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Congressman Scott Perry
Scott's Primary: 41 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Perry is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Chris Gibson
Chris's Primary: 36 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Gibson is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Adam Kinzinger
Adam 's Primary: 50 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Kinzinger is a combat veteran of the US Air National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Jeffrey Denham
Jeffrey's Primary: 39 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Denham is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Joe Heck
Joe's Primary: 38 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Heck is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Brad Wenstrup
Brad's Primary: 43 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Wenstrup is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ryan Zinke
Ryan's Primary: 39 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Zinke is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ron DeSantis
Ron's Primary: 27 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman DeSantis is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael Coffman
Michael's Primary: 36 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Coffman is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman John Kline
Congressman John's Primary: 29 weeks 1 day ago

Kline is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Lee Zeldin
Lee's Primary: 17 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Zeldin is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Pearce
Steve's Primary: 39 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Pearce is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Stivers
Steve's Primary: 43 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Stivers is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Russell
Steve's Primary: 36 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Russell is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator John McCain
John's Primary: 27 weeks 1 day ago

Senator McCain is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Senate

Senator Thomas Cotton
Thomas's Primary: 41 weeks 1 day ago

Senator Cotton is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Duncan Hunter
Duncan's Primary: 39 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Hunter is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator Mark Kirk
Mark's Primary: 50 weeks 1 day ago

Senator Kirk is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Jim Bridenstine
Jim's Primary: 36 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Bridenstine is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Paul Cook
Paul's Primary: 39 weeks 1 day ago

Congressman Cook is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives


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Illegal Aliens Linked To The Resurgence of Infectious Diseases Thought to Have Been Erdicated In USA

Immigration reform “starts” with securing the wide open southern border and while at the same time to finally enforcing Federal Immigration Laws.  The 9/11 Commission recommended, in order to prevent terrorists from viciously attacking the Republic in the future, as the Illegal Aliens who were terrorist hiding in plain sight throughout America did on September 11, 2001, that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, Ice, and the Border Patrol should enforce Federal Immigration Laws and control the borders of the United States like every other nation in the world does.  Fifteen years after 9/11 Congress and Obama have refused to secure the borders.  Obama has issued orders to the US Border Patrol and ICE Agents to cease apprehending and deporting Illegal Aliens and has cancelled the Secure Communities Program that automatically checked state and local incarcerated inmates against the list of Illegal Aliens listed in the Federal Databases to see .if certain inmates should be picked up by ICE for deportation.        

Because of the wide open southern border, the current outbreak of measles is the worst measles epidemic in 60 years and is spreading throughout the US.  WND reviewed the history of measles outbreaks in the US since 1980, and after careful evaluation, determined that almost all of the outbreaks came from overseas, and that California had some of the largest concentrations of measles, as well as the largest influx of Illegal Aliens from across the wide open southern border.  For 6 years the Obama administration has refused to follow the required medical testing and examining procedures required to determine if any Illegal Alien crossing the wide open border had infectious diseases.   


The Obama administration blamed the current worst measles epidemic in 60 years on Disneyland, instead of on its flagrant violation of Federal Immigration Quarantine Laws.  Measles did not spread to 27 states from Disneyland, it is another of the many lies promulgated by the Obama administration that is being reported by the left of center liberal media establishment (Illegal Alien children from Central American may have been taken to Disneyland for recreation, and may have infected some Americans children visiting there),  Most of the Illegal Alien children from Central America who flooded across the wide open southern border were released by Border Patrol Agents “unscreened” to travel to over 27 states within 72 hours of their apprehension at the southern border.  Some of those infected Illegal Alien children even passed infectious diseases on to Border Patrol Agents.  

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that they have seen an alarming spike in measles since 2014, with a record of 644+ cases in 27 states (that is a very old number, but the updated numbers of cases are being covered up by CDC).  Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC told reporters, “We don’t know exactly how this measles outbreak started, but we think it was likely people infected with measles overseas.”  Obama appointees at CDC have refused to pinpoint the origin of the reported uptick of 644+ cases of measles in 27 states.  Hundreds of thousands of Illegal Alien children from Central America walked across the wide open southern border and are still doing so.  Those Illegal Alien were never processed thru an Immigration Detention Center, as required by Federal Immigration Laws, so they could be tested and examined by Medical Professionals to determine if they were carrying infectious diseases.  If that were done and they tested positive, they should have been quarantined as required by Federal Immigration Laws instead of being released to the general public.  Even US Astronauts are quarantined when they return from outer space.


Popular radio talk show host Michael Savage who holds a PhD degree in nutritional ethnomedicine said: “The Socialist Government, media, academia, medical apparatchiks have looked the other way or changed the origin of numerous illnesses which were once eradicated in our once-first world nation.”  Since the massive influx of Illegal Alien children from Central America, who were not being medically screened, the United States has had outbreaks of numerous illnesses that were once eradicated such as dangerous strains of Flu, Scalia, TB, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox, Leprosy, and even Malaria—their outbreaks have been covered up by the Obama appointees at CDC.  Every day, the Obama administration continues to violate Federal Immigration Quarantine Laws, infectious diseases will continue to infect the general population and children who are required to go to grammar schools along with Illegal Alien children from Central America.       


Numerous epidemics sweep Central America, and an aggressive mosquito transmits the deadly enterovirus (EV-D68) and yellow fever, and some infectious diseases are transmitted by insects, including the spread dengue fever.  EV-D68 has been responsible for at least 14 deaths in the US over the last 12 months.  Please read the below listed article about Illegal Aliens bringing many infectious diseases into the US like measles, enterovirus (EV-D68), dengue fever, dangerous strains of Flu, Scalia, TB, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox, Leprosy, and even Malaria.  Some Illegal Alien children transport mosquitos that are carrying very dangerous infectious diseases, in their clothing.  The Obama administration’s continues to violate Quarantine Laws, in order to facilitate the massive illegal entry of Illegal Aliens, thru the southern border of the United States.  That practice has created a public health hazard for children enrolled in grammar schools and for the general public in communities throughout the United States.


Any member of Congress or any candidate for President in 2016, who doesn’t support closure of the Southern Border, doesn’t support enforcement all Federal Immigration Laws & Regulations, and those who support Obama’s Executive Orders to issue Work Permits and Social Security Numbers for 5 million Illegal Aliens and for 1.5 million Dreamers, should be defeated at the polls in November 2016.  For 6 years, Obama has proclaimed how much he cares about American union workers, low income Americans, and middle income taxpayers, yet he is doing all he can to issue 6.5 million Work Permits and Social Security Numbers for Illegal Aliens and Dreamers, despite the fact that Obama has been restricted by US Federal Court from issuing Work Permits and Social Security Numbers.  If that occurs those 6.5 million Illegal Aliens will take jobs away from the 100 million unemployed low income Americans, union workers, and middle income taxpayers.  Those 6.5 million Illegal Aliens will seek to obtain drivers licenses, in violation of Federal Laws, so they can illegally register to vote in 2016.



'So these problems are going to be coming to your town'


Is there more to the measles outbreak than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have acknowledged?

A close look at the history of measles outbreaks in the U.S. over the last 15 years evidences two significant themes – the vast majority of all cases were imported from outside the country, and many of the disease clusters were located in California, a state known for its large concentration of illegal aliens.

Still, while diseases such as enterovirus are rampant in the countries where most illegal aliens originate, there does not appear to be strong evidence that current or past measles outbreak originated with illegal aliens.

The medical debate has entered the political arena. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., and radio host Rush Limbaugh have suggested a connection between illegals and the spread of disease, including measles.

Brooks stated last week: “I don’t think there is any health-care professional who has examined the facts who could honestly say that Americans have not died because the diseases brought into America by illegal aliens who are not properly health care screened, as lawful immigrants are.”

Brooks said it “might be the enterovirus that has a heavy presence in Central and South America that has caused deaths of American children over the past six to nine months, it might be this measles outbreak – there are any number of things.”

That same day, Limbaugh told his audience: “We have a vaccination problem for one reason: Barack Hussein Obama and his open-borders immigration policy, which opened the southern borders to children sick, healthy, you name it, poor, ill-educated, just tens of thousands of kids flooded the southern border all of last year.

“They were never examined before they got here,” Limbaugh said. “They were never examined after they got here and quarantined if they had a disease. They were just sent out across the country. Many of them had measles.”

In a conversation on CNN that focused on measles and other diseases, presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson spoke generally about illegal aliens bringing in illnesses while not directly attributing the measles current outbreak specifically to them.

Illegals ‘slipping through cracks’ with diseases

PolitiFact points out the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s protocol calls for it to provide “vaccinations to all children who do not have documentation of previous valid doses of vaccine.”

However, PolitiFact misses the fact that the Refugee Resettlement, a program of the Department of Health and Human Services, mostly deals with legal immigrants who obtain the status of refugee and who are seeking safe haven within the U.S.

The HHS’s Administration for Children and Families does oversee the health of illegal aliens caught at the border and brought to detention centers.

Speaking to NBC News last year, a spokesman for the HHS said those who pass through their program are provided missing childhood vaccinations.

Even doctors are worried about Obamacare. Here’s the advice from one top expert, on “Surviving the Medical Meltdown.”

“When children come into the Department of Health and Human Services program, they are given a well-child exam and given all needed childhood vaccinations to protect against communicable diseases,” said the spokesman.

Unaccounted for, however, are illegals who are not caught, do not enter detention centers or who are released by border agents within 72 hours of their capture.

Thirteen-year Border Patrol veteran Chris Cabrera is vice president of the Local 3307 chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, the exclusive representative of approximately 17,000 agents and support personnel assigned to the U.S. Border Patrol.

He recently said in a radio interview the Border Patrol is being overwhelmed by illegals, with many slipping through the cracks possibly carrying disease.

“It’s not always the ideal medical care,” Cabrera confessed, “and a lot of it is slipping through the cracks. I read now one of the publications this morning that [reported] they had a bunch of people go in there in at a detention facility [that] had to be shut down due to chicken pox.

“It’s kind of alarming, seeing as we toured that facility less than a month ago and they assured us that they had everything in order, that something like this wouldn’t happen. And sure enough, it fell through the cracks.”

“We’re not set up for this, and we’re inviting more problems,” he said.

Asked specifically whether he was referring to diseases slipping through the cracks, Cabrera said, “Medical problems, gang members that we’re releasing; they’re going to these cities, they’re not staying down here.

“So these problems are going to be coming to your town,” he said.

California: Ground zero for measles

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 6, 2015, 121 people from 17 states are reported to have had measles.

The CDC’s website stated, “Most of these cases are part of a large, ongoing multi-state outbreak linked to an amusement park in California.”

Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, explained the “genotype of the virus that’s associated with the Disneyland outbreak is causing outbreaks in 14 different countries around the world.”

She fingered Indonesia, India and Dubai as possible sources under investigation but made clear her agency is still unsure of the exact origins of the outbreak.

“We assume that someone got infected overseas, visited the parks and spread the disease to others,” she said.

While medical literature backs up the argument that Latin America is currently safely immunized against measles, a WND review of the history of outbreaks in the U.S. since the 1980s shows two major themes: Almost all of the outbreaks came from overseas, and California saw some of the largest concentrations of the disease.

Since the current outbreak began in December, more than 100 people have been reported infected with the measles in California, data from California’s Department of Public Health shows. Such a concentration is unsurprising since the outbreak this year was said to have originated in the state.

A CDC graph of measles outbreaks since 2001 shows an alarming spike since 2014, when the U.S. experienced a record number of 644 cases from 27 states, with another major concentration in California.

From Jan. 1-April 18, 2014, the California Department of Public Health reportedly received 58 confirmed measles cases, the largest number the state has seen since 1995. The nationwide outbreak during that period was 129 reported cases.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly reported that in the vast majority of all 58 cases in 2005, 54 were classified as “importation-associated,” including “13 importations, 13 cases epidemiologically linked to importations, 18 with virologic evidence suggesting recent importation and 10 linked to cases with virologic evidence of recent importation.”

The year 2011 saw another measles outbreak concentrated in California. On Aug. 26, 2011, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health investigated a suspected measles outbreak originating in a refugee from Burma who had arrived on a flight bound for the city.

In May, 2011, Dr. Gilberto Chavez, deputy director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at the California Department of Public Health, announced, “California, like the rest of the nation and, indeed, the world, is experiencing an increase in measles cases that is entirely preventable with immunization.”

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report documented in 2008 that of the 64 measles cases between January and April of that year, “54 were associated with importation of measles from other countries into the United States.” That year saw another major confrontation in California, including one outbreak attributed to an unvaccinated boy from San Diego.

Outbreaks in 2006 were associated with a measles case in a Missouri resident who had recently traveled to China and a California woman returning from a trip.

In 2005, there were 66 confirmed cases of measles, with 34 of them said to have originated with a single outbreak in Indiana from an infected traveler returning to the U.S. An outbreak one year before was said to have originated with a University of California-Santa Cruz student who met a newly adopted toddler from China.

In 2005, three states accounted for 49 percent of cases: Washington, California and New York.

Data shows that during 2001-2003, a full 6 percent of the 216 reported measles cases were imported, and 120 were indigenous.

In 2000, Japan, Korea and Ethiopia amounted for the largest numbers of imported cases, with New York, California, Hawaii and Vermont the states with the most outbreaks.


While Latin America has implemented a successful measles immunization program, the region is home to numerous epidemics currently sweeping America, including enterovirus, which has been responsible for at least 14 deaths since last year.

There has been speculation the polio-like enterovirus, which mostly targets children, could have been carried into the U.S. by illegal-alien minors from Central America.

The World Health Organization last September issued a global alert for the enterovirus 68, or EV-D68, in the U.S.

A global WHO alert for the virus is exceptionally rare and is the first of its kind associated with an outbreak in the U.S.

The last global alert for enterovirus was issued in 2008 in China. The only other enterovirus alert came 10 years earlier, in 1998, again in China.

As with measles, the enterovirus outbreak has taken on a political tone, with some suggesting the virus may have been carried to the U.S. by illegal aliens, especially the so-called unaccompanied alien children, or UACs, who have been streaming across the southern border.

Most UACs originate in Central American countries, some of which have seen recent spates of EV-68 virus outbreaks.

A study published Oct. 11, 2013, in Virology Journal collected nasopharyngeal swabs from eight Latin American countries from 3,375 subjects aged 25 years or younger who presented with influenza-like illness.

The study found human enteroviruses were identified in a staggering 3 percent of all subjects.

Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, writing at her personal website, surmised “the origin could be entirely unrelated,” but because the “CDC hasn’t suggested reasons for the current uptick or its origin,” some are questioning “whether the disease is being spread by the presence of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children from Central America admitted to the U.S. in the past year.”

Talk-show host Michael Savage said the EV-D68 could have been brought to the U.S. by illegal aliens.

Savage, who earned a doctorate in epidemiology at the University of California at Berkeley, declared on his show last November: “For 20 years, I’ve been trying to warn America about the unscreened immigrants being brought in. Now, of course, it’s coming home to roost and the American people are being lied to by the Centers for Disease Transmission. They used to be the CDC; they’re now the CDT.”

The progressive activist organization Media Matters for America has weighed in on matter.

In a blog posting titled “Conservatives Falsely Blame Undocumented Children For Deadly Enterovirus,” Media Matters cites a statement it obtained from CDC spokeswoman Jeanette St. Pierre saying: “Currently, there is no evidence from testing at CDC that EV-D68 infections in the U.S. are a result of unaccompanied minors moving into the country.”

Illegals brought aggressive mosquito?

Did illegal aliens from Central America bring with them an aggressive mosquito discovered in recent months in California that is a known transmitter of debilitating and possibly deadly viruses?

Both the mosquito itself and many of the viruses that can be transmitted by the insect are endemic to Central America and have been found in Mexico.

The yellow fever mosquitoes were found Oct. 7 and 8 in the Los Angeles counties of Commerce and Pico Rivera. The next month, the same mosquito was found in San Francisco.

The mosquito, also known by its scientific name, Aedes aegypti, is an insect capable of spreading dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever viruses and other diseases.

Susanne Kluh, director of scientific-technical services for the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District, told the Times that while the “debilitating viruses, so far, aren’t locally transmitted in L.A. County, the mosquitoes that can transmit them are now here.”

“Infected travelers can bring these viruses to Los Angeles County,” Kluh warned.

The Times reported that determining how the Aedes species were introduced to California has been difficult. Officials, the paper said, blame imported tires and plants, but it also can travel via planes, ships and other vehicles.

Like scores of other establishment media outlets covering the story, the L.A. Times failed to note the yellow fever mosquitoes, which are thought to have originated in Africa, are now present in tropical areas such as Central and South America and the northeast coast of Mexico.

The insects’ presence in Latin America means the mosquitoes or their eggs could just as easily have been transported into the U.S. in baggage, clothing, food, or liquids carried by illegal aliens crossing the border.

The female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time, with the future progeny usually deposited in clusters. Eggs are usually laid on the surface of stagnant water and can hatch in as little as an inch of standing water.

Further, many of the viruses that can be transmitted by the mosquito, such as chikungunya, which brings paralyzing joint pain, and yellow fever have been ravaging not only Africa but also Latin America and Central America.

The World Health Organization’s global alert on yellow fever, for example, documents the disease is “endemic in 10 South and Central American countries and in several Caribbean islands.”

“The disease was originally imported into the Americas from Africa, but became widely established there,” the alert adds.

February 22nd President George Washington Birthday

Once America celebrated President George Washington’s birthday without fail, unfortunately his birthday celebration is being virtually ignored today.  Students do not know about “I cannot tell a lie”, the questionable legend of Washington throwing of a silver dollar across the Potomac, as a British Army Major George Washington's courage during the French and Indian Wars, the crossing of the Delaware, General Washington’s heroics in the Revolution, and so much more about the first President who was as humble, as he was courageous.  Americans should remember and honor the Father of the Republic, George Washington, on his birthday and every day.  Except for his briefest mention, because of the editing of school books at the federal level, Political Correctness and Common Core has virtually eliminated the profile of Republic’s fist and greatest president, and eliminated so much of the nation’s important American History.  

The United States was established because of the intelligence and courage of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and many other Founding Fathers, in their  pursuit of “Freedom” from oppressive rule and excessive taxation.  The Republic survived its very shaky beginning because of General George Washington’s leadership in war and in peace. 

Assyrian Christians Trying to Defend Homeland from ISIL and Al Q'ieda's Genocide

In a “Crime Against Humanity” on January 8, 1914 a Jihad was declared by the Ottoman Empire against “all Christians”; it was a government ordered genocide against Greeks, Assyrian, and Armenian Christians, the genocide resulted in the brutal murders of over one million Christians over the next two years.  For over the last 3 years, the world has been witnessing another “Crime Against Humanity”; today the same type Jihad that was perpetrated against Christians over 100 years ago by the Ottoman Turks, is being perpetrated by ISIL and Al Q’ieda in another bloody genocide against Syrian Christians in Syria and against Assyrian Christians on the Plains of Nineveh in Iraq

The Plain of Nineveh is the 2000+ year old ancient homeland of Aramaic speaking Assyrian Christians in what used to be Mesopotamia, but is called Iraq today.  The Assyrian Christians pride themselves on being the oldest ethnic Christian community in continuous existence since Jesus Christ walked the face of the earth; they speak the same language Christ spoke, worship in churches the Christ’s Disciples founded, and since Roman times theses courageous Assyrian Christians have been persecuted and murdered for refusing to denounce their faith in Jesus Christ.  The Pope called the Assyrian Church “The Martyr Church.”  Hundreds of ancient Assyrian Christian Churches, some that go back as far as 1800 years are being burned to the ground, along with their ancient religious artifacts and historic bibles by ISIL and Al Q’ieda; the Tomb of Jonah has also been destroyed.  For over 3 years particularly vulnerable Assyrian Christians have been fleeing their ancient ancestral homeland in the Nineveh Plain from the onslaught of ISIL and Al Q’ieda, seeking protection from the Kurdish Pershmerga Forces from the bloody genocide that has been underway for many years, as have thousands of peaceful Muslims who refuse to support the Jihad of Christians by Radical Islamic Terrorists.  


For over 3 years the international media has reported that ISIL and Al Q’ieda has been insisting on mass conversion to Islam or death; hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Assyrian Christians, are being horrifically targeted for religious cleansing by Radical Islamic Terrorists.  The terrorists are brutally torturing, crucifying, beheading, burying Christians alive, shooting them execution style, dowsing them in oil and burning them alive, cutting the young Assyrian Christian children in half, raping & murdering female children and women, conducting mass executions, and selling some of the Assyrian Christian women into white slavery (there are hundreds of photos of those atrocities on the worldwide net).  The Greek Catholic Relief Agency has reported that 300,000 Syrian and Assyrian Christians refugees have been seeking resettlement in the US thru the UN Muslim Resettlement Program, but they have been rejected by the UN and by the Obama administration.


Leaders of the International Community have been raising their voices in opposition to the current “Crime Against Humanity.”  The Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Royal Family in England, the UK Prime Minister, the King of Jordan, the President of Egypt, the President of Kurdistan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Australian, President George W. Bush, Reverend Billy Graham, the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Prime Ministers of NATO nations, the Prime Minister of Israel, Christian Religious Leaders of every denomination from throughout the world, and the Secretary General of the United Nations have all raised their voices in unison to demand that the bloody genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq stop.  The occupant of the Oval Office has not joined world leaders in their condemnation of the genocide of Christians by ISIL & Al Q’ieda in this latest “Crime Against Humanity”: Obama refuses to utter one word of condemnation, nor has he called on the Radical Islamic Terrorists to stop the bloody genocide of defenseless Christians---his silence for the last 3 years has been deafening.  However, Obama did refer to Christians in a recent prayer breakfast, the same way Radical Islamic Terrorists refer to Christians, as “Crusaders.”      


Less than 400,000 Assyrian Christians survivors of the 4,065,000 Assyrian Christians who once populated 70 Urmia villages in the Nineveh Plain remain in Iraq; many Assyrian Christians have fled the country and are among the 300,000 Christian refugees seeking entry into the US as refugees.  For over 3 years, the 400,000 Assyrian Christians have been desperately seeking military weapons and logistic support from the Obama administration and the Iraqi government.  Very little of the US military and logistic support, that is being sent to Iraq by the US, has been funneled by the Iranian controlled Iraq government to the Kurdish Pershmerga Forces.   


For the last 3 years, the Iranian controlled Iraqi government has rejected distribution of any weapons and logistic support to the Assyrian Christians to save them from ethnic cleansing, or to the Sunni tribes who once allied themselves with US military forces in support of the “Surge” during the Iraqi War.  The friendly Sunni tribes have been persecuted by the Iranian controlled Iraqi Shite Government ever since friendly US military forces were summarily pulled out of Iraq by Obama. US Forces were completely pulled out of Iraq at the end of the Iraqi War, despite warnings from US military general officers and US senior intelligence officials, who warned that removing a residual US military force would destabilize Iraq, and allow Al Q’ieda to grow once again.  Future US military and logistic support from the US must to delivered directly to the Kurdish Pershmerga Forces, Assyrian Christians, and friendly Sunni tribes who once allied themselves with the US military during the “Surge.”    


The Assyrian Christians in Iraq who make up the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) have sought and obtained support from US Assyrian communities.  The American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) and other Assyrian organizations in the US; have jointly developed a project entitled “Restore Nineveh Now” with ADM    AMO is soliciting and collecting donated funds to equip and train 4000Assyrian Christians volunteers in an newly developed Assyrian Militia, called “The Nineveh Plain Protection Units.”  Currently 600 volunteers are being trained to lead and mobilize “The Nineveh Plain Protection Units” in two locations in eastern Iraq.  The Nineveh Plain Protection Units will defend their fellow Assyrian Christians from being massacred in ISIL’s and Al Q’ieda’s Jihad (the below listed article provides specific details on the training that is underway).  


The Combat Veterans For Congress support a coalition of 55 US Congressmen who have asked Obama to take immediate action to provide weapons and logistic support directly to the Assyrian Christian’s Nineveh Plains Protection Units and, after 3 years, to finally speak out against the bloody genocide being perpetrated by Radical Islamic Terrorists designed to annihilate the Ancient Faith Community of Assyrian Christians on the Plains of Ninveh.  Kindly click on the below listed link to watch a video of a Congressional spokesman for the 55 US Congressmen that was provided to us by Foster Friess.


Watch this 3:45 minute video.


International Security News

We Love This Land': Iraqi Christian Men Fight to Keep ISIS Away From Homes

Athra Kado had never shot a gun before, let alone seen a battlefield.

Until recently Kado, 25, spent his young career in a classroom, teaching high school students how to speak Syriac, his native language.

But Kado is one of hundreds of Assyrian Christian men—many with no military experience—taking up arms to protect their towns from ISIS terrorists who invaded this part of Iraq early last year.

“If we don’t have land to live, what’s the purpose of teaching a language?” Kado tells The Daily Signal in a Skype interview from a former U.S. military facility outside the city of Kirkuk, where he is finishing up a training camp with 500 or so amateur fighters.

Recruits to the new Christian militia, or battalion, say their villages and families were abandoned by Iraqi government and peshmerga forces last summer, letting the terrorists seize control.

Since then, some 30,000 Christians have fled the Nineveh plains—an area inhabited by minority groups such as Iraqi Christians, Yezidis and Shabaks.

Without official government support, and with minimal equipment primarily funded through donations, the young Christian men—most in their early to mid 20s—feel a responsibility to defend their own.

“We saw that nobody was doing anything for us,” says Kado, whose home town, Al Qosh, is the only Christian town in the Nineveh plains free of ISIS control. “We know that we don’t have another chance if we don’t fight for ourselves. No one is protecting us. We want to make a change.”

Last summer, Iraq’s most prominent Christian political party, the Assyrian Democratic Movement, issued a call for volunteers from minority groups to form a local defense force to fight ISIS, the Sunni militant group also known the Islamic State or ISIL.

In late January, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s peshmerga—a leading force fighting ISIS that receives American support—offered up the Kirkuk training facility as the grounds for the Assyrian Christian battalion to learn military might.

“This is our right as human beings and as indigenous people: to protect our people and ourselves,” says Kaldo Oghanna, a party official from the Assyrian Democratic Movement who oversaw the training. “It is not logical for people south of north [of here] to secure this area.”

”This is our right as human beings and as indigenous people: to protect our people and ourselves,” says @KaldoRamzi.

Kado, the young fighter, said at least four Americans—volunteers with military experience—are helping train the men to use weapons such as automatic rifles, mortars, machine guns, AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades.

Fighters acquire skills fast, because they have to. They train from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

“When someone wants badly to do something, everything is easy for him,” Kado says.

“Me and my friends are getting this information so fast. We want to do that. We will go to our villages and towns and protect them so ISIS can’t come to our families.”

The training wraps up Thursday, when the civilian fighters are expected to be able to defend their turf.

“I know I am ready,” Kado says.

Help Wanted

Oghanna says the training of Iraqi Christian fighters has occurred without financial support from the Iraqi, Kurdish or U.S. governments.

Donations, mostly from Assyrians abroad, fund everything from guns to bullets to food.

The training of Iraqi Christian fighters has occurred without financial support from the Iraqi, Kurdish or U.S. governments. (Photo courtesy: Kaldo Oghanna)

He hopes the United States steps forward—help that may be on the way.

The U.S. National Defense Authorization Act, approved in December, includes language to train and equip fighters against the Islamic State.

As part of the legislation, up to $1.6 billion should go toward support for units such as the Iraqi Army, Sunni tribal fighters, peshmerga and local forces protecting “vulnerable” minority groups in the Nineveh plains.

“The U.S. supports many groups [fighters], especially in Syria, where many of them convert to join ISIS,” Oghanna says. “We know it’s complex [to decide who to support], but we are for sure not going to convert to ISIS.”

‘My Land’

The Assyrian Christians, who consider themselves the indigenous people of Iraq, want to survive on their terms.

For Kado and the battalion fighters, that means staying in their villages, no matter that ISIS militants want to wipe Christianity out of Iraq.

Oghanna says there are currently less than 400,000 Christians living in Iraq, down from about 1.6 million in 2003. Most have fled.

Kado will not. His family’s roots in Al Qosh date back 400 years.

More than 400 families from other Christian villages have come to Al Qosh to seek shelter. So Kado stays.

“We don’t want to be refugees in another country,” Kado says.

Adds Oghanna, “It would be bitter for us to migrate to Europe and the U.S.”

Kado has great respect for America.

He listens to American music, and he learned English through the songs and lyrics of Whitney Houston.

Two of his brothers live in Detroit.

“I want to vacation in the U.S.,” Kado says, smiling sheepishly, listing Las Vegas as a spot he hopes to visit. “But I want to stay and live here.”

Kado is risking everything to stay—to be the guardian of his religion, his land.

“I have thought about dying,” Kado says. “But the most important thing I’ve learned in the camp is discipline. It’s not just Christianity. If it was just Christianity, I could be Christian in Europe. It’s a matter of … this is our land. We want to live on it. We love this land.”

Obama Intentionally Overloading Immigration System, Supporting Entry of Millions of Illegal Aliens and Muslims

Since he came to office, Obama has been ignoring, rewriting, delaying, and breaking the nations Federal Immigrations Laws under the guise of immigration reform.   Immigration reform “starts” with securing the wide open southern border and enforcing Federal Immigration Laws at the same time.  Any member of Congress or candidate for President in 2016, who doesn’t support closing the Southern Border and enforcing Federal Immigration Laws those should be defeated at the polls in November 2016.   

Obama has proclaimed for 6 years that he cares about the American union worker, the unemployed minority workers, and the middle class, yet he gave orders to DHS to issue 5 million Work Permits and Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens who would end up taking millions of jobs away from the 90 million unemployed American citizens, union workers, and taxpayers who are desperate for a job.  Issuance of Work Permits and Social Security Numbers would allow Illegal Aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, which will then facilitate them in their ability to illegally register to vote; probably one of the Obama administration’s goals.  


In North Carolina the Registry of Voters did what every state should do; they compared the list of voters who registered to vote against the Federal Immigration Database.  The cross check of the first 10,000 voters, found 1,425 likely non-citizens registered to vote, including 109 Illegal Alien “Dreamers”.  Almost 10 percent of the non-citizens who registered to vote, did so when they applied for and received their driver’s license at the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles outlets, and the .  problem is nationwide.  To prevent voter fraud in 2016, all state election officials should compare the list of registered voters, in their respective states, against the Federal Immigration Database and should also closely scrutinize if Illegal Aliens are registering to vote at the same time they are applying for drivers licenses.  In the last national election over 7 million voters, voted in two states, and many millions more Illegal Aliens voted illegally.  


In addition to registering to vote illegally, because of the provisions of Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration, each Illegal Alien will be able to file for and received a refund check from the IRS for a $24,000 income tax credit that will cost the American taxpayers $150 billion in one year (How many loyal Americans paying their taxes are receiving a refund check for $24,000 from the IRS?).  Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration would also allow for each Illegal Aliens to apply for visas for their family members in Mexico.  It is conservatively estimated that each Illegal Alien would be applying for visas for 10+ relatives; the 5 million Illegal Aliens who are covered by Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration will seek 50+ million visas for new Illegal Alien family members; their relatives will enter the United States to compete with 90 million unemployed Americans citizens for scarce jobs.  


Currently, the Immigration System is overloaded, dealing with 12.5+ million Illegal Aliens.  Those numbers consist of 150,000+ Illegal Alien children from Central America with infectious diseases (who were allowed to enter without being properly quarantined), the 6 million Syrian Muslim Immigrants from a number of UN Resettlement Programs whose backgrounds were not investigated for terrorist ties and were given a fast track for US Citizenship, the 1.5 million “Dreamers” children up to “age 31” (children?) whose backgrounds were not properly investigated for residency, the 5 million Illegal Aliens being given a pathway to US Citizenship by Obama unconstitutional Executive Order on Immigration without interviewing them on their backgrounds and 5 year residency. A number of those 12.5 million Illegal Aliens will be undermining the health & safety and the National Security of the United States.


The pressure placed on the overly stressed and fragile Immigration System dealing with 12.5 million Illegal Aliens, would eventually crash if it has to process an additional 50 million new Illegal Alien relatives.  There are not enough qualified intelligence analysts to evaluate the backgrounds of the millions of new Illegal Aliens.  The US Congress passed a bill to employ the power of the purse to defund the Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration; the bill is in the Senate being filibustered by the Democrats.  In response to a law suit filed by Attorney Generals in 26 states, calling the Executive Order on Immigration unconstitutional, a US Federal District Judge in Texas, issued an injunction that restrained the DHS from carrying out that unconstitutional Executive Order, and halted the issuance of Work permits and social Security numbers. The Congress should also take action to prevent the IRS from giving each of the 5 million Illegal Aliens a check for $24,000---it is gross abuse of Executive power by the occupant in the Oval Office.


A new report from the Center of Immigration Studies (CIS), released in response to a Freedom of Information Request from the US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), stated that for 6 years the Obama administration has been issuing millions of work permits, over and above the annual legal limits set by Congress and by Federal Immigration Regulations.  The CIS found that Federal Records showed that from 2009—2014.  The USCIS illegally issued 5,461,568 new Work Permits to Illegal Aliens, over and above those issued annually to 1.1million Legal Immigrants and 700,000 Guest Workers that the Congress and Federal Immigration Regulations have authorized the Immigration System to issue each year.       


Obama has demonstrated for 6 years that he doesn’t support the fundamental requirement that every nation in the world implements, that a nation must have secure international borders.  Secure international borders are the first line of defense for a nation against invading enemies, Radical Islamic Terrorists, and drug/human smuggling criminals.  Obama has not supported the closure of the wide open southern border with the same type of border fence that “has eliminated illegal immigration” in the San Diego Sector.  Now there is a new Border Fence Bill, HR 399, called the “Secure Our Border First Act,” supported by the Obama administration; it will “only” extend the secure border fence “20 miles.”, while 1200 miles of the southern border is wide open with no controls at all.   HR 399 is designed to mislead the American voters; it must be changed to extend a secure border fence (a 700 mile secure border fence was previously authorized and funded by Congress, but for 6 years Obama has refused to build the funded 700 miles of secure border fence to close a portion of the 1200 mile wide open southern border).    


There are not adequate staff members or a proper review process in place to properly investigate the backgrounds of the latest influx of Muslim immigrants to ensure they have no terrorist ties or criminal records.  It has been reported that within the latest influx of 75,0000 Muslim immigrants from the UN Resettlement Program, that Al Q’ieda and Radical Islamic Terrorists have been infiltrating the foreign refugee camps operated by the UN; in order to sneak into the US along with thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees.  All those Muslim Syrian refugees will be included in Obama’s fast track program, so they can quickly obtain their US citizenship.   In the below listed article, a senior FBI Official admitted that the United States is finding it virtually impossible to screen out Radical Islamic Terrorist that are hiding among the 75,000 Syrian Muslim Refugees being admitted by Obama.  Obama has accepted more Muslim Refugees from the UN Resettlement program than all the other nations in the world combined, and according to Greek Catholic Relief Agencies, the US has refused to accept 300,000 Syrian and Assyrian Christian Refugees seeking resettlement in the US.    


Obama has imposed new restrictive orders on the US Border Patrol and ICE that has tied their hands and prevented them from implementing Federal Immigration Regulation and has prevented them from executing Federal Immigrations Laws that were designed to secure the southern border, to apprehend Illegal Aliens, and to deport Illegal Aliens.  Obama’s orders to DHS have prevented ICE from apprehending and deporting the massive influx of illegal alien children from Central America with infectious diseases and made it very easy for hundreds of thousands Illegal Aliens and Radical Islamic Terrorists to walk across the wide open southern border.  According to Judicial Watch,  the Obama administration has also ordered all Border Patrol Agents to stop apprehending Illegal Aliens who have been detained for drunk driving, and prohibited them from apprehending Illegal Aliens at traffic stops.  ICE Officers are prohibited from making street arrests or enforcing Federal Immigration Laws.    


ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations of Illegal aliens who are unlawfully present have ceased (Obama’s deportation statistics are padded & deceptive----9 border stations have been closed—over 1,000,000 ICE Deportations Cases were closed by the Obama administration, and 900,000 Illegal Aliens ordered to be removed by Federal Courts remain in the United States---160,000 of them are convicted criminals).  Last year 36,007 convicted criminal Illegal Aliens with 88,000 convictions were released into the general population, including 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnaping convictions, 9.187 dangerous drug convictions, and 16,070 drug & drunk driving convictions-----DHS refused to tell Local Law Enforcement where they were released.  Holder’s Department of Justice will not take action against 225 sanctuary cities and 275 counties where Local Law Enforcement Agencies ignore ICE detainer requests.


MI 5 recently notified US Intelligence Agencies, the FBI, and the CIA that ISIL, Al Q’ieda, and other Radical Islamic Terrorists are actively planning to strike the United States.  In addition to the threat from Radical Islamic Terrorists entering among UN Syrian Refugees, the FBI has estimated that 150+ American citizens have traveled to Syria to train and fight with ISIL (they are being allowed to return to the US with no restrictions on them at all, when they should be arrested and tried for treason as terrorists); the identities of every US citizen fighting with ISIL is not known by the FBI and ICE Agents (many are Muslims refugees previously admitted to the US on Obama’s Fast Track program for US Citizenship).  It has also been reported that 5000+ trained ISIL Radical Islamic Terrorists hold passports from European allied nations that will permit them to gain easy access thru US Ports of Entry.   When coupled with 3000+ members of the shadowy Pakistan-based group, Jamaat al-Fuqra, and its main US front group, Muslims of America, Inc. (MOA) who have been training the Radical Islamic Terrorists in 19 Radical Islamic Paramilitary Communes located in 15 states.  The Immigration Policies of the Obama administration over the last 6 years has created an enormous threat from possibly as many as 10,000+ Radical Islamic Terrorist referred to above.  The Bush administration posted 1200 National Guard Troops on the southern border to maintain security while Border Patrol Agents worked to apprehend potential terrorists---they have been effectively reduced to negligible numbers.


In the midst of these revelation the Obama administration is giving 30,000 well trained US Military Combat Veterans who are US citizens pink slips, and are pushing an Obama measure,  HR 2377 “Enlist Act” thru Congress, to permit the enlistment of Illegal Aliens unlawfully present in the US to enter the US Armed Forces.  Any member of Congress who supports or votes for H R 2377,  should be voted out office in 2016. That bill would remove 30,000 well trained US citizens soldiers and airmen out of military billets, and replace them with Illegal Aliens who can’t speak, write, or read English well, requiring substantial time and funding to reeducate them in the English language.  That dysfunctional bill damages the Combat Readiness of the US Armed Forces and must be defeated.    


ISIL poses a serious danger to the United States, and continues its genocide of Christians, Jews, and Muslims who won’t join their Jihad. ISIL recently beheaded 21 innocent Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya, and just before ISIL executed them, they used Obama’s own words intoned by him when he addressed attendees at the February 9, 2015 Annual Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC..  Obama referred to Christians as “Crusader” at that prayer breakfast, so the ISIL executioners used Obama’s own words when they referred to the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians as “Crusaders,” as a justification for beheading them.   Today we learned that ISIL put 45 Kurds and Iraqi military personnel in cages, dowsed them with oil, and burned them alive.  


For over 6 years, the Obama administration has threatened the nations Constitutional System, Dismantled Immigration Enforcement, threatened our national sovereignty by leaving 1200 miles of the southern border wide open for Radical Islamic Terrorist to enter the United States; the southern border has never been more violent or dangerous.   The Federal Immigration Laws and System must be restored by Congress and by the US Federal Courts to its status 6 years ago.  



'Barbarians are at the gate,' says congressman


Leo Hohmann is a news editor for WND. He has been a reporter and editor at several suburban newspapers in the Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, areas and also served as managing editor of Triangle Business Journal in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

A senior FBI official has admitted the United States is finding it virtually impossible to screen out terrorists that could be hiding among the thousands of Syrian “refugees” heading soon to American cities.

The U.S. simply does not have the resources to stop Islamic radicals in Syria from slipping into the country through the State Department’s refugee-resettlement program, said Michael Steinbach, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s counter terrorism unit.

Separating legitimate refugees from terrorists was difficult enough in Iraq, where the U.S. had a large occupation force. Even then, the U.S. government’s vetting process missed “dozens” of Iraqi jihadists who slipped into the country posing as refugees and took up residence in Kentucky, according to a November 2013 ABC News report.

In Syria, the challenges are much greater. That’s why Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, held hearings this week on the process of vetting refugees and sent a letter to the White House voicing the committee’s “serious national security concerns.”

“We learned our lessons with the Iraqi refugee population. We put in place a USIK-wide background and vetting process that we found to be effective,” Steinbach told the committee Wednesday.

“The difference is that in Iraq we were there on the ground collecting (information), so we had databases to use,” he added. “The concern is that in Syria, the lack of our footprint on the ground in Syria, the databases won’t have the information we need. So it’s not that we have a lack of a process, it’s that there is a lack the information.”

Separating the wheat from the tares

Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., asked Steinbach if he could suggest ways to go about getting this vital background information that would separate legitimate refugees from those who may be seeking to enter the U.S. to harm Americans.

“I just don’t think you can go and get it,” Steinbach said. “You’re talking about a country that’s a failed state, does not have any infrastructure so to speak. So all the data sets, the police, the intel services, that you would normally go to and seek that information, don’t exist.”

“And that obviously raises a grave concern of being able to do proper background checks on individuals coming into the country?” Katko asked.

“Yes,” Steinbach responded.




McCaul’s panel sent a letter to the Obama administration Jan. 28 saying they have “serious national security concerns” about the U.S. State Department’s plans to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. by the end of 2016.

The letter implored the administration not to let the refugee resettlement program become a “backdoor for jihadists” to enter the country.

The United States has traditionally taken in the majority of the world’s displaced persons, but since 1980 the refugee program has been handled through the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, who approves individuals for refugee status and then assigns them to various host countries. The U.S. can reject any refugee assigned by the U.N. if it discovers ties to terrorism during its vetting process.

The four-year-old Syrian civil war has created a humanitarian crisis, with 3.2 million Syrians having fled their country. Most are staying in camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

The State Department said in December it was processing more than 9,000 applications referred from the United Nations, with tens of thousands more Syrians waiting in the U.N. pipeline. Resettlement agencies have lobbied the White House and Congress to allow up to 75,000 Syrians into the country as refugees over the next five years.

“Would bringing in Syrian refugees pose a greater risk to Americans?” asked McCaul.

“Yes, I’m concerned,” said Steinbach. “We’ll have to go take a look at those lists and go through all of those intelligence holdings and be very careful to try and identify connections to foreign terrorist groups.”

And the door from Syria swings both ways.

Not only are Syrians with potentially deadly ties to terrorism coming into the U.S., but Americans are going to Syria to fight for ISIS. Many are lured over the Internet or encouraged by radicalized mosques in the U.S. to fly to the Middle East and wage jihad. Once they receive military training they are a danger to return to the United States.

Situation ‘out of control’

Another purpose of McCaul’s hearings was to get a handle on the size of the ISIS fighting force and how many Westerners have left their countries to fight for the terrorist army, which has butchered Christians across Iraq and Syria.

More than 150 Americans are believed to have gone to fight for ISIS. That’s up from the number Vice President Joe Biden gave just last fall, when he said about 100 Americans were fighting for ISIS.

“We don’t have it under control,” said Steinbach. “Absolutely, we’re doing the best we can. If I were to say that we had it under control, then I would say I know of every single individual traveling. I don’t. And I don’t know every person there and I don’t know everyone coming back. So it’s not even close to being under control.”

McCaul said the American people want answers.

“You know the American people have seen Americans, the American journalists, beheaded by the ISIS executioner. It was a wake-up call for the United States,” McCaul said. “Kayla Mueller was just recently executed.

“And the Jordanian pilot, in one of the most horrific videos I’ve ever seen, in a very sophisticated Hollywood movie production style, lit in flames,” he continued. “They’re barbarians. And I think the barbarians are at the gate. We want to keep them outside the gates of the United States. I’m concerned that some have already returned.”

McCaul said the ISIS army is 50,000-men strong, but an article by WND earlier this week cited an Egyptian intelligence report that estimates the terrorist army could muster up to 180,000 or more fighters if it called in allied forces from al-Qaida, al-Shabab, al-Nusra and other like-minded Islamic groups.

What’s more troubling is the number of foreign fighters flooding in from the West. ISIS is not a nationalist movement with loyalties to any nation. Rather, it is an Islamic movement bent on building up the caliphate declared by Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Under an Islamic caliphate, the fighters swear allegiance to the caliph. Christians in the caliphate have been forced to convert or die. Many of the Christian women have been sold into slavery after being forced to watch the murder of their own children.

5,000 ISIS fighters hold Western passports

“We know that foreign fighters have gone from 15,000 to 20,000. We know that 5,000 of these foreign fighters have Western passports that could get them entrance into the United States,” McCaul said. “… There are hundreds of Americans who have traveled to the region to fight with ISIS. We know that some of them have returned, and that’s a classified number. But my first question is, for those who have returned to the United States, what assurances can you give the American people, and what are we doing about it to make sure they do not attack in the United States?”

Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, also testified Wednesday and said the numbers are far from clear.

“We know what we know, but that comes from a wide variety of sources and we have always assessed that there is likely more information out there that we have not yet been able to collect … And that is possible there are greater numbers of foreign fighters and potentially even greater numbers of individuals from Western countries who have traveled to the conflict zones.”

Steinbach agreed the numbers could be much greater than the 150 or so Americans suspected of fighting for ISIS, also called ISIL.

“I would not be truthful if I told you we knew about all the returnees. We know what we know. There is a number that we don’t know about,” he told the committee. “The ones we know about, that have returned from Syria and the conflict zone. … Regardless of the intelligence that we started with, we build a case to disrupt. … And we seek to determine the root cause of their travel, what they did in Syria, and then ultimately if it was in support of a foreign terrorist organization such as ISIL we look for prosecution or some other type of disruption.”

McCaul said he does not believe the U.S. has “sufficient human intelligence in Syria to properly identify these individuals and hopefully the administration will move forward to do that.”


US Marines in US Embassy in Yemen Ordered to Surrender their Weapons to Radical Islamic Terrorist

This Op Ed concerns Iran’s influence on Valerie Jarrett, Jarrett’s influence on Obama, and Obama’s pro-Iranian initiatives that continue damage the National Security interests of the United States

The Houthis, also known as the Ansarallah (Supporters of God), are Shiite Radical Islamic Terrorists operating in Yemen. They currently rule Yemen, and took control of the Yemen in a 2014–15 coup d'état.  The group takes its name from Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, their former commander, who was killed by the  Yemeni army forces in September 2004.  Badreddin al-Houthi, is the spiritual leader of these Shiite Radical Islamic Terrorists.  The Houthis had been accepting military and logistics support from the Shiite Iranian Republican Guard.  Saudi Arabia had been supporting the elected government of Yemen with less than adequate support from the Obama administration

In November 2011, Houthis took control of two Yemeni governorates (Saada and Al Jawf) with the strong support from Iran. By May 2012, the Houthis controlled most of Saada, Al Jawf, and Hajjah governorates, gained access to the Red Sea, in order that Iran could provide military and logistic support via the Red Sea.  

By 21 September 2014, Houthis were in control of parts of the Yemen capital of Sana'a, including government buildings, and a radio station. A US Marine Ready Group was positioned off the coast of Yemen, in order to be able to evacuate US Embassy personnel and the US Marine contingent.  In January 2015, the  Houthis took control of the capital, with the help of the Shiite Iranian Republican Guard; as a result, more US Marines were deployed to the US Embassy to re-enforce the US Marine contingent in place.  

On 20 January 2015, Houthi Radical Islamic Terrorists took over the presidential palace. President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi remained in the presidential palace during the takeover.  Eighteen days later, on February 6th, the Houthis, with the help of the Iranian Republican Guard, took control of the Yemeni government, dissolved the elected parliament, and declared that its Revolutionary Committee was now the ruling authority in Yemen. 

Today, on February 11th, instead of sending US Marines in from pre-positioned ships by helicopters, in order to evacuate the US Marines from the US Embassy, along with all US weapons from the US Embassy, the State Department ordered the US Marines to destroy all the weapons in the US Embassy, except for their own personal rifles.  The US Marines were then ordered to remove the firing pins from their personal rifles before they were allowed to be transported to the airport for evacuation.  The US Marine contingent was ordered by the US State Department to board transportation vehicles controlled by the Houthis, so they could be driven to the airport—enroute to the airport, they came under enemy fire with no way to defend themselves.  When they got to the airport, in order to be permitted to leave, they were told to turn in their personal rifles—“US Marine are trained to never to surrender their weapons.”  No US military aircraft were employed to pick up the US Marines and depart from Yemen, private aircraft were hired by the US State Department, to fly the US Marines out of Yemen.

Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, has worked her will a third time in a row, and facilitated the turnover of the third US Embassy in the row, and to give effective control of those embassies to Iran (Syria, Libya, and Yemen).  Iran has effectively neutralized the Shiite government of Iraq, and has replaced the US as the most influential nation with the Iraqi government.  The Iranians with the help of Jarrett, are planning to eventually take control of the government in Afghanistan---the Iranian Republican Guard has been assisting the Taliban in killing US military personnel by providing the Taliban with Iranian manufactured IEDs, and has been supplying the Taliban with logistic and weapon support for 6 years.  For many years, Iran has been instigating Shiites demonstrations in the streets in Bahrein, in their attempt to destabilize the government of Bahrein.   

Hizballah and the Iranian Republican Guard have formed a joint military combat command, and are engaging ISIL in combat in Iraq (the Iranian Republican Guard and Hizballah have been involved in joint military operations in Lebanon against the pro-western government and against Israel for 6 years).  Obama and Jarrett are supplying US weapons and logistics support to only the Shiites government and Iraqi military (the Iraqi military is effectively controlled by Iran).  The Kurds, the Assyrian Christians, and the Sunni tribes being oppressed by Iraq that require weapons and logistic support have not been delivered by the Iraqi military as required; they have been held back by Iraqi and Iran.  The King of Jordan recently traveled to Washington, with hat in hand, to ask for weapons and logistics support in person—it was previously promised to Jordan by Obama but was never delivered.

Iran has been the most dangerous sponsor of terrorism in the world for 36 years, has been responsible for killing thousands of Americans for 36 years, and for over 2 years the Obama State Department with Valerie Jarrett’s guidance has been in ineffective negotiations with Iran to supposedly prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  Secretary Kerry style of negotiations is allowing the Iranians to extend negotiations, which is allowing them to develop and manufacture nuclear weapons.  The Middle East is in flames because of Obama and Hillary’s lack of an intelligent foreign policy over the last 6 years, Kerry is further destabilizing the Middle East because his negotiations are facilitating Iran’s development of nuclear weapons---if Iran does develop nuclear weapons, it will result in a dagger thrust aimed at the heart of Israel, at the heart of US’s allies in the Middle East, and will plunged the Middle East into a nuclear arms race.   

As you probably know, Valerie Jarrett is President Obama's most trusted advisor.


Why We Are Afraid, of Islam, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

This Op Ed is designed to contribute, in some small measure, toward halting the erosion of the unity of American citizens against Radical Islamic Terrorists as the primary national threat America is faced with today. Obama has repeatedly tried to divide and confuse American citizens about their understanding of what the real threat is that has killed and wounded thousands of Americans for the last 36 years----specifically, it is Radical Islamic Terrorists.   

By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to watch a very thorough analysis by Dr. Bill Warner of the 1400 year development and spread of Islam.   Dr. Warner is a scientist who employed scientific logic to do an in depth analysis on the birth and development of Islam from 600 AD to the present day.  He explains, in the video, the spread of Radical Islam from 615 AD (referred to as the 1st Jihad) to the fall of Constantinople in 1452 (referred to as the 2nd jihad), to 1915-1923, when the Turks and Kurds murdered one million Armenian and Assyrian Christians, and to 1979 (referred to as the 3rd Jihad) when for the last 36 years Radical Islamic Terrorists perpetrated 19,000 brutal attacks on Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists---they have been killing peaceful Muslims who do not support their 3rd Jihad.  

For over 6 years Obama has been trying to confuse the understanding of American citizens with regard to the true nature of Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Obama has been suppressing any reference to attacks by Radical Islamic Terrorists by using phrases such as "work place violence".  He has been aggressively instituting the use of political correct language to suppress the use of the word Islam in connection with brutal terrorism.  The Obama administration has encouraged the left of center liberal media establishment to skew the reporting of attacks by Radical Islamic Terrorists by using phrases like "extremists, fanatics, etc.."  Obama has ordered the sanitizing of all library documents & training manuals of federal intelligence & law enforcement agencies, in order to prevent them from mentioning Radical Islamic Terrorists being the true enemy that has been killing Americans for over 36 years--any reference to Islam or Muslim has been eliminated.  

Since 1979. Radical Islamic Terrorists have been at war with and have been killing thousands of American civilians and US Military personnel (On November 4, 1979, Iran took control of the US Embassy in Tehran and imprisoned 52 US hostages, on April, 18, 1983 Iran bombed the US Embassy in Beirut and killed 17 Americans, then on October 23, 1983 Iran attacked the US Marine Barracks at Beirut International Airport killing 241 US Marines and wounding an additional 100 US Marines.  Iran continued to use the Iranian Republican Guards to kill US military servicemen in Beirut, the Dhahran Air Force Barracks, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan by supplying Iranian manufactured IEDs and weapons to Radical Islamic Terrorist for 36 years. 

In “The Art of War” Sun Tzu said, ‘To truly defeat an enemy, one must truly know that enemy."  From 1776 to date, the US has been in conflicts with various enemies who were always properly identified by the Continental Congress, then by US Presidents---England, Spain, Mexico, the Kaiser, the Nazi Germany, Japan, Communists in various countries (Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, North Vietnam), Iran, Bosnia, Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, and Al Q’ieda, but the current occupant of the Oval Office refuses to state that the US has been at war with Radical Islamic Terrorists and ISIL.  James Comey, the  Director of the FBI, recently stated that the FBI has open cases in 49 states (excluding Alaska) concerning ISIL operatives and Radical Islamic Terrorists.  ISIL and Islamic Terrorists have been able to easily walk across the wide open southern border because of Obama's failure to comply with Federal Immigration Laws.   ISIL and Radical Islamic Terrorists have also have been entering the US thru the UN Resettlement Programs for Muslim refugees; according to Greek Catholic agencies the UN and the US have excluded 300,000 Syrian & Assyrian Christians refugees who have lost their homes because of ISIL’s aggression and genocide (unfortunately, Muslim refugees have been given a fast track to US citizenship by Obama in violation of National Security requirements outlined in Federal Immigration Laws).  

A good number of the  newly admitted Muslims from the UN Resettlement Program who became US Citizen on the fast track, subsequently left the US and fought with ISIL. Many of those new Muslim US Citizens who perpetrated genocide with ISIL are now returning to the US and have had no restrictions placed upon them by the Obama administration.  Those returning ISIL fighters are going to 49 states, and will be forming or joining sleeper cells or may become lone wolves terrorists.  Some of the Radical Islamic Terrorists who walked across the wide open southern border or entered thru the UN Refugee Program will soon be given Work Permits and Social Security Numbers by the Obama administration.  There are not enough qualified intelligent analysts to check the backgrounds on 12.5 million immigrants waiting in line to get Work Permits and Social Security numbers (1.5 million Dreamers children up to age 31, 6 million Muslims refugees from the UN Resettlement Programs, and 5 million illegal Immigration who fall under Obama's Executive Order because they supposedly lived in the US for 5 years).

In the below listed video, Dr. Bill Warner explains why the most brutal genocide perpetrated against Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Jews over a 1400 year period is going on today (Radical Islamic Terrorists have been torturing, beheading, crucifying, burning Christians alive, burying Christians alive, cutting the bodies of children in half, raping then murdering young girls & women, and shooting kneeling Christians in the head like the Nazis did in WWII).  After release of the recent video of a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive by ISIL, the leader of the Muslim Institution widely regarded as the premier learning center for Sunni Islam called for the brutal punishment of Islamic State members.  It was reported by Agence France-Presse that Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayib said that act was contrary to the Muslim religion, he issued a statement following the burning alive of Lt Muath al-Kaseasbeh, Jordanian Air Force, saying the brutal act "requiresthe punishment mentioned in the Quran for these corrupt oppressors who fight against God and his prophet: killing, crucifixion or chopping of the limbs."  King Abdullah II of Jordan stated that Islam needs a reboot.  General Abdel Fatah el Sisi, the President of Egypt, said that Islam must be purged of ISIL and Al Q’ieda; and went out of the way to support Coptic Christians. 

Even though The Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayib is condemning the Islamic genocide. Obama has been ignoring the massive genocide being perpetrated by Radical Islamic Terrorist for 6 years, and has never objected to the wholesale slaughter of Christians like the leaders of most European Countries, the Royal Family in England, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Pope, the Secretary General of the UN, the President of Egypt, the King of Jordan, and religious leaders from around the world.  The speech Obama made at the February 5, 2015 Prayer Breakfast linked Christianity to today’s terrorism by ISIL which defies common sense and logic.  Obama. indicted Christians for committing “terrible deeds in the name of Christ”, he tried to convince the audience that ISIL was just doing what some Christians did 1000 years ago.  What Obama didn’t tell the audience is that Christians were desperately fighting for their very survival for 700 years in Europe, trying to defend themselves from the onslaught of Radical Islamic aggression.  Obama also referred to Christians as Crusaders (a term Radical Islamic Terrorists use when referring to Christians) and denigrated the Crusades that were mounted to protect Arab Christians who were being slaughtered by Radical Muslims like Syrian and Assyrian Christians are being slaughtered by ISIL today.  Obama's negative attitude toward Christians was clearly revealed by the content of his address during the Prayer Breakfast; Obama’s comments have given rise to concerns by American Christians, and because of Obama’s past treatment of Christians in the US Armed Forces Christians in America do have valid concerns.  

For 6 years, Obama has prevented Christian Chaplains in the US Armed Forces from reading the letters from their Cardinals to parishioners (violation of Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Religion), forced the performance of same sex marriages to be conducted in military chapels when Christian Chaplains had deep held religious beliefs opposing them, and forced gay pride events to be held on military bases when Christian Chaplains opposed them--no-gay pride events or any other political events should be permitted to be held on any military facility.  A report in the Iron Mountain, MI Daily News quoted Chaplain Bob Mueller at the VA  Hospital in Iron Mountain as saying he was ordered to cover the Cross, a picture of Christ, other Christian Icons, and the Alter, and he said “A couple of months ago, an order came down from Washington, DC to cover all things associated with Christianity in the VA Hospitals.  Their solution is to cover everything in all VA Chapels across the county.”  Chaplain Mueller went on to say, A few weeks ago an official from Madison, WI VA Administration came down here to tell me to “stop talking about Jesus, and stop reading Scripture out loud.

Obama is making it very easy for Iran to develop nuclear weapons, is negotiating to let the Taliban take control of Afghanistan, has been appointing members of the Moslem Brotherhood to key positions in his administration, has freed over 50 very dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorists from the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and has facilitated the entry of 6 million Muslims into the United States without the detailed background investigation on them required by Federal Immigration Laws.  Obama and Hillary Clinton worked with Radical Islamic Terrorists to overthrow Muammar Gadhafi in Libya (Libya is now controlled by Al Q'ieda), supplied arms from Libya to Radical Islamic Terrorists in Syria who supported ISIL, and supported the Moslem Brotherhood to come to power in Egypt (who were overthrown by a pro-western military junta).  Obama freed 5 of the most dangerous terrorists in Gitmo for an Army deserter, because he said we leave no man behind (the US has left deserters behind in every war), yet Obama left the US Ambassador, two US Navy Seals, and an Embassy Communications Specialist behind in the Battle of Benghazi------he abandoned them to be murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorists because he refused to issue "Cross Border Authority" to DOD so the US Military could mount a rescue with US military forces that were within 2 hours away.

Over a year ago, Obama should have formed a coalition of countries including France, England, Jordan, Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrein, and the United Arab Emirates to form a united front against Al Q’ieda, ISIL, and Iran (Israel should be a stealth partner like they were during Operation Desert Storm). Those counties and the US must collectively put 100,000 boots on the ground to crush ISIL  Air power alone has never defeated any enemy, and over the last two years ISIL has gained a massive amounts of territory, 7 air strikes a day failed to deter ISIL whose numbers increased from 3000 to 40,000.  A more effective air campaign must be mounted with the support of the coalition country air forces of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, England, the US, and the United Arab Emirates (during Operation Desert Storm 800 coalition air strikes/day were prosecuted/day). Special Operations Forces are needed on the ground to take out strategic targets, to provide air control support for the front line allied forces engaging ISIL, and to train allied forces.  Weapons and logistics support must be provided to Jordan, the Kurds, Assyrian Christians, and to the Sunni tribes being oppressed by the Iranian backed Iraqi government.  Obama has been providing logistics and weapons support directly to the Iraqis, who with their Iranian partners have been receiving those supplies for the Kurds, but have refused to forward those supplies to the aforementioned allies desperately in need of them.    

The below listed video is a little long but it is an outstanding historic analysis of Islam, and will explain why the current reduction in the strength of the US Army to below WWII levels and the reduction of the number of US Navy ships to below WWI levels by Obama is the most dangerous initiative any occupant of the Oval Office has ever ordered in the last 238 years. If the hallowing out of the US Armed Forces is permitted by the US Congress it will dangerously affect the ability of the US Armed Forces to be able to oppose the rapidly expanding Chinese, Russian, and Iranian armed forces.  Americans must press their Congressional representatives to use the power of the purse to rebuild the hollowed out US Armed Forces and stop Obama's civilian appointees at DOD from firing thousands of well-trained Combat Veterans from the US Armed Forces---they are desperately needed to oppose ISIL.   



Obama's Massive Resettlement in the USA of 6 Million Muslims

This below listed intelligent analysis is not intended to offend over a billion kind, considerate, peaceful, supportive, religious, and law abiding Muslims, and especially the Islamic partners of the United States in the Middle East and worldwide who have been our allies and our trusted friends for over 60 years.  Our Muslim brothers-in-arms protected me and my men when we were engaged in military operations in the Middle East, Africa, the Philippines, and in the United States for over a 25 year period, and are still protecting US military personnel in the Middle East.     

Unless the US secures the support of our Muslim allies worldwide, the US will have no hope of ever defeating Radical Islamic Terrorism that is spreading worldwide like wildfire, and will never be able to properly deal with Iran.  Iran is the most dangerous sponsors of terrorists in the world, and is bent on obtaining nuclear weapons to attack the US, Israel, and threaten our allies in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

This Op Ed was written is to alert all American patriots of the immediate threat posed by Radical Islamic Terrorists organizations such as ISIL, Al Q’ieda, Iranian Republic Guard, Al Shabab, the NPA, the Muslim Brotherhood, 
Jamaat al-Fuqra, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Ansar Al Sharia, and so many others too numerous to list here.  Those Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations are using on line tactics to instruct the hundreds of Radical Islamic Terrorists “Sleeper Cells” already in the US, who, for the past 6 years, have been entering the US thru the wide open southern borders and setting up their terrorist networks, in order to strike the United States. That is a result of Obama’s massive immigration of 6 million Muslim immigrants who didn’t have their backgrounds properly investigated, as required by Federal Immigration Laws previously passed by Congress and signed into law by over 20 past Democrat and Republican US Presidents. 

In 2008, there were 1,349,000 Muslims in the United States, in 2012 because of Obama’s radical immigration policies, there numbers increased to 2.6 million, and because of Obama’s very aggressive immigration policies in support of only Muslim immigrants since 2012, the US Immigration Service has processed massive new numbers of Muslims from throughout the world.  Their numbers have grown by 67%; to what is now estimated to be 7 million Muslims residing in the United States.  The numbers Muslim immigrants will keep increasing asymmetrically by many more millions over the next 2 years, because Obama is driving this massive resettlement of “only” Muslim Immigrants in the UN Resettlement Program.  

Greek Catholic sources have said more than 300,000 Syrian and Assyrian Christians are among the refugees driven from their homes by ISIL and Al Q’ieda Radical Islamic Terrorists, but neither the UN nor Obama have shown any willingness to resettle Christians refugees in the US.  The Obama administration has resisted the acceptance of Christian refugees, and is only aggressively pushing the acceptance of Muslim refugees from the UN Resettlement Program.  Muslim immigrants who haven’t had their backgrounds properly investigated pose a much greater risk to the Nation Security interests of the US, than Syrian and Assyrian Christian refugees who would pose very little or no risk.  The Christians have been crucified, beheaded, shot, and buried alive by Radical Islamic Terrorists in a genocide that has been underway for 6 years.   The UN is excluding Christians from their UN Resettlement Programs according to Greek Catholic sources; if that continues, all funding for the UN should be abruptly terminated by the US Congress.   Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the United States.  

Obama’s violation of Federal Immigration Laws, over the past 6 years, continues to pose a very serious National Security threat to the Republic and has created a real and present danger to the lives of millions of American citizens.  One of the goals of the Republic’s  immigration policies should be to protect the nation from the types of Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks that have occurred in Paris, Nigeria, India, Syria, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Bahrein, England, the Philippines, United States, Yemen, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  Unfortunately the 6 million Muslim immigrants only pose a major security threat to the United States, because their backgrounds have never been investigated in depth by qualified Intelligent Analysts to determine if they had possible ties to Al Q’ieda, ISIL Iranian Terrorists, and other Radical Islamic Terrorists.

The below listed article further explains in detail the most recent UN Program to Resettle Muslims refugees throughout the United States.  Obama approved the entry of another 75,000 Muslims, involved in the most recent UN’s Resettlement Program, and he is putting them on a fast track to obtain US citizenship.  Over the years, the Obama administration has accepted more Muslims immigrants in the UN Resettlement Programs than all the other nations in the world combined.  The most recent UN Resettlement program of Muslim refugees will also cost American taxpayers $10 billion, some of the Islamic immigrants may have previously joined and fought with ISIL, Al Q’ieda, or Radical Islamic Terrorists.  With over 90 million unemployed Americans looking for work, it doesn’t make any sense to spend $10 billion on foreigners who pose a security risk and will take jobs away from unemployed Americans.  Some of the Somalis that were previously admitted into the US and were put on a fast track for US citizenship by Obama, received their US citizenship have already departed the United States with their new US Passports to fight for ISIL, Al Q’ieda, or Radical Islamic Terrorists in Somalia.  

By allowing Muslim refugees, who became US Citizens on Obama’s fast track program, to go overseas to fight for ISIL, Al Q’ieda, or other Radical Islamic Terrorists and return unimpeded, is sending a signal to members of the US Armed Forces, that their sacrifice in defense of US allies in the Middle East is of little value.  Newly Indoctrinated Radical Islamic Terrorists with US citizenship & US Passports who return to the US, will either join “Sleeper Cells” or become “Lone Wolves”, who will eventually attack American and US citizens.  The Obama administration has refused to place restrictions on any US citizens have engaged in combat action in support of ISIL, Al Q’ieda, or Radical Islamic Terrorist.  To demonstrate they care for the safety of the Americans citizens, the Obama administration should be collecting the US Passports of all Americans who traveled to the Middle East to fight with Radical Islamic Terrorists, arrest them, charge them, put them on trial, convict them of treason, imprison them, and cancel their US citizenship. 

One of the Somali-Americans who came to the United States as a refugee, Liban Haji Mohamed, age 29, and became a naturalized US citizen, was placed on the newest FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorist” list after leaving for Somali to join the ranks of Islamic Jihadist fighters in a Somalia-based terrorist organization, Al Shabab.  Liban Mohamed has been charged by the FBI with providing material support and resources for both Al Q’ieda and Al Shabab.  According to a statement posted on the FBI Web site  on January 19, 2015, the FBI said he is considered particularly dangerous because he worked to recruit other Somali-American refugees to train with Al Q’ieda and Al Shaba. The Somali community in the United States has increased by 110,000 members over the last 6 years, with large populations of Somalis in Minneapolis, MN, Lewiston, ME, and Columbus, OH.

The Obama administration’s “politically correct” policy for the past 6 years, has effectively emasculated the National Security Establishment’s ability to properly train their personnel to be able to properly identify and label Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Obama has directed all military commands, intelligence agencies, the FBI, local police forces, and the CIA to sanitize their training manuals and all literature that previously accurately described Radical Islamic Terrorists as a serious National Security threat to the Republic because of their belief in the Radical Jihad that ISIL and Al Q’ieda has been prosecuting for the last 6 years.  Obama ordered all Federal Agencies of the US Government to purge any information in their documents and training programs that portray terrorists as being Radicalized Islamists Terrorists.  

Radical Islamic Terrorists who are executing Jihad and killing Christians and Jews point to certain verses in the Quran as their justification for killing helpless Christians and Jewish men, women, and children.  On Tuesday of last week on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arabic Web site there was a call for “long unrelenting Jihad”  The statement was first reported  last Friday by the “Washington Free Beacon” in an article by Adam Kredo, and states by  invoking a passage from the Quran:  "And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of God and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know but whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of God will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged."

While millions of new Muslims immigrants with unknown backgrounds are still being brought into the United States by the Obama administration, Obama has been releasing very dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorists from Gitmo.  In 2014, Obama released 28 hard core committed Radical Islamic Terrorist from Gitmo; they are already recruiting terrorists or providing support for Al Q’ieda, ISIL, or Radical Islamic Terrorists with the goal of killing Patriotic US military personnel deployed to the Middle East by Obama.  The International and Afghanistan press has recently reported that a released Gitmo detainee, Mullah Abdul Rauf, has set up a base of operations in Helmut Province, is actively recruiting fighters for ISIL, and is offering good wages to anyone who is willing to fight for the Islamic State.  


Obama's Support For Iran

Valarie Jarret, Senior Advisor to the President and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs in the Obama administration, has also been working very closely with her fellow Iranian countrymen in the Iranian Government for 6 years, she has slowly and stealthily shifted the US’s support to Iran, to the Shiites sect of Islam, and has guided Obama’s shift away from the Sunni sect of Islam and away from the US’s traditional Middle East allies for the last 60 years----- Jordan, Saudis Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrein, Morocco, Oman, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Obama and Jarret have help facilitate Iran’s development of nuclear weapons for 6 years, while bribing Iran with $20 billion in financial payments so they would continue the shame 14 months negotiations to halt their development of Iranian nuclear weapons.  Those negotiations have been extended twice, requiring additional payments of billions of dollars, and Obama will extend those negotiations again in June when Iran demands the negotiations continue and doesn’t agree to stop developing nuclear weapons----unfortunately, there is absolutely no end in sight.  Obama will continue the shame negotiations  until Iran finally develops nuclear weapon, and with the help of North Korea, will place those nuclear weapons atop their new long range intercontinental ballistic missiles.  Iran will soon be able to threaten NATO, US’s European allies, Israel, and the US’ traditional allies in the Middle East (Jordan, Saudis Arabia, Kuwait,  Bahrein, Morocco, Oman, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates).  


Obama gave Iran’s Middle East policies support while he watched Iran undermine every US ally in the Middle East, and despite Israel’s Intelligence (the Mossad’s) repeated warnings over the years---he did nothing to stop Iran.  Over the last 6 years Iran supplied military ground troops & weapons to Assad in Syria to kill Free Syrian rebels, provided military ground troops,& took over the intelligence apparatus of Iraq that was once friendly to the US, fomented a coup in Libya to remove Gadhafi who was friendly to the US, fomented a coup in Yemen to remove President Hadi who was friendly to the US (Obama gave Iran $450 million which Iran used to finance the coup in Yemen), fomented a coup in Egypt to remove Mubarak who was friendly to the US (the US trained Military Junta stepped in and threw out the anti-Mubarak/pro-Iranian Moslem Brotherhood government-----the Moslem Brotherhood gave birth to Al Q’ieda), has effectively frustrated the election of a new Lebanese President by having Hezbollah members of Parliament boycott 13 attempts by the Lebanese’s Parliament’s to vote for & elect a new president in 2014 (while Hezbollah terrorists were  regularly attacks Israel), with the help of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Iran is now moving in to fill the void Obama telegraphed 2 years ago when he set a date certain that US military personnel will be pulled out of Afghanistan, Iran has been fomenting revolution with the Shite population in in violent street demonstrations in Bahrein, and the FBI charged the Government of Iran in 2006 and were found guilty in US Federal Court as the key sponsor of blowing up the Khobar Towers in Dhahran in 1996 that killed 19 USAF personnel.

For 6 years, Valerie Jarret and Obama have done nothing to rein in Iran worldwide terrorism activities.  Obama and Jarret watched for 6 years, while Iran was providing sophisticated Iranian manufactured IEDs to Al Q’ieda Radical Islamic Terrorist in Iraq and to the Taliban Radical Islamic Terrorists in Afghanistan that were used to kill and maim US military personnel.   Obama’s Middle East Policy has brought Iran, the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world, to power and control in Damascus, Sana, Tripoli, Baghdad, Beirut, and is facilitating Iran’s rise to power in Kabul.  Obama is abandoning US allies in the Middle East, is funding Iran with $20 billion to foment terrorist acts worldwide, has lifted all sanctions that were working & slowing down Iran’s nuclear development, and has been allowing Iran for 14 months to continue nuclear development of nuclear tipped intercontinental missiles that will be threatening the very existence of Israel, US allies in Europe, and US allies in the Middle East. While the above listed terrorist activities have been ongoing for 6 years, Obama and Jarret have been planning to establish diplomatic relations with Iran, despite Iran’s often repeated declaration of war against the United States, who Iran refers as “The Great Satan”-----------recognition is not warranted.  

Combat Veterans For Congress----Year End 2014


This is our end of year report and an outline of our future goals; attached is a brief history of the Combat Veterans For Congress is listed on the About Us page of our Web site for your review.  For 6 years, we have recruited, investigated the background, endorsed, and help elect Combat Veterans For Congress.  To date, 27 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress from 18 states have served in Congress, 7 have since retired as described in the attachment (one went on to be elected as Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, another went on to become a well-known inspirational political commentator).  There are currently 3 endorsed US Senators and 17 endorsed US Congressmen serving in the 114th Congress; they make up 3.7% of the 535 elected members of Congress.

A major strengths developed over the last 6 years, has been our ability to gain the support of a substantial number of the 23 million Veterans at the poles to vote for endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress; we accomplished that goal by providing 42 National Veterans Organization with our stands on various issues with Op Eds we write on a regular basis; our views are passed on to many of their members.  We also have generated the support of 10.000+ committed individuals listed in our data base, and 7000+ followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Over the years, they have volunteered in the Congressional campaigns of endorsed combat Veterans For Congress in 34 states, and many of them have also donated directly to the campaigns of endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress. 


In 2014, the PAC raised $67,666, including $18,166 from an annual fundraising letter; we received a 15.11% response to our letter requesting financial support.  Each election cycle, in order to introduce the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress to the National Press Corp, we hold a fundraising event; this year we held our third event at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego on September 6, 2014.  We had 40 national press representation cover the event; they continued to make press releases and distributed radio/TV spots for the candidates they interviewed right up to election day. The event generated many new endorsements for our efforts from Dinesh D’Souza, Texas Governor Rick Perry, One America News Network TV Show Host Rick Amato, The Thomas Moore Law Center, Pat Boone, KABC National Radio Talk Show Host Larry Elder, a number of Flag & General Officers, Combat Veterans, and Corporate Presidents & CEOs who attended the event; they are listed on the Endorsee of PAC page of our Web site along with over 500 well known Americans. 


Unlike most PACs we have no salaried employees; we operate with the support of volunteers, consultant (FEC Report Service, Web Master, DC Attorney, & Bookkeeper), and service providers (eContribute, Bluehost, & Go Daddy).  We’ve established an IRS approved 501 (c) (4), the Combat Veterans Training Group, to train Combat Veterans.  Businesses and corporations can donate an unlimited amount to the 501, and write off their donations as a business expense.     


Our “Achilles Heels” has been our inability to raise the amount of donations we would like to provide for each of the campaigns of the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress.  We are considering and seeking support for a new initiative prior to the 2016 election.  We would like to hold a fundraising event in Washington DC at the Capitol Hill Club, in order to introduce the elected Combat Veterans For Congress to members of the national press corps, major donors, lobbyist, and Washington based political organizations.  Our goal for 2016 is to try to raise funds for the campaigns of the 45 or so, newly endorsed, as well as the elected Combat Veterans For Congress that we recruit and/or support during each election cycle.  The FEC permits PACs to donate $5000 to a campaign before the primary and $5000 to the same campaign after the primary election.  Because the fundraising event this past year did not raise the amount of financial support we were seeking, we were unable to donate funds to Congressional campaigns as we have done in the past.  


In light of the out of control spending by irresponsible members of Congress, the increased threat posed by Radical Islamic Terrorist, the violation of Federal Laws by the Obama administration, and the downsizing of the US Armed Forces to dangerous levels below WWII strength, it is more important than ever, that the voters elect more Combat Veterans For Congress in 2016.   They will work to rebuild the hollowed out US Armed Forces, will oppose the Obama administration continued violation of Federal Laws, will work to rein in the out of control spending by Congress, and will  protect and defend the US Constitution.  

We’ve made excellent progress over the past 6 years, but would be much more effective with increased financial backing.  Going forward, we are seeking referrals from our supporters to organizations and individuals who would endorse our goals as outlined in our Mission Statement.  The most important national election in 240 years will take place in November 2016.  We will need all the support we can muster from American citizens to help us recruit, investigate the backgrounds, endorse, and campaign for a new slate of Patriotic Combat Veterans For Congress in 2016.


Why 12 US Presidents Isolated Cuba for 53 Years---Cuba Oppression Has Not Changed AT All

During Obama’s run for the Presidency in 2007, we alerted our supporters that there were photos of Che Guevara plastered on the walls of Obama’s campaign headquarters in Texas.  Che was the hard core Communist revolutionary who was killed while trying to export Communism to Bolivia; he was being lionized by Castro and by supporters in Obama’s presidential campaign.  While Castro’s Cuba is on the ropes economically, Obama is coming to the rescue of such a dangerous and oppressive Communist regime by recognizing Castro Cuba; lifting economic sanctions, supporting tourism, and allowing free trade, without insisting on concessions before recognizing such an oppressive Communist Cuban Government.   

The New Black Panther Party has been receiving instruction in terrorist tactics and bomb making in Castro’s Cuba for the past 6 years, and Obama’s new travel policy will enhance that terrorist training (all terrorist training for the New Black Panther Party must cease prior to recognition).  American Black Revolutionaries, who have assassinated US Police Officers over the years, then fled to Cuba, have been given a safe haven by Castro (their return should be demanded prior to recognition).  There are 100,000 political prisoners in Cuban prisons & labor camps  and Obama should demand that Castro allow fundamental human and religious freedoms for political prisoners (they should be should be freed prior to recognition).  The financial support generated by the new tourist trade will permit Castro to export Communism and weapons to communist revolutionaries throughout South America; (there should be restrictions imposed on the export of Communism throughout South America prior to recognition)  A US Embassy in Cuba should not be funded by Congress until the above listed concessions are imposed and actually put in place by Castro’s Cuba.  


Up until Obama was elected, Castro’s weak economy restricted him from aggressively exporting Marxism–Leninism Communism for 53 years (yet he still had some successes in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Guatemala).  Preventing the export of Marxism–Leninism Communism throughout the Western Hemisphere was the very reason why, for 53 years, 12 Democratic and Republican US President from President Dwight Eisenhower to President George W. Bush isolated Cuba, and why sanctions worked to a great degree for those 53 years (the below listed article further explains those facts).  With the full knowledge that Castro murdered up to 17,000 free Cubans, Obama is coming to the aid of Castro’s Communist Cuba, by, pledging to lift all economic sanctions and establish diplomatic relations, just at the precise moment when Venezuela’s economic miseries have required it to cut off its huge billion-dollar subsidies to Cuba, and at the same time Russia’s economic weakness has cut off financial support to Cuba.  Nothing has changed in Cuba’s oppressive Communist regime in 53 years, but “What a coincidence” that Obama is coming to Castro’s Communist regime financial aid, just at the very time Venezuela and Russia can no longer provide financial support.

Obama’s Radical Islamic foreign policies has destabilized the Middle East and his failure to properly engage ISIL while it is killing thousands of Assyrian Christians contributed in large measure to turning the Middle East into the most violent area of the world.  Now Obama’s Marxist foreign policy aimed at South America will further destabilize another part of the world, The Western Hemisphere.  The new financial support generated by tourism, by Obama lifting of economic sanctions, and by allowing expanded business trade will permit Castro’s Cuba to export communism aimed at undermining democratic governments throughout the Western Hemisphere, and it will continue to aid the New Black Panther Party to foment violent racist streets demonstrations within the United States.  No other US President in 53 years has supported such an inept and dangerous foreign policy which will undermine the National Security interest of the United States and create a dangerous environment for its citizens.  The Congress should use the power of the purse to prevent the construction of an embassy in Cuba, should oppose the lifting of economic sanctions of Castro’s oppressive Communist Governments, and should do all it can to restrict trade with Cuba.



Why We Isolated Cuba for 53 Years

Commentary By

Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards is the distinguished fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation's B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics. A leading historian of American conservatism, Edwards is the author or editor of 20 books, including biographies of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater and Edwin Meese III as well as histories of The Heritage Foundation and the movement as a whole.

Contrary to what President Obama has asserted, U.S. sanctions have worked. Communist Cuba is so economically weak it cannot export Marxism-Leninism as in the past, and pro-democracy advocates have become emboldened.

For more than five decades, presidents, Democratic and Republican, politically isolated and economically sanctioned Communist Cuba for the best of reasons. Here are four of them:

  1. Cuba has been a communist prison since Fidel Castro came to power. From 1959 through the late 1990s, more than 100,000 Cubans were placed in forced labor camps, prisons and other places of incarceration. Between 15,000 and 17,000 people were shot. Castro justified his reign of terror with these words: “The revolution is all; everything else is nothing.”
  2. Communist Cuba exported Marxism-Leninism throughout Latin America, in Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela and especially Nicaragua, which was taken over by the Marxist Sandinistas in the late 1970s. Another target was the small island nation of Grenada, which was to function as the third leg of a communist triangle of Cuba, Grenada and Nicaragua. President Reagan foiled the communists’ plans by freeing Grenada from a pro-Moscow radical regime. As a Venezuelan communist leader explained, the Cuban revolution was like a “detonator.”
  3. Communist Cuba often provided the ground troops for the Soviet Union’s strategy of inciting Third World revolution, especially in Africa. From 1975 to 1989, according to “The Black Book of Communism,” Cuba was the major supporter of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola. Castro sent an expeditionary force of 50,000 men to Angola, explaining in part why for decades Moscow propped up the Castro regime in the amount of $5 billion a year.
  4. Communist Cuba brought the world to the brink of nuclear war in 1962 when it allowed the Soviet Union to build sites for offensive nuclear missiles aimed at major cities in the United States. Castro knew what he was doing: Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev has said that Castro requested a Soviet nuclear attack on the United States.

As The Washington Post editorialized, President Obama pledged to lift economic sanctions and establish diplomatic relations at the precise moment when Venezuela’s economic miseries seriously threatened its huge billion-dollar subsidies of Cuba and when more and more Cubans were pressuring the Castro regime to allow fundamental human freedoms.

The Castro regime was on the ropes, but in the words of Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez, “Castroism has won.” Today, Fidel must be smiling and lighting up a large El Rey del Mondo cigar in his Havana palace.


Neither military information, military branch logos, nor photographs imply endorsement of the Combat Veterans For Congress by the Department of Defense or their particular Military Departments

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