improper searches were due to “human error” and “system design issues.”

In April, the director of National Intelligence issued a report on the intelligence community’s use of data gathering techniques and its compliance with the FISA process. In 2016, there were 5,288 occasions where the NSA searched for an American in its database. This was a slight increase over the number of those searches in 2015.

Upstream and Downstream Data Collection

However, searches for the metadata of known Americans more than tripled between 2013 and 2016. Searches increased from 9,500 in 2013 to 30,355 in 2016. That was the year the Obama administration may have spied on the Trump campaign,

Section 702 of FISA authorizes both “upstream” and “downstream” collection of data. Upstream refers to data moving through massive data highways within the U.S. Downstream  collection snags data as it’s leaving the country. About 9 percent of the data NSA collects comes from upstream searches. In the process, the NSA sweeps up large numbers of emails. They are then stored in vast databases.

The surveillance is for monitoring foreign agents outside of the U.S. (The FBI is responsible for monitoring foreign agents within the U.S.) The FISA court requires “minimization” procedures. This means “masking” the identity of any American incidentally monitored.

The masked version is what is shared with other intelligence agencies. Intelligence officials may unmask the name if they thinks they need to do so to understand the data better.

Unmasking increased at the end of the Obama administration. Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice was caught lying about her involvement in unmasking Trump campaign officials. She refuses to testify to Congress about it.

In 2016, the NSA collected 151 million phone records.

Congress passed The USA Freedom Act in 2016 to curtail bulk surveillance. But in 2016, the NSA collected 151 million phone records.

The FISA court also had harsh words for the FBI. This is due to the agency disclosing raw surveillance data to sectors of its bureaucracy “largely staffed by private contractors.” It went “went well beyond what was necessary to respond to the FBI’s requests.” The bureau discontinued the practice on April 18, 2016.

Where to Go From Here

The NSA decided on March 20 that it will no longer monitor communications of people who merely mention a foreign intelligence target. Instead, the agency will limit collection to communications between someone and a target. The agency asserts it will delete “the vast majority” of the information it collected through the previous method. The change was announced publicly on April 28, two days after the FISA court’s ruling.

Civil liberties hawk Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said if this information is accurate, this story “will dwarf all other stories.” It constitutes “an enormous abuse of power.”

The watch dog organization Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the DOJ and the NSA requesting records relating to the unmasking of Trump campaign officials, including former National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s involvement.


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