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Senator Thomas Cotton
Thomas's Primary: 30 weeks 5 days ago

Senator Cotton is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Lee Zeldin
Lee's Primary: 6 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Zeldin is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman John Kline
Congressman John's Primary: 18 weeks 5 days ago

Kline is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator Mark Kirk
Mark's Primary: 39 weeks 5 days ago

Senator Kirk is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Senate

Senator John McCain
John's Primary: 16 weeks 5 days ago

Senator McCain is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Scott Perry
Scott's Primary: 30 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Perry is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Stivers
Steve's Primary: 32 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Stivers is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Kerry Bentivolio
Kerry's Primary: 19 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Bentivolio is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ron DeSantis
Ron's Primary: 16 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman DeSantis is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Jeffrey Denham
Jeffrey's Primary: 28 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Denham is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael Grimm
Michael's Primary: 25 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Grimm is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Tim Griffin
Tim's Primary: 30 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Griffin is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Joe Heck
Joe's Primary: 27 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Heck is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Jim Bridenstine
Jim's Primary: 25 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Bridenstine is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Adam Kinzinger
Adam 's Primary: 39 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Kinzinger is a combat veteran of the US Air National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Pearce
Steve's Primary: 28 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Pearce is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Chris Gibson
Chris's Primary: 25 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Gibson is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ryan Zinke
Ryan's Primary: 28 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Zinke is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Paul Broun
Paul's Primary: 22 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Broun is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Duncan Hunter
Duncan's Primary: 28 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Hunter is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael Coffman
Michael's Primary: 25 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Coffman is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Paul Cook
Paul's Primary: 28 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Cook is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Brad Wenstrup
Brad's Primary: 32 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Wenstrup is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Russell
Steve's Primary: 25 weeks 5 days ago

Congressman Russell is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives


Dishonorable Disclosure   


The Stars and Stripes

Special Operations for America

Special Operation Speaks

Spec Ops OPSEC 

“That pause before Combat, similar to General Washington on bended knee at Valley Forge”

US Marine Corps 


The Combat Veterans For Congress Political Action Committee is dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans For Congress. We seek Combat Veterans For Congress who believe in limited government, will rein in the out of control spending of Congress, are committed to preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution, and will support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights. We support Combat Veterans For Congress who are dedicated to promoting The Free Enterprise System creating the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind, provide for a strong national defense, and will endorse the teaching of U.S. history and the Founding Fathers’ core values in educational institutions. 

Path of The Warrior

Senator Goldwater Is Returned to Washington, DC

At a time in the history of our nation,  when the results of national Congressional elections of 2014 signaled a turn away from liberalism to Conservatism. it is wholly appropriate that the 1700 pound, 8 foot statue of the Father of the Conservative Movement in the United States, Senator Barry M. Goldwater, who earned the nick name “Mr Conservative,” will soon be installed in National Statuary Hall in the US Capital of the United States.  

By clicking on the below listed link, Senator Goldwater’s statue can be viewed being moved for shipment from the Capital Building in the State of Arizona, to the US Capital in Washington, DC to represent the State of Arizona.  Senator Barry Goldwater’s statue will be displayed in National Statuary Hall, one of the most popular rooms of the US Capital, and will be displayed among the statues of the most famous Founders Fathers of the Republic, and with many US Presidents.   


Senator Goldwater was truly a renaissance man, a humanitarian who pushed for desegregation of the US Armed Forces,, was very aggressive in maintaining the strength of the US Armed Forces, and in 1960  he Co-Authored “The Conscience of a Conservative.”.  Barry Goldwater was born in 1909; he served in the US Army Air Force during WWII (became a command pilot & eventually rose to the rank of a Brigadier General in the US Air Force Reserve), he ran his family’s department store chain until he decided to pursue a career in politics;   Senator Goldwater served 5 terms in the US Senate, won the Republican primary nomination to run for US President in 1964.. A notable quote that rings true today more than ever: “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!  And let me remind you that moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” (July 16, 1964).


In 1998, when the Senator passed away, he was accorded high US Military Honors during his funeral service in Phoenix, and was honored in a fly over by the US Air Force in a “Missing Man Formation.”  Senator Goldwater’s service was held on the campus of Arizona State, where he was a accorded the position of visiting Professor of Political Science following his retirement from the US Senate.  The service was attended by nearly every US Senator in the nation of both parties.  Senator Goldwater was an Honorary Chief of the Smoki people of Prescott, and was eulogized in their native tongue, by the Chief of that Indian Nation, by his son, Congressman Barry M. Goldwater, Jr., and others.  Cong Goldwater, Jr. was the first Congressman in history to serve in Congress with his father; he served in Congress with Senator Goldwater for 13 years. 

The installation of Senator Goldwater’s Statue in National Statuary Hall will be a memorable day for Congressman Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.(Ret), the Goldwater family, Conservatives Americans throughout the Republic, and for the 23 million Veterans throughout the nation who benefited greatly from the Senator’s 30 years of being a staunch advocate for their welfare, especially from 1985 to 1987 when Senator Goldwater was Chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee.   Congressman Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.(Ret) is a Co-Founder of the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC; his bio can be read on the Leadership page of the below listed Web site.


HIGH TREASON: FBI SPY Probe of Powerful Clinton Ally Robin Raphel

In the below listed article you can read how Robin Raphel, who was appointed to a number of important positions by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, subsequently committed High Treason.  Clinton’s extremely poor judgment in the appointment of Robin Raphael, and in her failure to protect the US Ambassador to Libya, two Navy SEALs , and a US Embassy Communications Expert in the Battle of Benghazi highlights the fact that she is a one woman wrecking ball.

HIGH TREASON: FBI SPY Probe of Powerful Clinton Ally Robin Raphel

Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, in FREEDOM OUTPOST

A longtime Clinton ally, assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs in the Clinton administration, former Ambassador to Tunisia and donor, Robin Raphel, is at the center of an FBI counterintelligence (spy) probe. She was a registered foreign agent for the Pakistani government up until just days before she was appointed to run the U.S. State Department’s Pakistan aid team ….. (read more)

American investigators intercepted a conversation this year in which a Pakistani official said that his government was receiving American secrets from a prominent former State Department diplomat, officials said, setting off an espionage investigation.

If this were a Republican (think Scooter Libby, who was falsely accused of a bogus leak to the press), the media would be all over this like white on rice. Instead, it has caused barely a ripple in the traitor press.

But the Indian media has been reporting on it closely. Raphel alienated our ally India and damaged our close relationship with that key ally when she recognized Pakistan’s jihad claims to Kashmir, changing longtime American policy.

In 1995, U.S. diplomat Robin Raphel was the toast of the State department. President Bill Clinton appointed her the first Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia (the post later included Central Asia), and she was known to be close to him and Hillary Clinton …. more here.

Between Huma Abedin, Robin Raphel, and Benghazi, former Sec of State Hillary Clinton became a one-woman American wrecking ball.

Robin Raphel, a veteran State Department diplomat and longtime Pakistan expert is under federal investigation as part of a counterintelligence probe and has had her security clearances withdrawn, according to U.S. officials.

The FBI searched the Northwest Washington home of Robin L. Raphel last month, and her State Department office was also examined and sealed, officials said. Raphel, a fixture in Washington’s diplomatic and think-tank circles, was placed on administrative leave last month, and her contract with the State Department was allowed to expire this week. (Washington Post)

The Republic is infiltrated with traitors like Robin Raphel, Marxists, and Communists appointees of Obama.

In 1993, President Clinton appointed Raphel as the first Assistant Secretary of State for a newly created position within the State Department[3] that would focus on a growing array of problems in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, including democratic stability, nuclear proliferation, energy access, Islamist and Taliban extremism, poverty and women’s rights issues.

Raphel was an early and adamant supporter of the Taliban.

She alienated our ally India in her “signature characterization of Kashmir” as “disputed territory,” a first in the annals of U.S. diplomacy, and it made her quick friends in Pakistan. Her predilections were obvious.

A second major policy directive that Raphel advocated and developed during her tenure was engagement and cooperation with the Taliban

Robin Lynn Raphel is a former American diplomat, Ambassador, CIA Analyst and an expert on Pakistan affairs.[1] Until November 2, 2014, she served as coordinator for non-military assistance to Pakistan, carrying on the work of the late Richard Holbrooke, whose AfPak team she joined in 2009.[2] In 1993, she was appointed by President Bill Clinton as the nation’s first Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, a newly created position at the time designed to assist the U.S. government in managing an increasingly complex region.

Robin Raphel later served as U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia from November 7, 1997 to August 6, 2000, during President Bill Clinton’s second term in office.

In the 2000s, Robin Raphel held a number of official positions related to her expertise on South Asia.

In 2009, Robin Raphel joined the Afghanistan-Pakistan task force known as AfPak, joining the late Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Special Representative for the Af-Pak region. Her focus was how to allocate U.S. resources committed under the proposed Kerry-Lugar Bill. That legislation was enacted in late 2009, tripling civilian U.S. aid to Pakistan to approximately $1.5 billion annually (Wikipedia)


“Raphel probe triggered by intercept of Pakistan official’s chat,” Indian Express (via the NY Times)| Washington | November 21, 2014 (thanks to Lookmann)

American investigators intercepted a conversation this year in which a Pakistani official suggested that his government was receiving American secrets from a prominent former State Department diplomat, officials said, setting off an espionage investigation that has stunned diplomatic circles here.

That conversation led to months of secret surveillance on the former diplomat, Robin L Raphel, and an FBI raid last month at her home, where agents discovered classified information, the officials said.

The investigation is an unexpected turn in a distinguished career that has spanned four decades. Raphel rose to become one of the highest-ranking female diplomats and a fixture in foreign policy circles, serving as ambassador to Tunisia and as assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs in the Clinton administration.

Raphel, 67, considered one of the leading American experts on Pakistan, was stripped of her security clearances last month and no longer has access to the State Department building .

Raphel has not been charged with a crime. The scope of the investigation is not known, and it is unclear exactly what the Pakistani official said in the intercepted conversation that led to suspicion about Raphel.

Still, the new details shed some light on the evidence that Justice Department prosecutors are weighing as they decide whether to bring charges. And they help explain why the FBI viewed the matter seriously enough to search her home and State Department office, steps that would bring the investigation into the open.

Raphel is among a generation of diplomats who rose through the ranks of the State Department at a time when Pakistan was among America’s closest allies and a reliable bulwark against the Soviet Union. After retiring from the government in 2005, she lobbied on behalf of the Pakistani government before accepting a contract to work as a State Department advisor.

While the FBI secretly watched Raphel in recent months, agents suspected that she was improperly taking classified information home from the State Department, the officials said. Armed with a warrant, the agents searched her home in a prosperous neighbourhood near the Maryland border with Washington, and found classified information, the officials said.

Andrew Rice, a spokesman for Raphel, said: “Nothing has changed for Ambassador Raphel. She has not been told she is the target of an investigation, and she has not been questioned.”

In a sign of the seriousness of the case, Raphel has hired Amy Jeffress, a lawyer who until recently was one of the Justice Department’s top national security prosecutors. Jeffress served as a counsellor to Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr on security matters, as the Justice Department’s attaché to London, and as chief of national security at the United States Attorney’s Office in Washington. She joined the law firm Arnold & Porter this year. Jeffress declined to comment.

While the US and Pakistan remain allies in the war on terrorism, tensions between the two countries have been frequently strained. American officials suspect Pakistan of supporting the Taliban and believe Pakistan has dispatched several double agents to collect intelligence from the US government. Pakistani officials bristle continued…

Bill Whittle on "The Real Race War"

By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to Bill Whittle, as he reveals the truth about the “Real Race War” that has been going on for 6 years.  The race riots that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri  were instigated by progressive and communist demonstrators who were bussed into Ferguson from New York.  The lawless street demonstrations were not spontaneous, they were premeditated, and initiated to inflict chaos, uncertainty, and danger.  The Street demonstrations were right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook; and are criminal activities designed to destroy everything in their paths, especially the “truth.”  

The organizations and individuals who have been using opposition to the two Grand Jury decisions, to try to dismantle the nations legal cultural foundation and the authority of local police forces, are: the New Black Panther Party, the Weatherman Underground, SIEU, The Communist Party USA, the Black Guerilla Family, Amnesty International, the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Valerie Jaret, disciples of Saul Alinsky employed in the Obama administration, and many of George Soros funded leftist & Marxist organizations (“This Stops Today” ,“The Unified Committee For Police Reform”, ”Black Lives Matter“, “Operation Ferguson”. “We Copwatch”, etc.).  

One of the goals of the progressives and communists is to employ lawless street demonstrations, similar to those often seen in European civil strife, to overload the local police forces & courts, and to indefinitely continue prolonged racial conflict (the current street demonstrations began in August).  The end goal is to drastically change the law and order systems of the Republic, make local police forces less effective, and change the perception of criminal destructive street demonstrations to make them an acceptable political act with no consequences to the demonstrators.  The lawless street demonstrations are also providing cover and taking attention away from (1) the illegal release of 16 very dangerous terrorist from Gitmo (Obama has now designated those terrorists refugees), and (2) Obama’s violation of Federal Immigration Laws & the US Constitution when he authorized the issuance of social security numbers and work permits to 5 million illegal aliens.


Ferguson and the Real Race War  

This racial divide has been perpetrated for 6 years by the progressives and organizations listed above, and is being coordinated by the Saul Alinsky disciples in the Obama administration.  The progressives and communists are not trying to achieve justice by their criminal behavior, they are trying to dismantle the law and order culture of the nation.  Although Obama has a unique historic opportunity to defuse the on-going racial strife, as Martin Luther King once did,  he does not intend to do so, or he would have condemned the criminal street activities and named the organizations instigating racial strife during a major address to the nation from the Oval Office.  It has been reprehensible that Obama has taken sides to further divide the country along racial lines—he and Holder are only criticizing the police and the courts, not the criminal activities in minority neighborhoods where police are called by residents to enter those neighborhoods to quell criminal acts.  

Obama and Holder should explain to the minority communities, that their perception of black deaths at the hands of Police Officers are wrong.  It is a fact that 99.3% of the 11,000 daily encounters American citizens have with Police Officers are non-fatal encounters---0.7% of all annual arrests by police officers escalate into the requirement to employ of deadly force, often because criminals are attacking Police Officers or physically resisting arrest.  According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, an average of 1.2 million crimes occur every year, and in the last decade there were 58,261 assaults on Law Enforcement Officers, and since 1791, there have been over 20,000 Law Officers killed in the line of duty.  The FBI reported that there were 404 incidents of justifiable homicide by US Law Enforcement Officers last year, 123 of them were with black Americans, out of a population of 43 million blacks, while in the same year blacks killed over 4000 other blacks in their communities.  Annually, 150 US Law Enforcement Officers are killed in the line of duty (more than justifiable homicides of blacks).  

The focus of the demonstrations has been against two Grand Jury decisions which found two white Police Officer not guilty in the death of two black criminals.  The conflicts occurred when two white Police Officers tried to arrest two known black criminals; both men physically resisted arrest in the street.  Because both men failed to heed the lawful orders of the Police Officers and physically resisted repeated attempts to arrest them, what could have been a peaceful arrest and the release of both known criminals after they were booked at the police station, the attempted arrests escalated into deadly force encounters with Police Officers. 

One black criminal in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown, was high on drugs, had robbed a convenience store, then roughed up the proprietor of the convenience store, when a Police Officer was dispatched to deal with the robbery brown beat him in his car, then Brown tried to take the Police Officer’s gun, Brown refused to obey repeated lawful orders issued by the Police Officer, Brown then charged the officer a second time, and was shot to death.  It was not a racial motivated event; 5 black witnesses stated Brown charged the Police Officer and did not raise both hands as if he were surrendering.

The other criminal, Eric Garner, had 31 previous arrests over a 30 year period.  Garner was a very large man who towered over the 5 police officers who were called in by merchants on Staten Island, New York; they wanted the police to stop Garner from selling individual cigarettes outside their stores where the merchants only sold cigarettes by the pack.  Garner refused to obey repeated lawful orders by the Police Officers to cease & desist so they could peacefully handcuff him, and Garner physically resisted repeated attempts by the 5 Police Officer’s to arrest him. The standoff escalated into a deadly force incident, when one officer tried to do a take down around Garner’s neck, so he could be finally handcuffed; Garner said he couldn’t breathe and died at the scene. If a Taser had been employed against a very large man, instead of employing a take-down hold, the results of the second arrest might have turned out differently.  There has been no proof that the arrest was racially motivated, and Garner’s wife and daughter made public comments to that effect.  

In a one way approach to both incidents, Obama and Holder have stated that the police have to be retrained. What they should be saying is that the youth in minority neighborhoods should be made aware that if a Police Officer states he intends to affect an arrest, the place to fight the charge is not in a physical confrontation in the street with the Police Officer, the place to fight what may be viewed as an unwarranted arrest  is in the courts with the aid of an public defender. Obama and Holder should be calling for indoctrination of minority youth who lack male supervision in their single family homes. The youth should be informed that injuries and deaths occur between civilians and Police Officers, for the most part, not because Police Officers have a power problem, but because civilians are breaking the law. 

Unfortunately, until there is not a balanced approach to the racial conflict, the conflict will not end.  Unless Obama and Holder criticize the lawlessness and the high crime in minority neighborhoods, that nervous police officers are forced to enter, when they are called by residents because of shootings/robberies/drug deals/murders/domestic disputes, the racial strife and deadly attacks against whites and police officers will continue.  It has been difficult to promote racial healing and harmony while Obama and Holder continue to promote racial division in their continuing attack on Police Officers and Grand Juries.  The violent street demonstrations in Ferguson escalated into the firebombing of businesses, torching of automobiles, burning of American Flags, and have resulted into repeated beatings and the murder of innocent white men and women by black assailants.  

On December 6th, a 26-year-old white Bosnian woman was dragged out of her car early in the morning by three black thugs brandishing a gun; they broke here windshield with a crow bar, threw her on the ground and kicked her in the same South St Louis neighborhood where, last week, a white Bosnian man, Semir Begic, was bludgeoned to death with hammers by four black assailants.  The Bosnian man had stopped his car because it was being repeatedly hit with hammers; when he exited his vehicle to determine why they were damaging his car, he was beaten to death with those hammers by the four black assailants.  Police are investigating the attacks as possible hate crimes, because the 26 year old female victim who was beaten on December 6th said the three black assailants beating her asked her if she was also a Bosnian during their attack. In the same vicinity of Ferguson, Seldon Dzananovic, a white man aged 24, was attacked while walking down the street by black teens wilding hammers; he was able to fight them off while running away from them.  Also in Ferguson, an elderly white man on his way to his car, was beaten with the oxygen tank he needs to help him breathe, by a black mob, then his car was stolen, and he was run over with his car.  .  

The “first step” to create havoc in the streets by progressives, in a number of premeditated lawless steps, was to promote continued lawless and prolonged street demonstrations.  The “second more dangerous step”, is to spread a number of lies to the demonstrators; that there is an epidemic of Police Officer brutality against blacks, that the flawed justice system in the nation doesn’t protect blacks, and that the US Justice system can’t be trusted or obeyed any longer.  This “second step” has been well-orchestrated to destabilize law and order throughout the Republic, and the leaders of the demonstrations are calling for violence against Police Officers.  The blatant lie now being promoted by Saul Alinsky progressives in the streets is that Police Officers are now hunting down and killing black men  In response, the Black Guerrilla Family is now gunning for off duty police officers in New York; all off duty New York Police Officers have been cautioned to carry their weapons at all times, wear their bullet proof vests, and carry extra magazines for their weapons.


Since August, the Police Force in Ferguson and the Missouri State Police have found it virtually impossible to engage in civil discussions, or explain their crowd control methods to leaders in the minority community.  They Police Chief has been refuting claims that Police Officers are trying to kill black men, but Holder continues in flame the situation and has threaten the police force in Ferguson.  The progressive leaders led by Al Sharpton do not want to defuse the situation and refuse to tell their followers that the police will support and protect peaceful demonstrations.  If there were racial harmony, there would be no need for the power bases of leaders like Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, and other progressives, and there would be no need for their federal funding. 


The progressives with the help of the Obama administration, have now moved the conflict to a “third step” in their process of destabilizing law and order in the Republic. The “third step” is to try to rein in local Police Power and effect national control over local police forces, so the nation will only be left with little more than many local police forces, controlled by a central federal police task force.  The goal is to change the current tried and true civilian control of local police forces by local elected officials, to instead to be effectively controlled by the federal government.  The Obama administration, has begun its campaign to try to eliminate the localized servant-to-the-people-type police departments that currently exist in communities throughout the nation, and will try to have strings attached to the issuance of military surplus equipment, to the funding for body cameras for individual Police Officers, and the federal funding for local police forces.   The attempt by Holder to establish specific criteria for local police departments has already begun; Holder has already announced that he intends to prevent local police forces from profiling potential criminals & their activity, he has already announced that local police forces must be re-trained using new restrictive federal standards, and he plans to make it an infraction to detain & turn over illegal aliens to ICE. The strings attached to federal support would require local police forces to submit reports on how they are complying with new federal police standards, in order to continue receive federal funding, and to avoid the risk of being charged by the Justice Department with violating new federal policing standards.  Congress must prevent the Obama administration’s proposed  policies to take the control of local police forces from taking effect


The release of dangerous terrorist from Gitmo, who will go back to killing US military personnel, have been kept off the front pages of news, because the racial street demonstrations have been kept alive by the left of center liberal media establishment.  The fact that Obama employed an unlawful Executive Order to violate Federal Immigration Laws, in order to issue work permits and social security numbers to 5 million illegal aliens is also being kept out of the news by the continuing news coverage of racial street demonstrations.  Obama’s Immigration Executive Order will permit 5 million illegally aliens to use their new work permits and social security numbers to obtain drivers licenses.  The new drivers licenses will help the illegal aliens perpetuate massive voter fraud, since they will be able to show their drivers licenses and social security numbers in order to illegally register to vote in 2016.  


Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the House is still not using the power of the purse to put a stop to the Obama administration’s intent to destabilize law and order in the Republic, to try to make criminal behavior in the streets an acceptable political act, to oppose the violation of Federal Immigration Laws, and to oppose the release of dangerous terrorist from Gitmo?  The American citizens who elected the new members of Congress watched today as the Speaker of the House approve a $1.2 trillion budget thru September 2015, that will not even slow down the occupant of the Oval Office from his repeated violations of the US Constitution and Federal Immigration Laws.  The Republican leadership could have reined Obama in by only funding the government with a continuing resolution thru February 2015---not the inept current agreement entered into by the Speaker of the House with Senator Reid to fund the government thru September 2015 with a continuing resolution. Providing a continuing resolution thru September 2015 will definitely fund the issuance of Social Security numbers and work permits for 5 million illegal aliens.  That is not what the American people just voted for, and they should let their Congressional representatives know it.

The Killing of White Police Officers by Blacks Ignored

The below listed E-mail is from a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer, who I once served with.  His E-mail outlines how, over a 60 day period this past summer, 4 white Police Officers were murdered by black criminal assailants.  Those 4 Police Officers were murdered while trying to enforce the law, like Police officers throughout the nation do daily, at the risk to their lives.  The report of the Police Officer murders was obtained from the San Diego Police Department News Group. 

Where was Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesses Jackson, and Farrakhan when those 4 white Police Officers were murdered by black criminals---did they wring their hands, instigate national street demonstrations that are dividing the races, and are they going to insist on 4 federal civil rights investigation by the Justice Department to determine if the civil rights of the 4 white Police Officers were violated by the black criminals?   Many other white Police Officers, who enforce the law daily at a risk to their lives, have been murdered since July 2014.  


The repeated public comments by Holder and Obama about a criminal, Michael Brown, continues to foment racial strife..  Brown weighed 325 pounds, was high on drugs, robbed a convenience store, manhandled the owner of the convenience store, refused to follow the orders of a Police Officer who was dispatched to investigate the convenience store robbery.  Brown then beat the police officer in his own police car while Brown was trying to take the Police Officer’s gun away.  After the attack on the Police Officer, Brown refused to halt as ordered by the Police Officer.  Instead of halting, Brown turned and tried to attack the Police Officer for a second time.  According to the testimony of 5 black witnesses, Brown was charging the Police Officer like a football player, when he was shot in self-defense.  A Grand Jury impaneled long before the shooting of Brown occurred, with 3 black members, found Brown’s shooting to be an authorized shooting. 


Obama and Holder public comments have resulted in street demonstration, the torching of stores, and the firebombing of many cars which is perpetrating racial divides (Over the past 6 + years, Obama and Holder’s public comments have aggravated and perpetuated racial strife).  Holder announced to the nation that he has ordered the Justice Department to conduct a federal civil rights investigation to determine if a criminal high on drugs, who robbed a convenience store, who beat a Police Officer, then tried to disarm the Police Officer, and then tried to charge the Police Officer a second time, had his civil rights violated by the Police Officer.   


Holder and Obama have it wrong, the civil rights of a white Police Officer was being violated by a black criminal who attacked him, beat him, tried to disarm him, and was trying to attack him for a second time.  Holder and Obama continue to ignore the repeated murders of white Police Officers by black criminals, and charge that there are too many unauthorized shootings of blacks by Police Officers---which is not true.

Does anyone remember Detective Melvin Santiago?  He was a Jersey City police officer who was shot to death just a month ago, on July 13th.   Santiago was white.  His killer, Lawrence Campbell, was black.  Does anyone recall Obama appearing before national television and calling for justice for Officer Santiagos family?  Does anyone recall Eric Holder rushing to Jersey City to see that justice was done? 

How about Officer Jeffrey Westerfield? He was a Gary, Indiana police officer who was shot to death on July 6, 2014. Officer Westerfield was white, his killer, Carl LeEllis Blount, Jr. was black. where was Obama? Where was Holder?


Officer Perry Renn was an Indianapolis, Indiana police officer who was shot to death July 5, 2014, the day before Officer Westerfield was killed. Officer Renn was white. His killer, Major Davis, was black. I don't recall any mention by Obama about the untimely death of Officer Renn. and, I doubt that Eric Holder rushed to Indianapolis to make sure justice was served.  


Vermillion Parish Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares was gunned down by two men June 23, 2014 in Louisiana. Deputy Bares was white. His two killers, Quintlan Richard and Baylon Taylor were black. Was Obama outraged? Did Eric Holder rush to Louisiana to make sure that the family of Deputy Bares found justice?


Detective Charles Dinwiddie of the Killen, Texas Police Department was murdered on May 11, 2014 by Marvin Lewis Guy, a black male. Officer Dinwiddie was white. Do you recall seeing anything about that on the news? Certainly, the white citizens of Killeen didn't take to the streets to loot and burn businesses. Do you recall any mention of Obama or Holder here?


Then, there is Officer Kevin Jordan of Griffin, Georgia Police Department. He was gunned down on May 31, 2014. Officer Jordan was black, his killer, Michael Bowman was white. This was a white man murdering a black police officer. Where was Jesse Jackson? Where was "The Reverend" Al Sharpton? Was there looting and burning on the streets of Griffin, Georgia? No, in fact, we don't recall hearing about this one in the news as well. Why? You can draw your own conclusions.


 Over that 60 day period, there have been five reported deaths of police officers by gunshot in the U.S. Of those, four were white officers who were murdered by black men. Blacks complain that white officers treat black men more aggressively on the street. You can draw your own conclusions on that one, as well. 


After Ferguson Protesters Burns an American Flag

In the below listed article, it was reported that Communist, Palestinian, and Black Panther demonstrators in Ferguson burned an American Flag last night.  The continued demonstrations are a result of the Obama administrations subtle support for them.  The occupant of the Oval Office has not seriously tried to heal the racial conflict that has developed over the last 6 years.  It is the worst racial conflict that has developed in America in over 60 years, because of Obama’s inept leadership, even though he has the unique ability to easily heal the rift. 

The left of center liberal media establishment, has been trying to cover up the fact that Michael Brown, was a criminal, was high on marijuana, first robbed a convenient store, then when a police officer was dispatched in response to the robbery, Brown beat him inside his police car while trying to take his gun, then Brown charged the police officer, the police officer finally shot Brown in self-defense, and the officer’s shooting was found to be justified by a grand jury that was empaneled long before the shooting ever occurred.  


The left of center liberal media establishment also tried to cover up the burning of the American Flag, by not reporting it.  Those communists demonstrators who have been burning police cars and businesses in Ferguson, and burned the American Flag, support Obama, and campaigned for his elections in 2010 and 2012


The communist demonstrators told the National Guardsmen, who were guarding the police station across the street from where the anti-American communists burned the American Flag, that the American Flag was just a piece of cloth, and that the American Flag didn’t belong to them.  


Those of us who served on foreign fields of combat, repeatedly fought under the American Flag and defended it---the American Flag is not just a piece of cloth, and it “does belong to all of us who fought for and under it.

After Ferguson Protester Burns an American Flag

by Brian Hayes 

Saturday night in Ferguson, Missouri, Communist and ‘Palestinian’ protesters came to town and descended on the police station.

It got very ugly. But you didn’t see any of it on your nightly news program.

They displayed Marxist flags, and shouted “the only solution is a Communist revolution!”


They chanted for the National Guard troops guarding the station to “turn your guns around and shoot the bosses down” — meaning to kill the police inside, causing even some in the media to gasp in shock.

And then they did a truly vile act: they burned an American flag and taunted the troops while doing it.

One punk even lit up a joint in the flames of a burning American flag. 

The protesters reveled in their hatred for America.

But those who faced off with these “protesters” love America, and showed it in an incredible display of patriotism and respect for that flag, and those who died fighting beneath it.

They left their post at the police station, and went across the street to where these vile protesters were gathered — to try and retrieve that flag.

Showing their Patriotic character — and the shameful lack of character of those demanding “justice” for Mike Brown.

And if you are like me, it will put a lump in your throat.


The burning of the American flag was shot by the USTREAM Mike Brown activist RebelutionaryZ — who derisively told the soldiers: “It’s just a piece of cloth.”

But it means something to us“, one soldier replied.

Amen to that.

God bless these men. We thank them for their service and honor. We hope to find out who they are and report back to you in the days to come.

Canadian viewpoint on that "Transformative President"

The below listed article presents a viewpoint that the next two years under the Obama administration will be dangerous for the Republic that was established by the Founding Fathers.  Will the leadership of the Republican Congress “finally” step to the plate and use the power of the purse to stop the repeated violation of Federal Laws and the US Constitution by Obama?  The elected Combat Veterans For Congress listed in the attachment will step to the plate and encourage other elected members of Congress to join them in protecting and defending the US Constitution.

This is a CANADIAN WRITER --- Commenting on our recent election. So well written!

 Fasten your seatbelts, Canada, and get ready for the battle for

 America 3

 By Marc Patrone <>, Sun
 News network First posted: Friday, November 07, 2014 03:03 PM MST

 America is on the edge of a second revolutionary war.

 It may not be bloody like the first one, but it will be hugely important.

 Some might suggest it’s more a civil war, but with liberty and the
 constitution hanging in the balance, revolution seems a more
 appropriate comparison.

 There are no British troops or monarchy to fight this time.

 The ‘shot heard around the world’ wasn’t fired from a musket, it came
 from the ballot box.

 Americans have taken a long hard look at the kind of fundamental
 transformation promised by Barack Obama and the Democrat party and
 they want nothing to do with it.

 The Republican victory suggests Americans are more than just unhappy
 with the direction the country is headed.

 Such was the devastating scope of the electoral debacle for the
 Democrats that it appears Americans are mobilizing for war against the Obama agenda.

 They are only now truly beginning to understand the threat to liberty
 he presents.

 What’s so deeply troubling, albeit not entirely unexpected, is the
 disdain, arrogance and contempt with which this president dismissed the results.

 “So to everyone who voted, I want you to know I hear you. To the
 two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process
 yesterday, I hear you, too,” he said.

 Meaning what?

 He seems to be suggesting that by not voting, the majority of
 Americans agree with what he’s doing.

 Terrifying? You bet.

 It’s taken six years, but the ugly truth about Obama’s contemptuous
 attitudes toward the people who elected him twice is becoming all too

 Lame duck? Guess again.

 The man probably realizes that a chance to remake the U.S. according
 to his far left view of the world may not come around again.

 His time is running out. Obama’s ‘nuclear’ option is amnesty for
 millions of illegals.

 He expects those illegals will become dependents of the state, thus
 stacking the electoral deck in favour of Democrats by promising the
 new ‘wards of the state’ a suite of entitlements.

 The depth of this destructive agenda is clear, rip off trillions in
 wealth (which Obama believes was stolen anyway) and give it to those
 whom he considers ‘victims’ of capitalism.


 The beneficiaries will naturally reward the progressive left with
 voter support into perpetuity. Viola, the progressive dream of a
 one-party state is realized.

 This has been decades in the making. The left has infiltrated,
 corrupted, and subverted the institutions that had, up to now, served
 as pillars supporting freedom, democracy, and prosperity.

 The bulk of what was once a free and independent media has been
 reduced to little more than an arm of the Democrats.

 That tens of millions of Americans are flocking to Fox News,
 Conservative talk radio and online news sites is heartening but
 doesn’t change the fact most TV, print media outlets are in an
 advanced state of putrid, cancerous liberal rot.

 The same cancer has undermined the school system, ‘big labour,' the
 environmental movement, and the Hollywood culture machine.

 Even capitalism itself has succumbed to the lure of easy government
 money, power and cronyism.

 So who is left to fight for freedom? The rest of America.

 Obama will attempt to ram through amnesty, climate change, wealth
 redistribution and he will ignore the constitution to do it.

 Republicans have assured Obama impeachment is off the table. And so
 the battle lines are drawn.

 Fasten your seatbelts Canada, we’re about to get a front-row seat to
 the battle for the soul of America and indeed the free world.

 Let’s hope that, as in the first revolutionary war, that the right
 side wins.

 If it doesn’t, we all lose.

Veterans Day---Thank a Veteran

Please take a few moments to read the below listed heart-warming story on Veterans Day, November 11th.  We honor all Veterans, especially those who gave the last full measure of devotion in defense of the Republic.  Many Veterans who have been involved in combat are still suffering from PTSD, the majority of them have not been able to get proper medical attention or therapy to deal with their PTSD.  Unfortunately and an average of 23 Veterans are committing suicide every day.  If you have the opportunity, thank a Veteran on Veterans Day, and/or as often as you can for their service.

Thanks.  Airline Captain!!!.............

My lead flight attendant came to me and said, "We  have an H.R. on this flight." (H.R. stands for human remains.) 

"Are they military?" I asked.   'Yes', she said.   'Is there an escort?' I asked.  'Yes, I've already assigned him a seat'. 


'Would you please tell him to come to the Flight Deck. You can board him early," I said... 


A short while later a young army sergeant entered the flight deck.  He was the image of the perfectly dressed soldier.  He introduced himself and I asked him about his soldier. 

The escorts of these fallen soldiers talk about them as if they are still alive and still with us.  'My soldier is on his way back to Virginia ,' he said.  He proceeded to answer my questions, but offered no words. 


I asked him if there was anything I could do for him and he said no.  I told him that he had the toughest job in the military, and that I appreciated the work that he does for the families of our fallen soldiers.  The first officer and I got up out of our seats to shake his hand.  He left the Flight Deck to find his seat. 


We completed our preflight checks, pushed back and performed an uneventful departure.  About 30 minutes into our flight, I received a call from the lead flight attendant in the cabin. 


'I just found out the family of the soldier we are carrying, is also on board', she said.  She then proceeded to tell me that the father, mother, wife and 2-year old daughter were escorting their son, husband, and father home.  The family was upset because they were unable to see the container that the soldier was in before we left. 

We were on our way to a major hub at which the family was going to wait four hours for the connecting flight home to Virginia .  The father of the soldier told the flight attendant that knowing his son was below him in the cargo compartment and being unable to see him was too much for him and the family to bear.  He had asked the flight attendant if there was anything that could be done to allow them to see him upon our arrival.  The family wanted to be outside by the cargo door to watch the soldier being taken off the airplane. 


I could hear the desperation in the flight attendant’s voice when she asked me if there was anything I could do. 'I'm on it', I said.  I told her that I would get back to her. 

Airborne communication with my company normally occurs in the form of e-mail like messages.  I decided to bypass this system and contact my flight dispatcher directly on a secondary radio.  There is a radio operator in the operations control center who connects you to the telephone of the dispatcher. I was in direct contact with the dispatcher.  I explained the situation I had on board with the family and what it was the family wanted.  He said he understood and that he would get back to me. 
Two hours went by and I had not heard from the dispatcher.  We were going to get busy soon and I needed to know what to tell the family.  I sent a text message asking for an update.  I saved the return message from the dispatcher and the following is the text: 
'Captain, sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.  There is policy on this now, and I had to check on a few things.  Upon your arrival a dedicated escort team will meet the aircraft.  The team will escort the family to the ramp and plane side.  A van will be used to load the remains with a secondary van for the family. 


The family will be taken to their departure area and escorted into the terminal, where the remains can be seen on the ramp.  It is a private area for the family only.  When the connecting aircraft arrives, the family will be escorted onto the ramp and plane side to watch the remains being loaded for the final leg home. 


Captain, most of us here in flight control are veterans.  Please pass our condolences on to the family.  Thanks. 
I sent a message back, telling flight control thanks for a good job.  I printed out the message and gave it to the lead flight attendant to pass on to the father.  The lead flight attendant was very thankful and told me, 'You have no idea how much this will mean to them.' 


Things started getting busy for the descent, approach and landing.   After landing, we cleared the runway and taxied to the ramp area.  The ramp is huge with 15 gates on either side of the alleyway.  It is always a busy area with aircraft maneuvering every which way to enter and exit.  When we entered the ramp and checked in with the ramp controller, we were told that all traffic was being held for us. 

'There is a team in place to meet the aircraft', we were told.  It looked like it was all coming together, then I realized that once we turned the seat belt sign off, everyone would stand up at once and delay the family from getting off the airplane.  As we approached our gate, I asked the copilot to tell the ramp controller, we were going to stop short of the gate to make an announcement to the passengers.  He did that and the ramp controller said, 'Take your time.' 
I stopped the aircraft and set the parking brake.  I pushed the public address button and said:  'Ladies and gentleman, this is your Captain speaking: I have stopped short of our gate to make a special announcement.  We have a passenger on board who deserves our honor and respect.  His Name is Private XXXXXX, a soldier who recently lost his life.  Private XXXXXX is under your feet in the cargo hold.  Escorting him today is Army Sergeant XXXXXXX.  Also, on board are his father, mother, wife, and daughter.  Your entire flight crew is asking for all passengers to remain in their seats to allow the family to exit the aircraft first.  Thank you.' 


We continued the turn to the gate, came to a stop and started our shutdown procedures.  A couple of minutes later I opened the cockpit door.  I found the two forward flight attendants crying, something you just do not see.  I was told that after we came to a stop, every passenger on the aircraft stayed in their seats, waiting for the family to exit  the aircraft. 
When the family got up and gathered their things, a passenger slowly started to clap his hands.  Moments later, more passengers joined in and soon the entire aircraft was clapping.  Words of 'God Bless You', I'm sorry, thank you, be proud, and other kind words were uttered to the family as they made their way down the aisle and out of the airplane.  They were escorted down to the ramp to finally be with their loved one. 


Many of the passengers disembarking thanked me for the announcement I had made.  They were just words, I told them, I could say them over and over again, but nothing I say will bring back that brave soldier. 


I respectfully ask that all of you reflect on this event and the sacrifices that millions of our men and women have made to ensure our freedom and safety in these United States of AMERICA. 

They died for me and mine and you and yours and deserve our honor and respect. 

The US Marine Corps' 239th Birthday

By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to an inspirational message from the 36thCommandant of the US Marine Corps,  General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., USMC, on the 239th Birthday of the US Marine Corps, was given to honor the memory of those US Marines who are with us, and those who have gone before us----The Few, The Proud, The Marines  

Each year on November 10th, we recognize Naval Academy Classmates who are US Marines, all US Marines, and especially one Naval Academy classmate who is no longer with us, Colonel John Ripley, USNA ’62, USMC (Ret) (Navy Cross, Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, and many other awards).  The Naval Academy Class of 1962 memorialized Col Ripley’s heroic stand on the Bridge at Dong Ha, South Vietnam, by commissioning a diorama that was installed in Memorial Hall at the US Naval Academy.  

Captain Ripley was serving as a Military Advisor (Covan) with a battalion of less than 700 South Vietnamese Marines at the DMZ.  North Vietnam initiated a surprise offensive on Easter Sunday 1972, Capt Ripley and the South Vietnamese Marines  were faced with a column of 200 soviet built tanks and 20-30,000 North Vietnamese regulars approaching the Bridge at Dong Ha, with the intent of crossing it to invade South Vietnam.  Captain Ripley’s singular action on the bridge while under relentless attack, prevented that enemy force from invading South Vietnam, by destroying the bridge, then by calling in air strikes.   Col Ripley action that halted an invasion of South Vietnam at the bridge at Dong Ha was referred to as a “Horatio at The Bridge” act (In 6th century BC, Horatio halted an invasion of Rome by making a historic stand on the Bridge spanning the Tiber River.)     


The US Marine Corps Museum in Quantico depicts Captain Ripley’s action on the Bridge at Dong Ha.  A  building at the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island was named for Col Ripley.  Col Ripley is the only US Marine Officer who qualified as a US Army Ranger, who was inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame.   Many books have been written about Colonel Ripley’s Heroic stand on the Bridge at Dong Ha (“The Bridge at Dong Ha” by Miller, “The Easter Offensive” by Turley, “An American Knight” by Fulkerson, etc.).  Col Ripley is being inducted into USSOCOM’s Commando Hall of Honor.   A statues has been commissioned honoring Captain Ripley, and several attempts have been made to produce a movie about Captain Ripley’s heroic stand on the Bridge at Dong Ha.   


On the US Marine Corps Birthday and every day we honor all US Marines.  The above listed paragraph explaining Col Ripley’s stand on the Bridge at Dong Ha and is another example of US Marine Corps Leadership in Combat, of selfless Courage, and of Duty to Country by a Marine that Americans, for 239 years, have come to expect of US Marines.  Happy Birthday Marines!!  Semper Fidelis.  

A Heroic Combat US Marine, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, USMC Speaks Out

If you watched Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, USMC interview with Greta Van Susteren, no matter how tough you are, it will break your heart.  Sgt Tahmooressi is a “Heroic” US Marine, with two Combat Tours of Duty in Afghanistan.  He and his fellow Marines had been fighting for every American.  Sgt Tahmooressi was moving back to San Diego so he could be treated for PTSD at the San Diego VA Hospital; all his belongings were in his truck including his 3 weapons.   

Sgt Tahmooressi made an “INNOCENT MISTAKE” and took a wrong turn at night in San Diego where there were no lighted signs, and he ended up in Mexico.  He explained to the Mexican Border Guards that he made a wrong turn, explained he had all his personal belongings, including 3 weapons in the back of his truck, and asked for directions back to San Diego.  Sgt Tahmooressi was then manhandled Mexican police, and was subsequently incarcerated for 214 days by the Mexican Federal Government, a government with double standards.  The Mexican Government has been encouraging thousands of illegal aliens to “INTENTIONALLY” violate US Federal Immigration Laws, and has supported over 20 million illegal aliens to “INTENTIONALLY” cross the wide open southern border “by foot”; the Mexican government continues to promote the violation of US Immigration Laws because, for the last 6 years, they’ve received a wink and a nod from Obama who by his policies of preventing ICE from deporting illegal aliens, approves and encourages illegal aliens to cross illegally into the US.  


Yet when just “ONE” Heroic US Marine makes an “INNOCENT MISTAKE” by crossing the Mexican border at San Diego, openly driving in his truck at night with headlights on, not by sneaking into Mexico on foot, like millions of Mexican illegal aliens cross into the US every year.  The mistaken entry occurred because of poor signage on the San Diego side of the border, that eventually resulted in Sgt Tahmooressi being put in Mexican prisons where he was mentally abused and tortured by Mexican Prison Guards while still suffering from PTSD (I made the same innocent mistake during daylight hours while in San Diego near the Mexican border, like Sgt Tahmooressi made in his innocent mistake at night when he crossed the Mexican border; when I showed the US Border Patrol my Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s badge and asked to be allowed to turn around at the border, they told me I would have to continue south, there wasn’t any place for them, so I had to continue into Mexico to be able turn around and head back into the US).  Recently, because of what happened to Sgt Tahmooressi, the State of California, corrected the signage, modified the entry roads at the border to allow a turn around, in order to prevent others from doing what Sgt Tahmooressi and I did----when we “INNOCENTLY MISTAKENLY” entered Mexico.


The torturous incarceration and mental abuse that followed for Sgt Tahmooressi over a 7 month period was unconscionable.  He suffered consistent beatings by Mexican Prison Guards with sticks and their hands, was forced to his knees facing the wall, was forced to face abuse and threats from Mexican criminals in jails with him who said one of them was hiring a “hit man” who would kill him (those abusive threats continued for 214 days), he was stripped naked & forced to stand throughout the night, forced to remain in his cell naked with no blankets at night to keep him warm, was handcuffed by his legs and wrists in a 4 point restraint without the ability to properly go to the bathroom, Mexican Prison Guards laughed at Sgt Tahmooressi’s attempts to relieve himself while handcuffed by his wrist and leg, those Mexican Prison Guards beating him and laughing at him had less of an IQ than Sgt Tahmooressi.  For Obama to allow those mental abuses and those torturous practices to be visited upon a heroic Combat US Marine by the Mexican Government is disgusting.  What would the Mexican Government do if the US Immigration Service tortured even one of the millions of Illegal aliens in the US like Sgt Tahmooressi was tortured?  


The occupant of the Oval Office did nothing to help a “Heroic” Combat US Marine while he was being mentally abused, threatened, and tortured for 214 days, even when the US Consul in Mexico knew Sgt Tahmooressi was suffering from PTSD as a result of his Combat service in defense of the Republic.  The Obama administration was informed by the US Consul in Mexico, that out of desperation and in an attempt to escape the torturous incarceration, Sgt Tahmooressi tried to escape from prison.  The US Consul was also informed the Obama administration that three days after his escape from prison failed, in order to escape the continued torture and mental abuse, Sgt Tahmooressi tried to commit suicide by cutting his neck with broken florescent light bulb, and that he nearly bled to death.  Yet Obama did absolutely nothing; finally just before the election, a judge in a Mexican Court released Sgt Tahmooressi, because Mexico had no way to treat PTSD.  Anyone who watched the interview by Greta Van Sustran of Sgt Tahmooressi, in the first 10 minutes into it, would have been aware that the US Marine is obviously suffering from PTSD---the US Consul must had determined that 214 days ago, and would have relayed that to the Obama administration.


The same occupant of the Oval Office who not only refused to help a US Marine for over 7 months, also refused to execute “Cross Border Authority” during the Battle of  Benghazi, so the Pentagon was unable to dispatch fighter aircraft that were only 2 hours away in Sigonella Italy.  American personnel on the ground in Benghazi, under attack by over 125 Al Q’ieda terrorists for 8 hours pleated for military re-enforcements, yet Obama still refused for 8 hours to issue “Cross Border Authority,” so the Pentagon was never able to dispatch a US Marine rescue mission that was on the tarmac in Europe and ready to go, resulting in 2 US Navy SEALs being murdered by Al Q’ieda terrorists (the US Ambassador had been captured & murdered, and a Communications Specialist had been murdered by Al Q’ieda terrorists during the first hour of the attack).  If you are a US Marine or a US Navy SEAL don’t expect the occupant in the Oval Office to help you, if you get in trouble


During the same 7 months period that Sgt Tahmooressi was in a cage in a Mexican prison, Obama exchanged a soldier who deserted in the face of the enemy in Afghanistan, where Sgt Tahmooressi served heroically, for 5 of the most dangerous terrorists incarcerated in Gitmo; that traitorous deserting soldier remained with the enemy for 5 years, while Sgt Tahmooressi returned to Afghanistan to serve a second combat tour of duty.  Those 5 dangerous terrorist are now in support of ISIL’s fight in Iraq, along with other Al Q’ieda terrorists Obama released from Gitmo.  We also received unconfirmed reports that the Obama administration paid the Taliban a substantial sum of money, as a ransom payment, for releasing of that dishonorable “Army Deserter”  Any Army Deserter who deserts his unit in the face of the enemy, should be either jailed or executed.


What would President Ronald Reagan have done, on his watch, if a US Marine with PTSD was improperly incarcerated for over 7 months, was mentally abused, and was tortured by the Mexican Prison Guards---would he have picked up the phone and called the Mexican President, and convinced him to release the US Marine?  The nation and 23 million US military Veterans were shamed by the way the occupant of the Oval Office allowed an Honorable Combat US Marine with PTSD who made an “INNOCENT MISTAKE” and was locked up in a cage in a Mexican Prison for 7 months, was tortured, and was mentally abused while he twisted in the wind because of his abandonment by the occupant in the Oval Office.  


The Combat Veterans For Congress Honor Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, USMC for his service in defense of the Republic, we---all US Marines--& all Americans are so very proud of Sgt Tahmooressi for how he courageously faced his horrible torturous incarceration in a Mexican prison, and trust his mental abuse at the hands of Mexican Prison Guards and his PTSD suffered from two combat tours of duty in Afghanistan will finally receive proper medical attention & treatment in a US Hospital.  Semper Fi. 


The Remarkable Results of The 2014 Congressional Election

   Last night was remarkable----this is a great day for America-----American citizens have spoken!  Republicans have taken control of the US Senate (by 9 new votes when all the election results are in) away from Reid who prevented 350+ House bills (many that were bi-partisan) from being voted on over a 6 year period.  The Republicans have increased control of the US House of Representatives to a margin of over 245 seats that they haven’t had since 1929.  The Republicans took control of 32 Governorship and state legislatures who will pass voter photo ID laws. The election was a referendum on Obama who told the American people, although he wasn’t on the ballot, his policies were. 

     The American people have expressed their rejection of bloated government bureaucracy that has grown out of control, Obama surrogates using the use of race card in this election, saying the Republicans have a war on women, the hallowing out of the US military, opposition to the largest increases in taxes in US history, opposition to the repeated violation of the US Constitution and Federal Laws by Obama, showing their disgust by the disgraceful failure by Obama to issue “Cross Border Authority” that would have allowed the US military to save the lives of 2 US Navy SEALS in Benghazi, their rejection of so many major scandals perpetrated by the Obama administration (Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, VA Scandal, exchange of an Army deserter for 5 of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, etc.),  the rejection of the Obama administration’s maintenance of the wide open southern border, rejected the lack of action for nearly 2 years by Obama to oppose ISIL’s killing of Assyrian Christians in their communities in Syria and Iraq, and the failure of the Obama administration to properly protect the American people from the Ebola killer disease by refusing to restrict 150 passengers/day from West Africa from entering the US like 70 other countries have done to protect their citizens. 


     Because of the selection process, the patriotism of the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, their heroism on the battle field, and their quality of leadership, the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress overcame the lack of financial support.  After two long years of diligent work, working with very little financial support, we were able to contribute substantially to electing and re-electing more Combat Veterans For Congress this year, than in any of the last three Congressional elections.  The election  of the 24 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress listed on the Endorsements page of this Web site (3 US Senators, and 21 US Congressmen); contributed in a small way to the “Republican Wave” that occurred last night.   


     A number of the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress lost their first political races, and in some cases obtained 49%, 49.8%, 47%, 46.5%, etc. of the votes cast  in their hard fought campaigns.  It was a learning process for many of them, but several of them have informed us that they will run again in 2016:


     We have no doubt that the elected Combat Veterans For Congress will work diligently to support the American people by campaigning in  the US Senate and the US House to get Congress to work for----------------a smaller government, lowering taxes, rebuilding the hollowed out US military, changing the flawed Obamacare Law so that hard working Americans can keep their doctors & insurance plans, guaranteeing the Freedom of Religion for Chaplins & members of the US Military that is being systematically violated, sealing the wide open southern borders to protect the National Security of the Republic, taking appropriate military actions in the Middle East to prevent ISIL from killing Assyrian Christians & from threatening the Homeland, encouraging the Obama administration to follow the lead of 70 other countries by preventing all passengers arriving from West Africa where Ebola is ravaging the population from entering the US, and protecting the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights that have been under assault by the Obama administration for the last 6 years.


     We believe we can speak for the elected Combat Veterans For Congress when we say, we hope the occupant of the Oval Office does not execute an Executive Order in violation of Federal Immigration Laws by legalizing 6 million more illegal aliens, to add to the 1 million Dreamers he already violated Federal Immigration Law to legalize, and by doing so doing, to encourage millions of a new wave of illegal aliens, drug traffickers, human smugglers, terrorists, criminals, and children carrying infectious diseases to break Federal Immigration Laws by streaming across the wide open southern border.


    As a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer, I know I express the sentiment of the hundreds of local, county state, and Federal Law Enforcement Officer supporters in our data base, and hope that the Obama will stop violating the US Constitution, will stop violating Federal Laws enacted by previous Congresses & signed by previous US Presidents that he swore to enforce, and that he will get back to the Rule of Law..


     We feel the last two years of hard work has paid off for us, the elected Combat Veterans For Congress, and millions of American Patriots who worked to take their country back and right the Ship of State; “The chickens came home to roost!!”


Neither military information, military branch logos, nor photographs imply endorsement of the Combat Veterans For Congress by the Department of Defense or their particular Military Departments

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San Diego, CA  92108
Nicole V. Parsons, Treasurer